Medical Marijuana Rules Finalized In Arizona, Washington, DC

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director April 7, 2011

    Regulations have been finalized to allow for the sanctioned-use and dispensing of medical cannabis in two more regions of the country: Arizona and in the nation’s capitol, Washington, DC.

    In Arizona, representatives from the Arizona Department of Health Services have approved rules governing the state’s soon-to-be-implemented Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. Voters directed the state to approve regulations regarding the use and distribution of medicinal marijuana in November when they decided in favor of Proposition 203 — making Arizona the fifteenth state since 1996 to legalize the physician-authorized use of cannabis. Program rules, physician certification forms, and answers to frequently asked questions are all available online from the Arizona Department of Health Services here.

    Arizona patients may begin qualifying for the program next week, and dispensary applications will be accepted beginning June 1. All patients initially approved by the state will have the option to cultivate their own marijuana. However, patients who reside within 25 miles of a state-licensed dispensary will lose this option once such facilities are up and running later this fall.

    In the District of Columbia, city leaders have finally signed off on long-awaited rules regulating patients’ use and access to cannabis. Those rules are expected to take effect April 15. The just-finalized regulations will permit D.C. officials to allow as many as ten cultivation centers and five dispensaries in the District. Permit applications are anticipated to be available by April 17.

    The forthcoming rules implement facets of I-59, the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Initiative, a 1998 municipal ballot measure which garnered 69 percent of the vote yet was never implemented. Under the new regulations, qualifying D.C. patients will be able to obtain medical cannabis at licensed dispensaries, but will not be permitted under the law to grow their own medicine.

    Washington DC’s forthcoming program is limited to residents of the District of Columbia and is not reflective of any broader change in federal policy.

    Additional information on these and other state medical marijuana programs is available from the NORML website here.

    68 responses to “Medical Marijuana Rules Finalized In Arizona, Washington, DC”

    1. Rebel with a Cause. says:

      The prohibitionist started the meeting off with this remark:

      “Sit down – shut up – pay attention – or get the fuck out! What are you – stupid?”

      If you are an American – guess what your reply is? – Right!

      “Stand up – speak out – say what you mean and mean what you say! And to answer your question – Ya! – stupid if I listen to a word you have to say. So! – Just take your puny little act down the road!

    2. asya carter says:

      The Medical Marijuana states go marching two by two
      Hoorah! Hoorah!
      The Medical Marijuana states go marching two by two
      Hoorah! Hoorah!

    3. Silvia says:

      The Mayor of the District of Columbia, Vincent Gray, has not signed the final implementing regulations, rather he says they will be signed and published on April 15th.

    4. Yvonne Horgeshimer says:

      not being permitted to grow one’s own is a bummer but hopefully that will come along eventually, as we do not know what the dispensaries will be putting into it, or taking out of it

    5. sherry83 says:

      Paul (or anybody that knows)

      Do these regulations protect the medical marijuana patient in the work place. IE: the recent Walmart firings.

      You can take all the Vicodin you want, Zanx hey no problem there; but dont you dare smoke a dobbie

      [Editor’s note: Arizona and D.C’s medical cannabis laws, like other ‘medical’ states, do not afford legal protections against companies and governments that want to fire patients with recommendations, for example, for failing a drug screen.

      The rationale cited by the supreme courts in CA, OR and MI: Cannabis is still illegal under federal law…many of these companies do business in all 50 states…cannabis is still illegal under international law, many of these companies do business around the world…]

    6. Jeff Keller says:

      All I can say about this is “AWESOME”!!!! I wish that could happen here in Missouri and Kansas!

      I love Pot!!

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