Tremendous PBS Video Explains Why Medical Cannabis Works — And How Big Pharma Is Planning To Cash In On It

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director August 25, 2011

    PBS is to be commended for producing this excellent video summarizing the science behind the use of cannabis as a medicine.

    Want to know why cannabis is effective at treating multiple symptoms and conditions? Watch this video. Want to know how cannabinoids selectively target and kill cancer cells? Watch this video. Want to know how many patents Big Pharma has taken out on cannabis-derived synthetic drugs? Watch this video.

    And then share it with your friends and family.

    Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

    116 responses to “Tremendous PBS Video Explains Why Medical Cannabis Works — And How Big Pharma Is Planning To Cash In On It”

    1. Alex says:

      You know whats despicably hilarious? Federal, reefer-madness influenced lawmakers will always continue to say “Im sorry, but there is just no scientific evidence that marijuana has any medical benefits.” Basically, as long as it isn’t the FDA, it isn’t legitimate. What a load of crap.

    2. Joe Nickelsack says:

      I’ve thought this for many years but now I’m going to share it with everyone.If you’ve ever had a job where random drug testing was implemented against your will and for no other reason than for the government to let everyone out there know that they were going to control us by threatening us with our livelyhoods and freedom as far as that goes.I mean it’s great to be free and not locked up, but without your job and no money it’s not too good either. Anyway,I’ve always thought this about Ronald Regan because he was the one that implemented these random drug testing laws in the late eighties.But as far as that goes, I think every politician that has violated our constitutional rights should have an eternal urinal placed above their tomb or a piss cup on their grave so that “we the people” can keep a regular stream for them so they never run dry.Yeah that’s what I think they deserve so people never forget what they put people of this great country through.And for what? They’ve always been mean spirited and just plain wrong all along, but look what they’ve put this country through.I’ve never been so full of hate in my life, the disdain I feel for these self rightous assholes.Now after seeing this video, I think it’s well time for some payback! It’s just so hard to phathom what lengths they have stooped to, to destroy people’s lives. I don’t think you want to know what I’d really like to do…and I’m not a violent person by no means.

    3. Sean says:

      This video should be ripped onto a DVD-R and placed in as many mailboxes you can do.

    4. Kevin says:

      These types of reports need to be more mainstream.

    5. M says:

      I love the hypocrisy “that’s not how we do things– who cares if the oligarchy will block marijuana forever? if that’s what our masters decide then that’s what we must do–”

      The idea of critical thinking & civil disobedience has been completely removed from most people’s mindsets these days…. weakness thy name is law

    6. bob says:

      Milk and honey to see and hear! Except for that one Dr. idiot.

    7. Steve says:

      My only serious issue with the video is at the end when the doctor wants to keep it in the FDA etc. Which either is a ruse, or he is politically ignorant, the fact that he finds how cannabis works “suspect” like its still the new kid on the block is suspect in itself


      [Paul Armentano responds: Eric Voth’s talking point that plant cannabis must go through the FDA to be considered a legitimate therapy is a phony argument and he is well aware of this. The FDA exists to determine whether patented products from private companies can be brought to market. Since the present law forbids any legal private manufacturers of cannabis to exist, there remains no entity available to conduct the sort of research and development necessary to trigger an FDA review. Thus, until the scheduling of cannabis changes, the FDA will never be an arbiter of marijuana as a medicine.]

    8. casualty says:

      Voth is a complete idiot. He obviously has a stake in keeping pot underground. “Addiction Specialist”

    9. DragonTat2 says:

      Here is the link to the full episode by montanapbs.org.
      Yours links to pbs.org.


      And thank you so much. Great, great talking points and educational information. I eagerly shared without shame!
      Thanks for all you do.

    10. SAINT RICO says:

      What’s sad is…..that even if I showed this video to some people(stubborn people), in my family; they would still refuse to change their minds about the “devils” weed. Extremely sad when folks let proud/ignorant opinions trump actual science