Daily Caller: “Is The DEA Legalizing THC?”

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director February 10, 2011

    Reporter Mike Riggs at The Daily Caller has an important story online today revealing how U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials are making plans to reschedule natural THC under federal law.

    Under the plan, THC derived from the marijuana plant would be classified as a Schedule III controlled substance, while the plant itself would remain classified as a Schedule I illegal drug. Sound fishy? It is.

    As a DEA spokesperson quoted in the story explains, “THC, natural or synthetic, remains a schedule I controlled substance. Under the proposed rule, in those instances in the future where FDA might approve a generic version of Marinol, that version of the drug will be in the same schedule as the brand name version of the drug, regardless of whether the THC used in the generic version was synthesized by man or derived from the cannabis plant.”

    So, in other words, if a pharmaceutical product contains THC extracted from the marijuana plant, that would be a legal commodity. But if you or I possessed THC extracted from the marijuana plant, that an remains illegal commodity.

    Wait, it gets even more absurd.

    Since the cannabis plant itself will remain illegal under federal law, then from whom precisely could Big Pharma legally obtain their soon-to-be legal THC extracts? There’s only one answer: The federal government’s lone legally licensed marijuana cultivator, The University of Mississippi at Oxford, which already has the licensing agreements with the pharmaceutical industry in hand.

    Riggs writes:

    In other words, THC in plant form or as an extract, will still be illegal. What won’t be illegal is if a pharmaceutical company buys THC from a government-licensed provider, puts it in a pill, receives the DEA’s stamp of approval, and sells it a price that will likely be far higher than the price of marijuana.

    Armentano said such circular reasoning is a product of decades of hostility towards marijuana research.

    “This is the insane rationale necessary for banning medical marijuana,” he said. “Take away the prohibition and the political elements, and you would never have the stretching of logic necessary to pass organic THC but only if it mimics Marinol.”

    Expect the DEA’s ‘stretching of logic’ to become even more absurd in the future.

    You can read the entire Daily Caller story, “Is the DEA legalizing THC?,” here.

    181 responses to “Daily Caller: “Is The DEA Legalizing THC?””

    1. john says:

      so let me get this straight, a man made possably harmful substance is ok, but not the almost harmless plant itself. This has got to b the biggest bs ive ever heard

    2. This article is just another reason why marijuana and other drugs should be legalized. Hypocrite government is never good for We The People.

      The Anonymous General Manager of Political Entertainment,
      The Rated Republican Superstar

    3. TheWalrus says:

      It’s a start.

    4. Carisse says:

      Looks like big pharma sees money-making potential in THC. If this goes through, they’ll make a fortune as long as they corner the market.

    5. MichaelF says:

      How would this affect states that have marijuana decriminalized or that have medical marijuana legal?

    6. Bryan Ohntrup says:

      Are they stoned?????

    7. LOL says:

      This should spark everyone’s attention to how much of a scam the War on (some) Drugs is

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    9. Krysta Robinson says:

      this is absolutely rediculous…yet again government shows it true colors and reveals the truth behind why they wont legalize all forms of marijuana..this article and these reasons, using it or putting it in a pill and selling it for a much higher price than the plant/buds go for and keeping the plant its self illegal just proves yet again that THE ONLY REASON ITS ILLEGAL IS BECAUSE OF JERK OFF GOVERNMENT THUGS WHO WANT TO KEEP THE MONEY IN THE RICH POOL THAT ITS IN NOW! if we as a country allow the DEA and pharmicutical companies to continue this sharad of manipulating the people of this country we are only headed in a direction that is doomed for failure!!!!

    10. THC_ALLIANCE says:

      The solution to this is to either Boycott the products they manufacture or openly express our disapproval of this type of behavior.

      How can any federal organization expect public support on something like this after their dedication to the long cold cash-gobbling “War on Drugs”…

      This is ABSURDLY HYPOCRITICAL! On one hand they say Cannabis holds “no medicinal value” and punish anyone disobeying the strict laws against using any aspect of the plant, while on the other hand they are secretly setting up pharmaceutical companies with the ability to supply the active ingredients of the Cannabis plant to the public.

      This is irrational and extremely disrespectful to the American people. These are not the type of actions that will evoke support of the DEA or FDA on this matter.

      This just goes to show you how insanely retarded their entire knowledge base and connection with the American people, really is.

      They need to just stop the denial of Human Rights.

      When we can stop denying people the basic rights of consumption, as living beings on this planet, only then can we truly begin to make progress.

      This is THC_ALLIANCE, I am a tax-paying American and I whole heartedly despise the DEA and everything it represents…