Spring Membership Drive: Limited Edition NORML “Stash” Jars

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director May 20, 2011

    glassjarNORML is proud to announce the 2011 Spring Membership Drive, which means that each week, we will be offering exclusive collectible items available for a limited time only. Starting today, and for this week only, if you join NORML as a “Citizen Advocate” you can get your own limited edition NORML storage jar.

    NORML memberships are the lifeblood of the organization. If you enjoy reading NORML’s articles, watching videos on NORMLtv, listening to the podcast, have received free legal or drug testing advice, and if you appreciate the extensive state and federal lobbying efforts NORML engages in on a daily basis, then we urge you to become a contributing member of the organization. This will allow us to continue to bring you the most comprehensive, up-to-date information on all things related to marijuana law reform across the country and to continue to be the leading advocate for policy change in America.

    There is a limited supply, and stock is running out fast! If you donate $75 dollars, we’ll throw in an extra jar to show our gratitude. Join NORML today and get your own piece of NORML history.

    40 responses to “Spring Membership Drive: Limited Edition NORML “Stash” Jars”

    1. mcshaunzie says:

      How big are they?

    2. Christine says:

      7 oz? I should be so lucky.

    3. Joel: the other Joel says:

      During happy times of long ago, I’d buy my stash jars at Walmart.

      How nice to have a kitchen storage room full of stash jars with many favorite varieties.

      Dreams can come true. VOTE!

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    5. Brian says:

      I what one 😮

    6. Sending my greatest thanks and best wishes!

    7. The American Genesist says:

      A plant of renown – out of God’s nature – given to us by God, as Sacrament – honored in our Faith, and in our Communion with our Source. Genesists shall, in good conscience, and with equal passion – defend our Faith and Sacrament. That’s not a threat – it’s a promise.

    8. TheOracle says:

      I want one that has the leaves in the colors of the rainbow coalition, gay pride colors, or colors of the rainbow, you know. All these groups have to stick together to get these prohibitionists out of our lives. Prohibitionists have been shitting on us for years. Once NYC falls into place, it’s the first city with a major stock exchange, one that trades internationally. Cannabis commodities should be traded in U.S. dollars on the NY stock exchange, and the U.S. should control via U.S. owned NGOs/companies the importation out of countries from Afghanistan to Norocco, and make some instant jobs for the people here and there. Of course, the authoritarian government will have to be transformed to allow domestic and international trade and use of cannabis. The U.S. has the clout to do this for homeland security for importation into the U.S. Other countries can handle importation into their countries in their own way, but think about it. Why should they reinvent the wheel when they can just let U.S. companies operate in Europe, South America, Australia, the whole world?

      How else you gonna come up with money you didn’t have before to make jobs and pay for American peacekeeping/hegemony? Other than oil, what else do they got that people will pay for? You still ought to be able to pay for your covert operations with money siphoned off the of the international companies, some of them shell companies for spy agencies for exactly this purpose. Everybody wants money for government, job creation, and a safer society. If letting them get stoned doesn’t calm the natives after their jobs (that they didn’t have before) helps keep them on the U.S. side, what’s not to like?