NASCAR Again Shows Bias Against Marijuana By Suspending Driver Who Legally Uses Medical Cannabis

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director August 24, 2011

    The recent and unfortunate suspension of Ronnie Hults, a NASCAR driver from Colorado who is a lawful medical cannabis patient—along with the recent rejection of a NASCAR car sponsored by Cannabis Planet— would seem to affirm a clear bias that the auto racing organization has against cannabis and cannabis consumers.

    And this from an organization like NASCAR….with its well established roots in the illegal trafficking of untaxed alcohol (i.e., Moonshine) post-Prohibition in America’s southeastern states; a major promoter of tobacco products for decades; and current major billboard for the pharmaceutical industry to promote their drugs.

    There appears to be no allegations of Mr. Hults driving while under the influence of medical cannabis and as NLC member from Denver Warren Edson wryly observes: ‘What’s the problem here, all these guys have to do is turn left?’

    74 responses to “NASCAR Again Shows Bias Against Marijuana By Suspending Driver Who Legally Uses Medical Cannabis”

    1. adriantheloser says:

      what a joke….im talking about nascar…anyone who is interested in this car racing is a moron….i guess its fun to engage in a past time that produces excessive noise and pollution….trashy people if you ask me….

    2. wbs 101 says:

      This makes me glad I hate Nascar but if I did watch it or buy their video games this would be enough to make me boycott them. We need to start shunning the companies that pull crap like this but we mike have to become self sufficient because it seems almost all the companies these days have this attitude.

    3. Julie says:

      Our patient rights are slowly being taken from us. It is time to GET INVOLVED! Flood NASCAR with emails. Join Americans For Safe Access!

      [Editor’s note: Join ASA?? Instead, join NORML as we support cannabis law reform for healthy cannabis consumers and hemp enthusiasts too! NORML supports ending all cannabis related arrests –not just for citizens who claim to need cannabis for medical purposes.]

    4. Kira says:

      The reason they wont allow it is big pharma is a major sponsor of nascar that they are extremely anti weed because they want you doing THEIR drugs. The drug companies are also the biggest supporter of the war on drugs which is why weed is not legal. They would rather pump you full of proprietary liver damaging and addictive chemicals because they cannot be made by the public and they make trillions of dollars.

    5. david says:

      I just can not belive you stoped the man for driveing a raise car for the reason of pot.I will never go to a nascar rase again for you doing this unless you let him keep driveing that car,david from ky

    6. Scott says:

      Sad, why are they doing this? I would bet more than half of the nascar fan base smokes weed too lol

    7. Atlanta Toker says:

      Its time we ask the good ol boys to stop supporting NASCAR and stay away from the tracks. Stop buying their goods and start ignoring them on their weekend races. Turn the channel, dont go to the track. Help us out here a little.

    8. Salty says:

      Wow.. If he is an alcoholic would that be against the rules? Oh by the way, check out the news article at the top..a few ppl calling him ignorant, yet they label cannabis as a demon drug. I’m not sure how much of this crap I can take anymore lol

    9. ancient wizard says:

      nascar sucks even more than i thought it did. Their image as a bunch of ignorant fucks is now even more solidified in my mind. A boycott is needed for those hypocritical fools. Bunch of DEA dick suckers.

    10. warren says:

      Redneck inbred morons.

      [Editor’s note: NASCAR’s execs maybe misdirected, but it is overly harsh to portray them as “Redneck inbred morons”. Ouch!]