New Study: Crohn’s Disease Mitigated By Cannabis

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director September 16, 2011

    The federal government steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the therapeutic utility of the cannabis plant, stating as recently as this past July that it possesses:

    “a high potential for abuse; … no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States; … [and] lacks accepted safety for use under medical supervision. … [T]here are no adequate and well-controlled studies proving (marijuana’s) efficacy; the drug is not accepted by qualified experts. … At this time, the known risks of marijuana use have not been shown to be outweighed by specific benefits in well-controlled clinical trials that scientifically evaluate safety and efficacy.”

    Yet, almost daily, scientific journals from around the globe expose the absurdity of the administration’s longstanding ‘flat Earth’ position regarding the medical use of cannabis.

    Below is a just published abstract from yet another scientific study establishing the safety and efficacy of cannabis. Your government will state categorically that studies like these don’t exist. Your government is lying to you.

    Treatment of Crohn’s disease with cannabis: an observational study
    via PubMed
    Isr Med Assoc J. 2011 Aug;13(8):455-8.

    BACKGROUND: The marijuana plant cannabis is known to have therapeutic effects, including improvement of inflammatory processes. However, no report of patients using cannabis for Crohn’s disease (CD) was ever published.

    OBJECTIVES: To describe the effects of cannabis use in patients suffering from CD.

    METHODS: In this retrospective observational study we examined disease activity, use of medication, need for surgery, and hospitalization before and after cannabis use in 30 patients (26 males) with CD. Disease activity was assessed by the Harvey Bradshaw index for Crohn’s disease.

    RESULTS: Of the 30 patients 21 improved significantly after treatment with cannabis. The average Harvey Bradshaw index improved from 14 +/- 6.7 to 7 +/- 4.7 (P < 0.001). The need for other medication was significantly reduced. Fifteen of the patients had 19 surgeries during an average period of 9 years before cannabis use, but only 2 required surgery during an average period of 3 years of cannabis use.

    CONCLUSIONS: This is the first report of cannabis use in Crohn’s disease in humans. The results indicate that cannabis may have a positive effect on disease activity, as reflected by reduction in disease activity index and in the need for other drugs and surgery. Prospective placebo-controlled studies are warranted to fully evaluate the efficacy and side effects of cannabis in CD.

    NORML will have a detailed summary of this study in next week’s NORML News. (Sign up to receive NORML News updates here.)

    97 responses to “New Study: Crohn’s Disease Mitigated By Cannabis”

    1. Andrew says:

      Yet just another fascinating discovery from the plant we all know and love. One more reason, one more step, closer to the revolution.

      • Lou says:

        I’m tired of having the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease. I’m tired of taking Imodium just to make it subside for a while. The only thing that has ever helped me during this time has been marijuana. Just trying to say something here.

    2. TARA says:

      Are we surprised our goverment is hiding anything?……….Heck no, if they acknowledge the facts from the studies, then they would have to eat crow.They have for years bad mouthed cannabis and just can’t seem to swallow the truth of the matter and that they have been wrong. Right now they are too busy eating BS from Oboma.

    3. Lee says:

      Oh … But oxycotin and etc pills are ok? I dont see any benefit in all the LEGAL drugs that have so many in such distress … You wont see anybody OD from cannibas!!!

    4. Brandon says:

      The U.S. Government truly has done a stupendous job at fooling the general public. It should be noted in the history books how they managed to keep, relatively popular, vegetable matter under legal strain.

    5. Robb says:

      Questions I would ask: How well-educated are these so-called “Qualified experts?” Is there a control group, rather a monopoly, of these “experts?” Who appoints these “Experts”, and just how do they qualify? -Verses, the numerous and proven healing abilities of the cannabis plant? How do their [negative, or otherwise] reasoning of the use of cannabis as a medical aid differ and outweigh those of the millions of users whom have been effectively treated with cannabis?

    6. A.N. says:

      Why don’t more people question the Federal Government on patent 6630507?

    7. JL Wilson says:

      I need to get my GI to start a study on this. I am absolute proof of this. Marijuana has put me into a healthy remission for two years now, including a reduction of medications.

    8. Spoiled Sport says:

      I do have Crohn’s disease and I can attest that cannabis helps tremendously. When I am having an attack with vomiting and painful cramps I cannot keep anything down so anything I take orally won’t stay down long enough to work. A joint will immediately give me relief from the vomiting and cramps. My doctor has noted that my intestines seem to be softening up again since I’ve been eating edibles on weekends. I can live a normal life with cannabis rather than the cocktail of drugs that don’t work. If there is a cure for Crohn’s I believe cannabis is it.

    9. Just An Observer says:

      Vote out Obama. A Republican would be a better choice. Why? Because in the 2016 election, the Demos in the primary will have to actually appeal to THEIR base instead of taking them for granted like Obama does. Then we who want legal weed and and an end to The War On Some Drugs may actually get a candidate who reflects our views. The only GOP’er who comes close is Ron Paul and he’s not going to win, so this is the only national electoral path I see which has a chance to work.

      At the state level, support only candidates who take a stand with us. At the county and city level, support only the candidates who stand with us. Each election gives us a chance to build up pressure from the lower levels of government. That won’t change the Federal law all by itself but it does undermine the Federal position. You take what you can get for wins and small ones are out there to be had.

      Water versus rock. We are the water. The other side is the rock. It will take a lot of time to get the situation the way we want it. It has taken a lot of time just to get to where we are. Be as relentless as the pounding surf and turn the opposing rock into sand!

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