NORML Network Free Live Stream of NORML Conference

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator April 18, 2011

    The NORML Network presents NORML SHOW LIVE and John Doe Radio coverage of the 40th Annual NORML National Conference in Denver, Colorado – Thursday, April 21 through Saturday, April 23, 2011

    Brought to you absolutely free by the donations of NORML supporters everywhere – do your part to help spread the growing truth about cannabis by donating today.

    You can view our live streaming coverage of NORML Conference plenary panels by visiting our NORML.org page on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, or by visiting our NORML Network stream page at live.norml.org.

    NORML Network’s John Doe Radio from Denver will be offering a complementary live stream from the vending and interview area of the conference at johndoeradio.com.

    On Thursday you’ll get Russ Belville opening the show at 9am with dazzling graphs and statistics, followed by Keith Stroup talking about NORML at 40 years old.  Later you’ll see a panel on 2011/2012 State Marijuana Initiatives and then Montel Williams hosting a debate with six Denver Mayoral candidates.  Our final two panels will discuss the newest federal policies on medical marijuana and the evolving cannabis commercial industry.  That evening concludes with the HIGH TIMES / NORML Awards and a special three-song acoustic performance by Ziggy Marley!

    On Friday we begin with Neill Franklin from LEAP delivering the perspective of law enforcement on the failure of prohibition.  Research experts will be on a panel discussing the non-THC cannabinoids in marijuana.  Two important demographics for reform – women and seniors – will be addressed in the next two panels by the NORML Women’s Alliance and a Seniors panel that includes Dr. Lester Grinspoon.  Allen St. Pierre speaks on the treatment of marijuana by the media and the day winds up with a Blogging and Social Networking panel.  That evening the Supervillians play a special $4.20 performance at the Bluebird Theater.

    Our final day, Saturday, begins with breakout sessions on HIGH TIMES cultivation, Colorado’s cannabis commerce laws, medibles cooking, and expert NORML attorneys presentation on How Not to Get Busted.  At noon some of the country’s leading physicians offer perspectives on medical cannabis.  Next is our Keynote Luncheon featuring US Congressman Jared Polis followed by Paul Armentano and other experts presenting on Marijuana and Safety.   We conclude the day session with a special questions-and-answers event with Dr. Lester Grinspoon, the pioneer of medical marijuana in America.  That evening we’ll enjoy the NORML Annual Fundraiser with a performance by Greta Gaines.

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    1. a says:

      lads come on. help me out.

    2. Hello,
      I was wondering if we could support your great cause by streaming your radio feed of this weeks events on our radio station so that it reaches our listeners. Please let me know how it could be done if it is possible. Thank you.

      Dan Cleveland
      (DJ Rattlehead, Program Director Skullmetal Radio)

    3. COtoker says:

      Colorado. We’re leading the way.

    4. Still can’t get it

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    6. Ed says:

      One year I will be able to make it there! Can’t wait to see the coverage.

    7. truthandconsequences says:

      CHECK THIS OUT: A Canadian court in Ontario has declared Canada’s marijuana laws UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The Canadian government now has 90 days to reform its laws. See the link below.

      So now the question becomes: How long will the U.S. remain the stupidest country in North America????


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