Ask NORML: Right to Marijuana Privacy?

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director June 9, 2011

    A new installment of ‘Ask NORML’ is now streaming on NORMLtv. In this episode, listen to founder and legal counsel, Keith Stroup, as he talks about the concept of “Right to Privacy” and how it has been utilized as a marijuana legal defense.

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    31 responses to “Ask NORML: Right to Marijuana Privacy?”

    1. Chris in WI says:

      Mr. Stroup is dead on as usual. Why do so many have a hard time with this and other freedom issues?

      Like those ‘god hates fags’ a-holes. They are as low a lifeform as I have ever seen, yet they have EVERY right to say those horrible things. You can’t take away anyone’s rights and still say we are free! Or the New York mosque. We are not the Christian States of America and Muslims are every bit as protected as any other religion (or lack thereof, athiests have rights too, they are social pariahs like potheads).

      I keep saying it, it’s not about getting high. It’s about freedom and our inalienable rights over our property and our bodies.~

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    3. The American Genesist says:

      TO ALL:

      Our government is not fit to rule itself, let alone lead our society. It’s time for We the People to do something honorable for our country. We can no longer reap the rewards of our soul by doing nothing. Doing nothing will get us exactly that – nothing!

    4. John says:

      I like that Norml’s headlines are things that were already on facebook.

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    7. mark says:

      The Right Wing, nanny state haters, conservatives of Georgia are all aobut privacy. Of course, they want your unrine, spit, search your car, you and any other thing they can think of.

    8. The American Genesist says:

      The American public has chosen to express their distain and contempt towards government’s audacity to completely ignore the will of the people. Despite our best efforts – is this because we haven’t asked enough, expected enough, or demanded enough from it. It only leaves the question – “What has our government come to?” It only leaves the answer – “Something we love dearly has gone astray.” Personally – I refuse to recognize any government that is willing to trade its Constitution for its hidden agenda. To be sure – government has lost all integrity – which wholly reflects on the American people. All Americans will suffer this breach of trust.

      Are we going to relinquish “all or any” of our liberties to this government’s encroachment of our Constitution – perpetrated by special interests. Should we become victims of tyrants who usurp their power over our Constitution – or – should we cooperate with evil? Government is so tainted, so corrupt, they disgrace We the People, and our great country. Shouldn’t we have immunity against these tyrants who’s intent it is to enforce an “unjust and inhumane law” to profit by their ill gotten gains – or – should we become cats and defeat their attempts to heard us. For me, as a Genesist, there is no choice.

    9. When more power is placed into the hands of those who do not possess the wisdom to know when enough is enough, they find themselves fighting against certain primal and harmless natures.. Arguably, like our natural inclination to get fucked up.. most humans if given the Liberty of choice, would choose the safest & most therapeutic of all natural non-toxic mind altering substances, Cannabais Sativa.

      We deserve every ounce of privacy in regard to personal decisions such as what substances responsible adults decide to place into their own bodies, as people ALSO need to take responsibility for ALL of their actions! Being high is of coarse not an excuse for murder, homelessness, vagrancy, laziness, stupidity etc. People must learn to make all of their decisions the hard way without taking shortcuts in life. I’m talking about people naturally being forced through ending the governments legislating of morality, to rediscover and develop en masse their empirical based systems for gathering knowledge! Trial and Error! Freedom! Experience! Allow us the honor of becoming the freest and most RESPONSIBLE nation of individuals in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Ron Paul 2012