Have A Question For NORML? Get Answers At NORML TV

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director February 15, 2011

    NORML’s youtube channel, NORML TV, recently launched a new video series entitled ‘Ask NORML,’ which features NORML staff answering questions submitted by you — the marijuana law reform activist.

    In the debut episode, NORML founder and legal counsel Keith Stroup speaks about NORML’s past and ongoing efforts to reschedule cannabis under federal law.

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    38 responses to “Have A Question For NORML? Get Answers At NORML TV”

    1. Iondrive says:

      Hi Keith, What would it take to get the schedule changed for cannabis? Would the Federal government be forced to change if all (or majority) of the states lowered cannabis to schedule 2 or 3 (or even 5, which it should)?

      [Paul Armentano responds: Rescheduling is decided by DEA. Congress could also reschedule by passing legislation to do so. States passing medical marijuana laws or rescheduling at the state level does not compel DEA to alter federal scheduling. However, keep in mind that scheduled substances II through V are highly regulated (think cocaine, ketamine, anabolic steroids, etc.), and these substances are not available for personal, non-medical use. Over the counter medications, alcohol, and herbal supplements are not scheduled.]

    2. Anonymous says:

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    5. Dan L. Burgett says:

      Why aren’t we more focused on industrial hemp?

      i would think that was the more politically acceptable and easier way to gain some ground, and at the same time take out a lot of the motivation for corporate lobbyists to influence the debate. organized crime probably wouldn’t appose it either because it wouldn’t directly affect there profits.

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    7. Rational Voice says:

      Keith / Paul — If the DEA is in charge of scheduling, what about moving up the chain of command a bit — the DEA has ruined the lives of more American citizens than any of our “official” wars. I would argue that it shouldn’t exist. How can we get the DEA shutdown and dismantled? It serves no purpose other than to waste money, does it?

    8. Jed The head says:

      Do you think cannabis will be regulated like alcohol. I think about how each State, City, County have their own rules for sales,distribution and consumption of alcohol. I could imagine something very similar for cannabis. I think it would ease a lot of peoples fears if they thought they would have local control.

    9. Andrew L. says:

      My Question……Dear Norml My names Andrew L, im from Orange County California. My question is with the rampant violence we are seeing across the country here in the U.S.A. and in Mexico, Do you think there will ever be the likelihood of United States Legalizing all drugs? I know this is an extreme idea that not many people share …with me but I would like to know your opinion on the matter. I also know that were not talking the near future, im talkin about lets say by 2030?

      Thank you for your time
      Andrew L.

      P.s I know I will get alot of comments and msgs about this, I welcome all of them whether your with me or against me, I always love a good debateSee More