Ask NORML: McDonald’s, Monsanto, and Phillip Morris! Oh My!

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director February 25, 2011

    NORML’s youtube channel, NORMLtv, recently launched a new video series entitled ‘Ask NORML,’ which features NORML staff answering questions submitted by you — the marijuana law reform activist.

    On this week’s installment, Executive Director Allen St. Pierre makes his debut to discuss the anxiety surrounding a potential corporate takeover of marijuana commerce after legalization.

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    Next Week on NORMLtv – NORML@40, looking back on the four decade fight with the man who started it all, Keith Stroup.

    32 responses to “Ask NORML: McDonald’s, Monsanto, and Phillip Morris! Oh My!”

    1. brandon says:

      Did you hear? Drug Czar Kerlikowske will be flying, on our tax dollars, to The Seattle Times in Washington to discuss their recent support for House Bill 1550 (Legalizes marijuana). No surprise here, right? I mean, it is in his job description (http://bit.ly/2jYsGN). But, there is something weird: this is our government attempting to influence our 1st amendment rights. That’s why we’re calling for The Seattle Times to have video coverage of this event. Petition here: http://bit.ly/gehlbu

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    3. Steve says:

      I noticed a very good service at norml event they were offering strains like grand daddy purp and querkle and other strain mail order saying they have perfected the packaging and shipping methods, sure enough I gave them a try and WOW very impressive. they are contactable through cannabusiness@hushmail.com

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    5. Jed The head says:

      As the wall we know as prohibition continues to crumble it is no surprise that the ONDCP is making desperate attempts to stop free press on the subject of lifting prohibition. They know that once any state makes cannabis legal the rest of the world will follow. A true domino effect. Thanks to the Seattle paper and NORML I might see legal cannabis and industrial hemp in my life.

    6. mntnman444 says:

      I don’t get it
      I agree with the statements about marijuana prices dropping from what today’s black market prices are.
      BUT…when I questioned this video here on this site I was insulted and censored.
      This is Keith Stroup telling MA state legislators that even though legal marijuana would cost $35 an oz to produce it should cost $500 an oz.Why was I insulted and censored for believing it should not cost that much when the director of NORML is saying the same thing?


      [Editor’s note: Again, for the umpteenth time, Mr. Stroup did not suggest cannabis SHOULD cost $500 an ounce. His reply to the question asked by the elected official in MA of why would someone pay a lot of money for cannabis is, historically under Cannabis Prohibition, clearly accurate: ‘Consumers today pay between $300-$600 for a ounce of high grade cannabis…’, not that $500 should be the price of one ounce of cannabis.]

    7. Bradson says:

      It’s gratifying to hear such common sense commentary on the likely price of marijuana in a legal market. As little as 2-3 years ago I was ridiculed on other sites for making the same points–good quality pot is absurdly inexpensive to grow outdoors and prices absurdly high, even for very good quality buds. And the observation that the much maligned Mexican brick has greatly improved over the years was met with derision.

      Even on this site some, albeit more politely, were very skeptical that a person could grow all they need in their yard for virtually nothing. Many felt that it was just too difficult when, in fact, the plant grows like a weed in a variety of climes. Yes, the more attention and care one gives, the better, but I’ve had very good plants grow with just with simple watering and occasional shots of fertilizer.

      So thanks, Allen, for bringing these facts to the attention of those in the activist community who may still find it hard to believe how inexpensive marijuana would be in a legal-as-alcohol-and-tobacco world.

    8. hippie dude says:

      very good allen…very logical..good information of a future we all want!! thank you.