President Obama To Answer Online Questions Thursday: Will Marijuana Legalization Be A Top Question Again?

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director January 24, 2011

    This Thursday, President Obama will field questions submitted from the world of social media during a live-streamed YouTube interview. NORML supporters can send their questions to the President at youtube.com/askobama, or via Twitter, by using the #askobama hashtag.

    Obama will answer the top-rated questions when the interview kicks off at 2:30 p.m. EST on Thursday.

    Update: Many marijuana questions are appearing in the Other category.

    In two prior online question-n-answer sessions with the American public since taking office over two years ago, the question of ending America’s failed Cannabis Prohibition was a top question both times–which speaks to the importance and urgency of the public’s want to actually control cannabis via taxation and regulation. However, regrettably, President Obama has dismissed ending Cannabis Prohibition in no uncertain terms.

    If you’re interested in asking President Obama about reforming America’s 74-year-old Cannabis Prohibition laws, you’ll have to send in your question by midnight, Tuesday, January 25th.

    Be concise! White House staff says each question “should be about 20 seconds long.”

    Suggested short questions for President Obama:

    • Wouldn’t finally legalizing marijuana in America end the terrible Prohibition-related violence in Mexico. If not, why not?
    • You claim you want to be the first ‘green jobs’ president. In a green economy, why does your administration continue to oppose American farmers growing industrial hemp. Governments in Canada, France and China allow their farmers to prosper from industrial hemp cultivation, why not American farmers?
    • Though you say you support medical access to cannabis, why does your drug czar (Gil Kerlikowski) and DEA chief (Michele Leonhart) continue to publicly lie claiming that cannabis has no medical use or value?
    • If Jamaica (or Mexico), for example, wanted to legalize and tax cannabis, would your administration oppose their efforts to end Cannabis Prohibition in their country?
    • As a person struggling with tobacco addiction, do you think the criminal justice system works better than health services to ween drug abusers from self-destructive behavior? Is the decision to stop using a drug, like tobacco, or marijuana, a personal or governmental decision?

    You can check out a great question to President Obama from our friends at LEAP here.

    [Russ adds: You can see the video questions I submitted to President Obama via The Stash Blog at http://stash.norml.org/youtube-ask-obama-forum-dominated-by-marijuana-legalization-questions]

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    2. Devin says:

      Mr. O There are more recorded deaths from drinking and smoking tobacco then marijuana why not taxt it? It might save 1000 of lives

    3. Sandy says:

      Excellent questions! I ESPECIALLY like the last one! RIGHT ON!

    4. Lola says:

      I think with everything there is out there marijuana should be the least worried about drug to keep illegal. Cigarettes and alcohol kill many many more people than marijuana, yet they are
      Legal! How many people have died from drunk driving? Cancer from cigarettes? The deaths atributed to weed is far less yet we spend millions keeping it illegal?! For my part if marijuana is illegal the latter should be illegal even more so! Legalize it, It just makes no sense not to!

    5. JM says:

      I am not going to bother to ask a question about marijuanna legalization (Medical or other wise)because I know that it WILL NOT BE ASKED during the interview. I don’t think the question will be asked even if it is the ONLY question they have. They will make up something rather than face the FACTS.

    6. Evan T says:

      When Will Congress debate about the current illegal basis of Marijuana? or will States be forced to take action? If a state law is in violation with the federal law, Isn’t it the goverments respnsibilty to fix that problem?

    7. Just Legalize It says:

      i think it is AWESOME! that damn near almost every question is about marijuana and/or hemp. if he laughs it off and snubs the majority again, he will completely lose my vote for 2012

    8. Julian says:

      You are also able to vote, it is highly time consuming but just as important as posting a question. Thumbs up on drug law reform questions! This is pretty much what I have been doing for the last few days.

    9. M. Sebastian Patrick says:

      Here’s one he should answer: Mr. President, if you believe the current approach of criminalizing marijuana and its’ users is the correct one, will your administration not take the logical next step and begin tobacco prohibition? This is a proven, deadly addictive narcotic plant that perfectly fits the DEA’s definition of a Schedule I controlled substance: will you not begin arresting it’s users and suppliers to save our citizens from this scourge? And if not, why not?

    10. Daniel says:

      I don’t think it’s a matter of whether it’ll be a top question again, but rather if he’ll actually acknowledge it instead of laughing it off like some sort of ridiculous joke.