Next Sunday Nationwide: Pot Prohibition Parlor Parties

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 25, 2011

    Update: Checkout the HuffingtonPost’s interactive map regarding information about Alcohol Prohibition in conjunction with the upcoming PBS documentary debuting this Sunday night, ‘Prohibition’.

    Have you made plans yet to host or attend a ‘Pot Prohibition Parlor Party’ next Sunday night? Have you been in touch with one of the nearly 200 NORML chapters in America about your desire to get involved with these much needed law reforms?

    Why convene such controversial parties?

    Because on Sunday, October 2nd, the Public Broadcast Corporation will air the most recent American history documentary from Ken Burns called ‘Prohibition’.

    Also, and probably not by coincidence, October 2 marks the 74-year anniversary of America’s longest, most expensive and constitutional-twisting prohibition…Cannabis Prohibition!

    This most recent examination of a slice of American history by Mr. Burns is the single best opportunity in years for the general public to understand the folly and expense of Cannabis Prohibition (the only educational documentary that can top this one about the tremendous failure of Alcohol Prohibition would be…a Ken Burns documentary on the history–and absurdity–of Cannabis Prohibition).

    Invite some good friends, family and co-workers to get together next weekend to watch the first installment in the three part series. Afterward, when lobbying your local, state and federal elected policymakers to reform cannabis laws, ask them if they watched the Burns documentary.

    If they say ‘yes’….ask them if they support continuing another 74 years of Cannabis Prohibition in America.

    If they say ‘no’, get them the documentary to watch, follow up and ask them to end Cannabis Prohibition by establishing logical law reforms such that cannabis is as legal and taxed as other adult products like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

    Ask them to respect the Constitution, the free market, personal autonomy and the right for self-preservation.

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    1. claygooding says:

      My thought for the decade,,,have to limit them,,because moderation is the key to all dangerous substances.

      If the prohibs would start up petitions to ramp up the WOD, increase the penalties for cannabis,,strike down all mmj laws,,etc

      We could have a nationwide vote going on before our eyes.

    2. am hsoting aperty, will do the emailing and writing after the first episode, thaks for the heads up.

    3. Tiny Dix says:

      Since Marijuana is not like Alcohol or tobacco , i don’t think it should be taxed like these dangerous substances . Marijuana is a gift of God & not man – made .

      Here’s something that you might find interesting and it’s not, Syria . This is your America .

    4. David762 says:

      #4 Tiny Dix “This is your America …”

      (sorry in advance for the longish rant) — THIS is America Today:

      George Orwell was correct about the rise to power of the national security surveillance police state — he just got the date wrong (1984) and the type of socialism engendered. The form of Government we now have is crony corporate socialism, a corrupt monopolistic form of capitalism, instead of ‘1984’s quasi-egalitarian ‘oligarchical collectivism’.

      Promotion of contrived divisive social issues distracts the masses from the Class War they are losing. “Divide & conquer” is a tactic successfully used throughout history by ruling Tyrants. “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the Flag and carrying a Cross,” claimed Sinclair Lewis.

      US Fascism has arrived; for evidence look no further than the Tea Party Express, and the Right Wing Authoritarians who comprise the bulk of politicians in Both Lame Stream Political Parties. Real “Jobs Creation Legislation” is a tough political battle, but reauthorization of the draconian US PATRIOT Act got an easy pass. Welcome to ‘1984’!

      “Ignorance is strength.” (‘1984’)
      () ‘Proles’ have no political awareness beyond their struggle for survival. That is The Party’s Greatest Strength in Maintaining Power.
      “Freedom is slavery.” (‘1984’)
      () Freedom is Not Hierarchical. Cannabis Use Promotes Thinking & Individualism, All Now Criminal. Neo-Feudalism Requires Hierarchy. Equality between Classes confers no special status to Wealth.
      “War is peace.” (‘1984’)
      () Perpetual War is Exactly like Perpetual Peace, only Better (for US). Perpetual War consumes US Resources that might otherwise be used to Raise the status of the Masses, anathema to Neo-Feudal Hierarchy.

      The DEA, the DOJ, and the ONDCP truly believe that Field Marshall Goebbels was correct — “…if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth…” and “the bigger the lie, the easier people will believe it.” He was a Fascist, as well.
      Their ‘True’ Lies:
      () Cannabis is a dangerous highly addictive narcotic hallucinogen susceptible to abuse, therefore deserved of Schedule 1 classification.
      () Smoked Cannabis causes Cancer, Brain Damage, Apathy, Violence, Rape of White Women, and Civil Disobedience.
      () Wachovia (TBTF) did Not commit Criminal Acts as an on-going Criminal Enterprise when it laundered $378.4 Billion of drug money.
      () Only prescription drugs from pharmaceutical companies can be legal — homeopathic / herbal medicine is illegal ‘witchcraft’.
      () The Euphoria that Cannabis can produce in its’ ‘abusers’ is an undesirable side effect unseen in any Big Pharma Prescription Drugs.
      () Cannabis is not agricultural, is not a plant, is not an herb — it’s a ‘manufactured’ illicit narcotic drug.
      () Cannabis is an illicit narcotic drug because US Says it is, and US has ‘undeniable scientific proof’ that You are not allowed to refute.
      () “They hate US for our ‘freedom’ |V| We hate US for our ‘slavery’”
      () Cannabis users, and peace activists, are now ‘domestic terrorists’.
      () Monopoly Capitalism IS The Only Efficient Form of Government.

