NORML PSA: Do You Know Where Your Police Are?

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director August 4, 2011

    NORMLtv is now streaming a new public service announcement highlighting the unfortunate consequences that arise when precious law enforcement resources are misappropriated due to enforcement of marijuana prohibition.

    If states were allowed to experiment with models of decriminalization and legalization they would be able to re-prioritize law enforcement to more effectively combat violent crime. Every 12 seconds a house is burglarized in the United States, with only an estimated 13 percent of these criminals ever being brought to justice. Meanwhile, a marijuana smoker is arrested every 35 seconds in this country. The process of which can take a police officer off of the street for hours. With 1.3 million violent crimes and 9.3 million property crimes being committed annually, you have to ask yourself:

    Do you know where your police are?

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    28 responses to “NORML PSA: Do You Know Where Your Police Are?”

    1. kateascot says:

      these failed drug war policies have cost billions of dollars and ruined far too many families to be continued any longer. there are many common sense approaches to this social issue that deserve the opportunity to succeed rather than beating the dead horse of criminalization!

    2. Bradson says:

      Good spot. If it gets attention beyond the choir it could have an impact. I’d also like to see a PSA that stresses the safety record of cannabis compared to alcohol and tobacco. Zero deaths and no increased mortality or cancer risk (even when smoked) would be impressive stats for a widely used recreational substance…if it weren’t called marijuana.

    3. Yea well anybody that has any crime done to them and they go in to report it should be able to request a duty sheet for the time that their crime happened n see what the police were doing.
      If there is evidence to show some poor sap was being arrested for non violent drug then start making noise
      We got to fight against this drug war anywhere we can.

    4. DENNI66 says:

      Prohibition hurts everyone!

    5. Eric says:

      I really like this ad campaign, “Do you know where you’re police are?”

      I’d like to see more like them with more statistics of crimes being committed that the police force, both local and federal, should focus reallocate their time on

    6. DENNI66 says:

      If we can’t pay for our bills,than we can’t pay for prohibition laws to be inforced. As for prohibition”keep up the demand” and the cause and need for marijuana etc.

    7. DENNI66 says:

      Well? how about a drink?

    8. Brandon says:

      Great video! What we need is money. If we had millions like they spend on these presidential campaigns, I believe we already could’ve had marijuana regulation somewhere. It’s sad that this world revolves on money. While our media coverage is becomming more common (and more positive) if we had money wed be respected like everyone. Either way the grassroots movement will happen. It’s just a matter of when, where, and how!

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    10. TheOracle says:

      Product Placement

      The product is ads such as this from NORML & MPP or just these types of ads without an endorsement for the organization.

      I’d like to see them embedded in television shows and major motion pictures, especially blockbusters somehow.

      Jenji Kohan has done a fantastic job with Weeds. Frontline and History Channel and Discovery are a great resource for getting out the truth, of course.

      Cannabis sells itself. What a great selection cannabis clubs and coffeeshops have to offer! Dangle that in front of the public.