Inventor of “synthetic pot” / “K2” / “Spice” says legalize the natural marijuana

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 8, 2011

    We get many comments on our stories about K2/Spice, the chemical “JWH-018” and others like it that the media have dubbed “fake pot” or “synthetic marijuana.” The reason there is even such a chemical is that the scientist who invented it, John W. Huffman, could not get access to natural cannabis to study cannabinoids. Now he’s telling ABC News what we’ve been saying for decades: prohibition creates more dangerous drugs!

    (ABC News) now that “Spice” and other forms of imitation pot are sending users to emergency rooms across America, the retired professor has an idea of how to stem the epidemic. If the federal government would legalize the real thing, says Huffman, maybe consumers wouldn’t turn to the far more dangerous fake stuff.

    Huffman, who developed more than 400 “cannabinoids” as an organic chemist at Clemson University, says that marijuana has the benefit of being a known quantity, and not a very harmful one. We know the biological effects of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, Huffman told ABC News, because they have been thoroughly studied. “The scientific evidence is that it’s not a particularly dangerous drug,” said Huffman.

    “I talked to a marijuana provider from California, a doctor, a physician,” explained Huffman, “and he said that in California, that these things are not near the problem they are in the rest of the country simply because they can get marijuana. And marijuana, even for recreational use is quite easy to get in California, and it’s essentially decriminalized. And marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as these compounds.”

    54 responses to “Inventor of “synthetic pot” / “K2” / “Spice” says legalize the natural marijuana”

    1. jbeenz says:

      Without access to the ‘real thing’ for months, I tried k2 and spice and while the effects were similar, I could feel a noticeable difference in how it made me feel after I had come down. I feel like parts of my brain are missing… I truly regret using K2 and Spice, because I really don’t feel the same after using it.

    2. Jim T says:

      When you tell people they can`t have something,even the ones who don`t use it will.
      About time our Goverment at least decriminaliz Marijuana.let the state handle how they want,taxes,ect.

    3. Sarge says:

      As a head-shop employee, I get asked everyday whether or not we carry the stuff. For anyone that will listen, everyone who works here has been trying to educate our patrons on the hazards of that stuff. Here in FL, many people have turned to it because of the severity of the states marijuana laws and most people don’t understand the risks associated with it. For the most part, there are a lot who don’t care, but for those of us who are looking for the medical benefits of cannabis, anaphylactic shock or death just aren’t an options. All in all, I’m happy that the mainstream news is saying something about it. It isn’t an answer to cannabis being illegal, ending prohibition is.

    4. Jennifer says:

      Just an fyi, as an advocate, patient, and a former collective Manager, I have familarized myself with the laws here in California quite extensively, and your last paragraph completely criminalizes the scientists Dr. Friend….in the first sentence he’s quoted saying “I talked to a marijuana provider from california, a doctor, a physician.” Dr’s in california are strictly prohibited from being involved in providing Marijuana….they are simply to recommend the use of it. The law is specific…Dr’s are even restricted from providing a list of safe access collectives… just a heads up, you might want to change that to read “I talked to a Medical Provider”

    5. jt says:

      i agree 100% with this statement. prohibition does lead to more erous drugs because i personally got ahold of jwh-018 and it did have some bizzare effects and makes people very parinoid and crazy. go Huffman!

    6. amie says:

      april 9th i almost lost my bf she jumped out of out moving suv at 50.she is lucky she is alive she has major head injures and broke her face to hips she still trying to get threw this incident.she was smoking cloud 10 that night and everyday if she could,i would agree to make this illegal and marajuania legal,you’l never know the side effects till it happns to you,or how hard it is to see someone you love have a side effect that bad that day we all lost our lives her to live our to help

    7. TheOracle says:

      Good luck getting the Feds to listen to reason. This guy’s a professor. That means he’s got to be liberal, as all colleges and universities are filled with liberals. The fact that he’s a genius, proven by his discoveries, mean nothing to politicians who are not creative and couldn’t create their own products if their lives depended on it. They’re rich bastards, can manage companies, but by no means can actually think up and create the products the companies make. They just like being in charge of the money and telling everyone how to run their lives. Logic and reason do not matter to them, unless of course it gets them votes so they can stay elected and stay in charge of the money and keep telling everyone how to live their lives.

      No shit.

    8. Don says:

      “prohibition creates more dangerous drugs!”

      This has been obvious to me for many years. It continues to amaze me that our nation’s leaders are too stupid to realize it… Well, some of them are aware of it but just want to keep their profit margins up…