World’s Largest Pro-Drug Policy Reform Conference: Register Now For Earlybird Discount

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 7, 2011

    Do you believe the drug war is doing more harm than good? Are you outraged that the US government still won’t recognize the medical benefits of marijuana?  Whether you’re an expert on drug policy or a newcomer, your voice should be heard at this year’s International Drug Policy Reform Conference from November 2-6 at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, California.

    You’ll join city, state, and federal elected officials, health care professionals, students, grassroots activists, people in recovery as well as active drug users, treatment providers and more — all working to change this country’s drug policies so that they reflect the principles of health, justice, compassion and human rights.

    Do you believe an end to marijuana prohibition is possible at a national level, or will it always remain a state-by-state issue? At the ‘State of the Movement: Marijuana Legalization’ spotlight session, results from the most extensive marijuana reform public opinion research ever conducted will be shared. Explore what these results will mean for 2012, and how soon you can expect to see legislative issues like decriminalization and medical marijuana spring up in your state if they haven’t already.

    Come learn how to effectively campaign for an end to costly and racist marijuana arrests in the US. In the ‘Marijuana Policing: Targeting Urban Youth’ panel, we’ll dissect the reasons why urban police departments nationwide employ practices such as ‘stop and frisk,’ especially amongst the young and nonwhite population. Permanent drug records, social marginalization, and intense street-level scrutiny will only continue to escalate if we don’t bring an end to the drug war.

    Don’t miss your best opportunity to participate in cutting-edge drug policy debates and meet the people who could be your future partners in reform efforts! Register to attend the Reform Conference by September 16th to receive the Early Bird discount and save $100 off conference rates!

    42 responses to “World’s Largest Pro-Drug Policy Reform Conference: Register Now For Earlybird Discount”

    1. 420 says:


    2. George Simich says:

      The reasons that marijuana and hemp remain illegal are that this policy serves the best interests of brewers & distillers, pharmaceutical companies, cotton growers, the private prison industry, and synthetic materials manufacturers . . . otherwise known as the corporate elite. This is an absolutely disgusting, reacdtionary policy, which has proven for decades that it is also a failed policy. But, hey, you gotta take care of international corporate giants, regardless of how this impacts the lives of people everywhere. Pathetic.

      [Paul Armentano responds: While it may be convenient to blame behind-the-scenes special interests — such as those you have named (though you left out arguably the most influential interest, law enforcement) — for the maintenance of marijuana prohibition, the bottom line is that criminalization remains today largely because not enough like-minded people have sought to take part in their own liberation by demanding an end to this failed public policy — either by effectively and consistently lobbying their elected officials, or by joining NORML or other like-minded organizations, or both.]

    3. Bob says:

      Go after the pill mills and meth labs who are killing people and leave us smoker’s alone! 😉 Cheers!

    4. Blunt master says:

      It’s a flowered plant. With many benefits and the only negatives are derived from old scare-tactics and pointless federal laws. It’s time for our government to grow up and stop feeding lies into a population that knows the truth about marijuana. Harmless. Helpful.

    5. Doug says:

      Not to be picky, but wouldn’t it be more accurate to say “World’s Largest Drug Policy Pro-Reform Conference”?

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