TruTV: The Great Cannabis Conspiracy

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director February 14, 2011

    Ever wondered why marijuana is illegal in America?

    Apparently so too does TruTV (a division of Turner Broadcasting) and writer Steven Kotler.

    Growing Pot Arrests

    Do you get high? If so, you have a lot of company. Although no country has yet legalized marijuana, almost half of the world’s 147 nations have, to some extent, decriminalized it. In the United States, according to an April 2009 Zogby poll, 52 percent of the population now favors legalization—the largest percentage ever.

    Despite marijuana’s growing acceptance, most of our elected officials are still reluctant to advocate for the cause. As Rick Doblin, President of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)—a nonprofit that has advocated on behalf of medical marijuana since the 80s—points out: “Most politicians still won’t come out in favor of medical marijuana because they don’t want to appear pro-legalization. And they’re afraid of appearing pro-legalization, because they’re scared of being accused of wanting to give drugs to children.”

    And it’s unlikely things will change anytime soon. Pot’s continued criminalization has been championed, sometimes overtly, often covertly, by powerful groups—among them law enforcement agencies, the alcohol and tobacco industries, pharmaceutical companies and the prison-industrial complex—who have repeatedly shaped laws and public opinion to reflect their views.

    So weed remains a crime, albeit a very popular one.

    Pot Arrest Statistics

    Pot arrests are at a near-record high. According to FBI statistics, in 2009 more than 1.7 million people were brought in on marijuana-related charges—almost half of them (758,593 to be exact) for simply smoking pot (as opposed to growing or dealing it). According to “Lost Revenues and Other Costs of Marijuana Laws,” a report written by Drug Science public policy analyst Jon Gettman, enforcing America’s pot laws costs taxpayers an annual $10.7 billion. Not to mention the overburdening of our criminal justice system and disruption of the lives of those who find themselves with a criminal record for smoking an occasional joint.

    Read the rest here.

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    3. Bear says:

      As much as I appreciate seeing media look into this, I’m not sure it helps us much for a site that features such conspiracy theories as “the moon landing,” “9/11” and “2012: The World Is Ending.”

      Still, it’s a start.

    4. Joel: the other Joel says:

      It’s time to get serious.
      Legalize it!

    5. warren says:

      I`m sick of these bungs using “the children” as part of there propaganga. Its getting stale. Find another lie.

    6. Cobb says:

      @3 thats how you are kept in your little box, thinking this is a conspiracy “theory”, dude, there is no theory in criminal conspiracy.

    7. disabledvet says:

      i watched a clip on cnn about ron paul being the top straw poll candidate. i have no doubt his candidacy for president will receive more support than could be imagined simply because he has supported marijuana legalization. someone in the gary johnson and ron paul camps should get together and gear their team platforms for complete legalization, embracing the green technologies for paper, carbon sequestration, bio-fuels, clothing, and have a complete legalization guideline for medical marijuana with tax stamps for those who want to grow there own. they would win by a landslide with just this as there platform, i doubt they could believe the massive support from every citizen. what a concept, what an epiphany, a massive major landslide win, with more support by the greatest majority of victory in the history of our nation. ron paul and gary johnson as a team, creating an avalanche of new jobs and industries while saving billions in law enforcement and prison costs. what a dream team. i can’t believe they haven’t thought of it themselves.

    8. D says:

      TruTV has really gone down hill in terms of integrity. They can’t even keep to their trademark “Not Reality, Actuality”. I spent 10 minutes explaining to my parents that Operation Repo was a fictional show. I had to steal that magic from them because it’s not fair for anyone to watch such garbage and think it’s real. Keep it real truTV! Keep airing Bait Car!

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    10. 3141 - Genesis the Faith says:

      To our brethren around the world.

      Our parents are using the law to excuse their poor parenting skills. They’re using our children as human shields. But – at the same time – teens are laughing at their parents stubborn ignorance [what’s new]. Although the cards are stacked against us, we out number prohibs – and – our cause for freedom will prevail. It pains me to say this about weak parents – but – their reality is theirs.