NORML To Mayor Bloomberg: Stop Arresting So Many Minorities For Marijuana!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director August 4, 2011

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg, by most all accounts, is one of the most fascinating political characters of the last decade. A self-made billionaire who, with a clear love for his fellow human beings and with great civic pride, chose to effectively become New York City’s mayor for the last nine years—spending more personal wealth than most any other political candidate in US history, for a mayor’s office no less—as the ultimate expression of his ability and want to positively effect as many people as possible, in a city (and region) that he clearly loves, during his tenure in a position where he can get things done.

    Along the way to becoming one of America’s wealthiest individuals, Mr. Bloomberg has donated a remarkable amount of money to many worthy causes, notably in the field to improve public health in America and the world, most especially at his alma mater, one of the best universities in the world, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

    With good health and continued good fortune, who knows what further impact Mr. Bloomberg will choose to make in national politics in his lifetime? He possess all the requisite skills and resources to become president if that’s what he chooses.

    Today we find out that Mayor Bloomberg is once again demonstrating why he is one of the most interesting and charitable politicians in the modern era in reading today’s New York Times about his most recent donation of $30 million to help black and Latino youth get better integrated into the region’s economy, develop valuable skill sets and to find productive employment.

    The Times reports that Mayor Bloomberg’s initial grant will be matched by New York City-based hedge fund manager and philanthropist George Soros.

    Here is the ironic point to this blog post: If Mayor Bloomberg is genuinely serious about creating more favorable employment environs for black and Latino youth in New York City, he should converse with Mr. Soros, who, has donated more money than anyone on the face of the earth in favor of drug policy reform—notably for cannabis law reforms—who, I’m sure would insist that the good mayor stop arresting black and Latino youth in New York City en mass.

    Regrettably, embarrassingly, for such an enlightened and civic-minded man, Mayor Bloomberg has largely maintained the shameful and starkly racially disparate cannabis law enforcement policies that he inherited from former Mayor (and drug prosecutor) Rudolf Giuliani. Mayor Giuliani exploded the annual cannabis arrest rate in the five boroughs of New York City from an average of about 2,000 arrests to an eye-popping 60,000 arrests per year.

    Bloomberg’s administration has, on average, maintained an annual arrest rate for simple cannabis possession cases over 45,000, with a disturbing ninety percent of arrests happening to….black and Latino youth.

    Mayor Bloomberg, please, listen to Mr. Soros and stop arresting and negatively effecting future employment opportunities for an entire generation of minorities in New York City who got caught doing the same thing you did in your more youthful years.

    And look how well you turned out after using cannabis?

    Why deny over 45,000 other New Yorkers (and tourists) annually the opportunity to pursue their life’s goals and dreams just because, like you, absent an arrest for your cannabis use, they chose to use a little ganja to relax? Unfortunately for them and New York taxpayers, they’re getting permanently scarred by your feckless and expensive Cannabis Prohibition law enforcement practices in Gotham.

    Mayor Bloomberg, your generous and thoughtful donation of $30 million—and that of Mr. Soros’—will be working at cross purposes if you continue to give the green light to the NYPD to arrest 45,000 cannabis consumers annually into the criminal justice system, the vast majority of whom are the very population you’re concerned with.

    Mr. Bloomberg, if you’re worried about saving face or “what does the NAACP think about all of this?”, don’t be. Because, hundreds of thousands of cannabis consumers and tourists in New York City will very much appreciate the change in policy and the NAACP now supports changing America’s antiquated Cannabis Prohibition laws.

    Mayor Bloomberg, please magnify the positive impact of your philanthropy and concerns for civil society by ending the practice of ‘collaring’ cannabis consumers in New York City, and, instead, return to the cost effective and less detrimental practice to cannabis consumers (notably for minorities) by simply issuing a civil fine in the form of a written ticket for cannabis possession cases rather than employ valuable police time and resources unnecessarily arresting so many black and Latino cannabis consumers.

    39 responses to “NORML To Mayor Bloomberg: Stop Arresting So Many Minorities For Marijuana!”

    1. TheOracle says:

      Thank you again, NORML, Mr. Soros and everyone else on the rather lengthy and extensive list of people to thank.

      Hopefully, NYC will follow the lead of cities such as Philadelphia, and stop persecuting cannabis in the Big Apple. Hm, NYC outdone by Philly? That doesn’t sound like something New Yorkers would enjoy in sports or for cannabis.

    2. ancient wizard says:

      All it takes is a reporter asking the mayor why he is a giant hypocrite on this topic. Any reporters in NY brave enough to do that? Yeah thought not.

    3. Rob Zero says:


    4. John says:

      Does that actually exist anymore, “honest” drug education?

    5. dave says:

      if the U.S. where smart they stop all 3 wars going on now. bring the troops home now and legalize marijuana.

    6. The American Genesist says:

      I just checked the DEA’s latest drug schedule – I don’t see where natural THC extract has made it yet. I heard [only heard] a number of pharmaceutical companies are developing it now. Any input?

      [Paul Armentano responds: At this time it is a scheduling change that has only been discussed by DEA, not implemented. The issue still remains open to public comment.]

    7. They Live We Sleep says:


      Wow, how silly. Good people (mostly) in prision for smoking a harmless plant. Amazing how a conditioned mind works; they reason their actions divine based on propaganda that is devoid of facts.

      353,000 is a big number that creates greater revenue than it costs. Police like it, the bail bondsman like it, the def. lawyers like it; hell its an entire economic ecosystem based on a fearmongering and self interested political ambitions….at the exspence of the common man. But more than any dollar amount it does one other thing….it keeps us in check.

      Gotta love that 2% ??? They Live We Sleep.

    8. DENNI66 says:

      Looks like ”get out of debt” money has been wasted again.

    9. B says:

      It’s “BIG PHARMA” and “ALCOHOL” (and shh, also “BIG BROTHER”) that helped to make Lamar Smith completely disregard HR 2306!!! They PAID him. We need money people! Some millionaire needs to pay big time and we will fight with green!!! Stop the madness!!!!! Alcohol industry doesn’t want competition! If they were smart though they would market them together and cause more health problems since that’s what they’re good at.