Online Now: NORML’s 40th National Conference Registration and Agenda

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director March 11, 2011

    I don’t know if it is A) Denver: The Mile High City, B) 4/20 week C) Colorado’s For-Profit Medical Cannabis Industry or D) Marijuana’s popularity is ever increasing in America. The reason why I muse is that after only posting host hotel reservation information in January not only did NORML’s large room block sell out almost immediately—we signed an additional contract to double the capacity, and that too is almost sold out!

    Well, all right…

    Looks like a lot of folks want to convene and talk up cannabis law reform in Denver!

    With no further ado…

    Please check out the current schedule, which features three confirmed and prominent speakers:

    • NORML founder Keith Stroup commenting on NORML at 40-years-old
    • Marijuana maverick and Harvard Medical School’s Lester Grinspoon, MD
    • Congressman and supporter of legalization Jared Polis (D-CO)

    Some equally notable and popular speakers will be announced soon! Check out the conference agenda here.

    Register online for the conference here (there are discount rates for senior citizens and students).

    Want to stay at the Grand Hyatt, the conference’s host hotel? You’ll have to move fast to snap up the last of these steeply discounted hotel rooms here.

    Conference sponsorship packages and vending table opportunities for cannabis-related businesses, services or organizations are still available, though, these too have nearly sold out this year as well. Contact Kim for more information!

    Socials and NORML fundraiser: A La Carte
    Lastly, this year’s conference planning committee is still working on procuring top-notch musical acts and performers for some of the event’s awesome socials and fundraisers. At this time, the online registration does not have options to sign up for these events, but, the information will be posted online ASAP and directly marketed via email to all conference attendees.

    This year’s national conference convenes in the wake of the most important political effort to date to legalize cannabis in the narrow defeat of Prop. 19 in California this past November and in advance of 2012—a year that by all accounts will be the busiest ever regarding legalization initiatives and legislation in a number of states and in the United States Congress.

    If you’re concerned with reforming cannabis laws in your lifetime, please make the necessary arrangements to join the cannabis legalization movement’s most important conference—the annual NORML national conference—this April 21-23 in the beautiful and amazingly cannabis-friendly city of Denver, Colorado.

    Cannabem liberemus,

    Allen St. Pierre
    Executive Director

    23 responses to “Online Now: NORML’s 40th National Conference Registration and Agenda”

    1. Green says:

      I Wish a thousand times, I could go to your confrence. But I have been unemployed since december of 09, and I can’t believe noone would hook me up with a job so I can take that trip out thier. The only money I see is the 120 dollars a month I recive from the VA for blowing out my knee for this country. But, have no fear. Cause, I’m using that money to upgrade a computer that I recived for free to create a video presentation and hopfully it will be done by june 2011. Have fun and float around in a cloud for me.
      PEACE, not WAR.

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    3. Nic says:


      Hey Allen


      Same old crap, different day.

      I wonder about those do woppers, I wonder about my place as citizen. The World is crazy, while my blood boils may I say, in my garden I have tried to plant a complete apothecary, it seems that some citizens have erected barriers, regulations, and laws forbidding my access to medicine.

      If I may push back at the profiteers it is my goal to remain a witness in the Final Plan.

      Free Cannabis

    4. Brett says:

      I am definitely gonna try to be there, I’m so excited

    5. 3141 - Brethren of the Genesist Faith says:

      You say – you want – “A Million Man March.” Here’s your million! Wouldn’t it be a sufficient number to conduct a simultaneous “The 420 Invasion” – April 20, 2011 at 4:20 p.m. – “NATIONAL HEMP DAY.” This is what happens when every single Genesist – in all 3141 Genesist Colonies in the U.S. – clone themselves – in one other individual who shares the same belief.

      1. 1 + 1 = 2 “That’s two of us.”
      2. 2 + 2 = 4
      3. 4 + 4 = 8
      4. 8 + 8 = 16
      5. 16 + 16 = 32
      6. 32 + 32 = 64
      7. 64 + 64 = 128
      8. 128 + 128 = 256
      9. 256 + 256 = 512
      10. 512 + 512 = 1,024

      11.1,024+1,024=2,048 12. 2,048 + 2,048 = 4,096
      13. 4,096 + 4,096 = 8,192
      14. 8,192 + 8,192 = 16,384
      15. 16,384 + 16,384 = 32,768
      16. 32,768 + 32,768 = 65,536
      17. 65,536 + 65,536 = 131,072
      18. 131,072 + 131,072 = 262,144
      19. 262,144 + 262,144 = 524,288
      20. 524,288 + 524,288 = 1,048,760
      “That’s 1,048,760 of us.”

    6. Jeff says:

      http://www.cnbc.com/id/36573898 A link to some false reporting..I been a fan of Norml for years and the only problem I can see is the rest of the media making false accusations, flawed statistics, ect. regarding MJ. NORML do the world a favor and discredit these fools, make a point to bring this subject up at the meeting, as long as they can speak lies and nobody calls them out on them we are all doomed !!

    7. fishcreekbob says:

      Call them out exposed on every channel. Boom Baby.