We’re Looking for a Few Good Politicians to Legalize Marijuana: Tell Your Rep. to Co-Sponsor HR 2306

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director August 1, 2011

    HR 2306, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011, is still awaiting a hearing assignment from either the House Judiciary Committee or the Committee on Energy and Commerce. The chairmen of these two committees seem content to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the will of the people on this issue, while simultaneously stonewalling the democratic process. The refusal thus far to allow HR 2306 its “legitimate debate” illustrates the frustrating side of national politics.

    However, the twelve co-sponsors who have since joined with HR 2306’s primary sponsor, Rep. Barney Frank, in supporting this bill show that not all lawmakers are content to watch tax dollars being frivolously thrown away while our citizens are being robbed of their civil liberties. We need more brave individuals to stand up and rally with them, which is why NORML is asking you to reach out to your elected officials and encourage them to co-sponsor this important legislation. With each legislator added to the list of co-sponsors, we are adding a new political ally and demonstrating the widespread support for our cause.

    Over the past 70+ years, the federal criminalization of marijuana has:

    1) Failed to reduce the public’s demand for or access to cannabis.

    2) Imposed enormous fiscal and human costs upon the American people.

    3) Promoted disrespect for the law.

    4) Reinforced ethnic and generational divides between the public and law enforcement.

    This debate is long overdue. It is time to rethink the leaf.

    Contact your Representatives today and tell them to stand with us and co-sponsor HR 2306.

    NORML would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Representatives Polis, Paul, Honda, Nadler, Conyers, Cohen, McDermott, Norton, Lee, Stark, Rohrbacher, Rangel, and, of course, Barney Frank for their support and advocacy of HR 2306.

    52 responses to “We’re Looking for a Few Good Politicians to Legalize Marijuana: Tell Your Rep. to Co-Sponsor HR 2306”

    1. Aaron Miles says:

      I was Previously living in the united states about a month and a half ago, for about 11 years, smoking marijuana to help my ptsd, and recreationally. If The united states Legalizes’ Marijuana then Canada will be sure to follow, Since the only reason Canada has not legalized it as of now is because the united states has threatened to close down the boarders if we do.

    2. SkunkyFingers says:

      Just sent the Email to Cliff Stearns in Florida—Don’t hold your breath on his support. He has clearly said he will not support any bill of any kind in support of marijuana. Florida will pass Medical marijuana if it is by a Ballot vote (57% support without ground troops). It will never pass in Florida if it is left up to people like Cliff Stearns. Florida the 4th Largest Population State in the USA. Put Florida on the Ballot for 2012—Make it happen NORML!!! You’ll be glad you did!!!

    3. jim says:

      i asked Lisa Merkowski she said not just no but hell no. glad i didn’t vote for her

    4. Little Gypsy says:

      Please contact your representatives. We don’t need more decades of Prohition.

    5. propot says:

      sent to my rep, will see what his response is

    6. Rudy Smith says:

      That’s…………JERKCOWSKI, not Merkowski.

    7. W.D.W.Jr. says:

      Well folks it is only a matter of time before our dream of legalization comes true! This country is in
      the negative right now, but two of the plants of LIFE
      marijuana and it’s cousin industrial hemp will reign as
      a Super Crop,that is a renewable resource.It will feed
      the hungry nations of the Earth.Vote for Ron Paul he will solve our problems.

    8. Joe velasco says:

      I’ve got rookie tea partyer Blake Farenthal. He seems receptive 2 ideas that makes sense.

    9. joad says:

      I contacted Andy Harris – my rep – a conservative Republican – he told me no. I tried – later I’ll try to vote him out of office.