Reason.tv: PBS Travel Guru Rick Steves — “If I Work Hard All Day Long And Want To Go Home And Relax With A Joint, That Is My Civil Liberty”

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director September 12, 2011

    Television host, author, and NORML Advisory Board member Rick Steves is arguably one of the most articulate and passionate voices for cannabis legalization. Catch the latest edition of Reason TV to hear why.

    “[T]o me, high is a place … and when I want to go there I don’t need the government to give me a passport.”

    You can also listen to Rick Steve’s keynote address from the 2009 national NORML conference here.

    29 responses to “Reason.tv: PBS Travel Guru Rick Steves — “If I Work Hard All Day Long And Want To Go Home And Relax With A Joint, That Is My Civil Liberty””

    1. Crabber says:

      Now I really want to go on one of his tours

    2. Jon says:

      Love you like a brother Rick, another voice of reason!

    3. Owen says:

      Excellent! Thanks Steve!

    4. laurie says:

      I loved all of his comments until he said …”these are poor people, these are black people…” I know he meant no harm, but it was still an ignorant statement. Kept me from sharing it with my FB Wall.

      [Editor’s note: Talk about calling the kettle black…Rick Steves speaks a clear and universal truth that ‘poor people and black people’ are getting screwed disproportionately under Cannabis Prohibition, which they are under every measurable index, and you decide to 1) not share his pro-reform message with your FB community and 2) go to NORML’s webpage to broadcast YOUR own ignorance in denouncing Rick speaking the truth about the effects of the failed policy.

      FYI: Nationwide, for every Caucasian arrested on cannabis-related, nearly four minorities are arrested. In some parts of the country, like NYC, the ratio of minorities to whites arrested on pot charges is an eye popping nine:one!

      America’s jails and prisons are totally dominated by minority inmates…far disproportionate to their numbers in the general population…the American criminal ‘justice’ system has largely and undeniably become a gulag for minorities (mainly there on ‘non-violent’ offenses, which is code for drug-related offenses).

      Why not share this painful, expensive and important truth with your FB friends? Why not thank NORML Advisory Board member Rick Steves for speaking out in favor of cannabis reforms?!]

    5. MakeItSimple4U says:

      Just wish we all could be this public in our support.

    6. Kevin says:


      my name is kevin, i was born a “germarican” in the mid 1980`s. ive got a dual-citizanship, but lived my whole life in germany with my parents and friends. i just want to say, that the US is like a billion years in head of us considering marijuana to be legal… and i just want to thank all you guys for working so so hard and with all youre heart and soul. if the US people can change this stubborn drug law, then the whole world will follow!!
      Love ya’ll, PEACE!

    7. Owen says:

      RE # 5:

      I’m white and when I was ambushed by cops at a NJ turnpike because “they smelled pot” even though I wasn’t using – I was profiled as a white hippie with a pony tail – I wasn’t given any preferential treatment. I was chained like a dog for 3 hours with leg shackles in a cell all by myself and the toilet was too far away for me to use.

      This is what got me active. I hope no one else has to get busted before they take action and GET ACTIVE!!

    8. ” The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” – Carl Sagan quote on Marijuana

    9. Bud says:

      Anyone in favor of ending the US war on drugs needs to support Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who has openly stated that he would end the war on drugs immediately and has already introduced a bill to end marijuana prohibition. We need Ron Paul to win this fight. Ron Paul 2012!!. Join the revolution!

      [Editor’s note: Yawn…..Ron Paul is not the only current Republican candidate who supports ending Cannabis Prohibition (Gary Johnson does too), and neither man will lead a ‘revolution’ as neither will win the GOP nomination and neither could ever win a general election (let alone against a standing president and his intact political machine).

      One can be in favor of ending the war on drugs too and not believe in political fairy tales…]