President Obama’s Response To YouTube Drug War Questions

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator January 27, 2011

    $15.5 billion this year alone, 2/3rds for ineffective law enforcement.

    President Obama responded to the most popular question (or, the eighty most popular questions) on YouTube.com’s “Ask Obama” forum regarding the debate on drug legalization in America.  Despite being the most popular question and gaining four times the support of any other non-drug war question, the YouTube moderator didn’t ask the question until #15.  The President’s response is a lot of platitudes about treatment, reducing demand, and reallocating resources, despite the Obama administration’s budget that puts twice the resources toward law enforcement than to treatment. At its core, however, it retains the premise that responsible adult marijuana consumers must be persuaded by our government, through drug tests, drug courts, forced rehab, and incarceration, into not consuming cannabis.

    President Obama’s Drug War Answer

    Mr. President, we’re never going to stop smoking marijuana. Never. American demand for cannabis is here to stay. You can let criminals control that market or you can do the sensible thing and begin regulating it.

    260 responses to “President Obama’s Response To YouTube Drug War Questions”

    1. Trento says:

      Of course he wasn’t going to give a “real” answer. He had that planed when they told him it was number one yesterday. Oh well vote him out and vote in somebody with the BALSS to change.

    2. SpokaneJeremy says:

      Thank you Mr. President for letting us all know that you do not intend to change what the people want changed. You have lost my vote for re-election and we will not stop fighting for what we believe is right.This just proves government is NOT for the people!

    3. EvilPoet says:

      The only thing a politician can be trusted to do is talk out both sides of his/her mouth.

      Thanks for the posts that are addressing this. Well done – much appreciated.

    4. Rick says:

      I think we all know, who isn’t being reelected, Obama is just another bush with a slicker tongue, and you can be sure as hell im not voting for him.

    5. Dustin says:

      The government won’t allow marijuana to be legal because marijuana makes people think. They don’t want you thinking to hard. Then you realize how screwed we are by our own government. That is my belief. The citizens will rebel against corruption because we thought about it while we were high.

    6. ck31 says:

      He avoided the whole question if u ask me. We didnt ask about rehab or lowering demand or drug courts, we asked a simple question an u dodged it so im votin you out, an Gary Johnson in Cuz he wants to talk about it

    7. ck31 says:

      Gary Johnson 2012 Nuff said

    8. Brian says:

      President Bush Lite, same we can believe in.

    9. Machete King says:

      The long story short is that our movement to legalize marijuana will always fall on deaf ears until we start showing these politicians how serious we are by boycotting all companies that benefit from the criminalization of marijuana.

      We also have to show the government how legalizing weed will create jobs and boost the economy faster and longer by using the hemp aspects of marijuana – the nonintoxicating properties – as an alternative to corn for ethanol, use hemp for paper and well, you know the rest. Hemp is a plant that can be used for VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING!

      if we can unite a group of cannibis friendly accountants that understand the national and global economies, we WILL SUCCEED!

      Politicians care about VOTES, MONEY, EVERYTHING ELSE, AND THEN PEOPLE! Obama has no idea what the real numbers are as far as how many VOTERS smoke. We need to find a way to show him.

    10. Mike R says:

      I stand behind this. I’ll never quit. I’ll fight whatever battles I have to.