NORML’s Founder, Keith Stroup, on NORML at 40

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator March 3, 2011

    An hour-long conversation with the founder of NORML on his recollection of four decades in marijuana law reform and what the future holds for NORML.

    You’ll hear Keith’s look back at the whirlwind of reform in the 1970s, how the culture wars of the 1980s almost did us in, his opinions on the wisdom of continuing the 1990s – 2000s push for medical marijuana laws, and the future of NORML in the 2010s and beyond… but not TOO far beyond!

    And what would Keith’s late friend Dr. Hunter S. Thompson think of the recent “gonzo” phenomenon of Charlie Sheen?  It’s the money quote of the whole interview!

    Download Link: Keith Stroup – NORML at 40

    40 responses to “NORML’s Founder, Keith Stroup, on NORML at 40”

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    3. AG HUNT says:

      You are one amazing man. I cannot say enough thank yous for guys like you who have dedicated their lives to such a great cause and I am 100% behind you. We need to get you into CONGRESS!
      See you in Denver on 21st if I can figure out how to buy the conference tickets…I’m booked & ready to go but, the actual conference tickets are a bit sketchy at the moment.
      Fighting the good fight for NORML!
      AG HUNT
      P.S.- a 3rd generation San Franciscan and a true believer in NORML wanting to help in anyway that I can!

    4. Taylor Wray says:

      Keith Stroup is a legalization movement legend, a stalwart defender of American freedom. I hope his victory is close at hand.

    5. jon says:

      really i dont get how marijuana has been smoked for over 10,000 years and all of a sudden its illegal??? WTF?

    6. Brandon says:

      Nice interview. I think the Obama answer to legalization will help us even more so than expected. I have a feeling that a lot of people are unfamiliar with the Dutch-like concept of soft and hard drug categorization. Most people, at this current time, probably wouldn’t support all drug legalization, but if asked all drugs they may “settle” for marijuana.

    7. Nic says:

      Thank You Keith

      The fat rats scurry about in The Darkness, be assured Eternities Mysteries will bound all those predatory insects in some Eternal Prison.

      Those good folks with the DEA, and the good folks with the UN with those papers with written treaties, also must testify, In the Natural World, I wonder about their Lost Souls, I Pray..Eternity Is ForEver

      Free Cannabis

    8. BIG says:

      Happy Birthday

    9. rob says:

      I’m a college student in the application process for medical school and hope I can contribute to the idea that not all supporters are dirty hippies (nothing wrong with dirty hippies by the way) at least in my social arena. However, I do not have the opportunity to be active in my support because of the behavior expected from medical schools looking to accept me. Nor do I have the time or resources to strongly contribute. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to those that have dedicated themselves to this worthy cause. thank you

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