      “There’s too much money in it (Cannabis) for it to ever be made legal.”
      – Secretary of State H.R. Clinton –

      “The decriminalization, or re-legalization, of Cannabis is not in my vocabulary” – President B.H. Obama –

      “You fucking retarded progressive idiots need to be drug tested if you don’t fall in line and vote for Obama.”
      – Rahm Emmanuel, 2010 –

      “Never let a good crisis go to waste; if you can’t find one, then create it.”
      – Rahm Emmanuel, 2009 (un-redacted) –

      “He who controls the past, controls the future.”
      “He who controls the present, controls the past.” (‘1984’)
      () Indian Hemp, aka Cannabis, has never in all history ever had any medical benefit.
      () Besides as medicine, Cannabis / Indian Hemp has also never been used for rope, canvas, clothing, paper, food, or fuel.
      () No government-funded scientific study has ever concluded that Cannabis is harmless — the Siler Report, La Guardia Report, Le Dain Report, and Shafer Report are all fictional, and never happened.
      () At no point in history was it ever illegal to refuse to grow Indian Hemp / Cannabis, nor has it ever been used to pay government taxes.
      () George Washington, Father of our Country, never grew Cannabis or Hemp.
      () Thomas Jefferson, Author of our Constitution, never grew Cannabis or Hemp.
      () No successful athletes, artists, musicians, writers, scientists, or politicians have ever been Cannabis users.
      () US does not Torture; ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ isn’t Torture.
      () US has never engaged in Terrorism, False Flag Terrorism, or Domestic Terrorism to forward specific policy agendas.
      () US has always been the ‘victim’; ‘Blowback’ doesn’t exist.
      () There is No Evidence that US government agencies have ever been directly involved in the illicit narcotic drug trade, from the Boxer Rebellions to Iran-Contra to today’s Af/Pak conflict. There are no news reports & photos of US Marines guarding Afghani poppy fields from ‘Prohibitionist’ Taliban — that … Never Happened!

      That history has been replaced by the DEA, DOJ, and ONDCP. No other version of history is valid or exists, down that ‘Memory Hole’. Proponents of Cannabis cannot Prove to US that Cannabis is a harmless but useful plant with medicinal value that deserves to be re-legalized. The US controls the only valid Drug Testing Source, Money, and Authorization required to perform new domestic scientific studies of Cannabis, and US forbids that. Foreign scientific studies whose results would disprove the DEA, DOJ, and ONDCP Party Line are not US Authorized, and therefore can be dismissed by US as ‘junk’ science.

      Espousal of Alternate Realities that don’t comply with Big Brother’s Corporate Party Line are Thought Crimes, punishable by imprisonment or death. “Two plus two equals five”, because US and the Corporatist Lame Stream Media says it does. By all appearances, ‘1984’ has truly arrived. The ‘War on (Some) Drugs’ and the ‘War on People (esp. Minorities)’ is only the most blatant and egregious example to illustrate that rise to Totalitarian Tyranny of Big Brother’s Kleptocracy. US is so proud of US — We the People, not so much …

      “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”
      – DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis Young, 1994 –

      “When the legal side effects of a substance cause more harm to a person than the side effects of the substance itself, we have an injustice!”
      – Jimmy Carter –

      “But are there not many Fascists in your country?”
      “There are many who do not know they are Fascists, but will find it out when the time comes.”
      — Ernest Hemingway, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” –

      Short of revolution at the ballot box, there is little hope for Cannabis Re-Legalization. The US has a plethora of Politicians, a dearth of Statesmen. Vote knowledgeably and responsibly — the overlap of policy agendas between the Neo-Liberal Democratic Party and the Neo-Conservative Republican Party is tremendous; vote USA Green Party in 2012!

      “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul this unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of statesmanship.”
      – Theodore Roosevelt –

      I rest my case, that ‘1984’ and Fascism have arrived in the US.
      (Now, where is my ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask … ?)


      BTW: A great read “http://www.cannabisculture.com/v2/node/19176” by another Libertarian Socialist, David Malmo-Levine.

    5. Greg says:

      I’m sad to say that the Petition to Grant a Full Pardon to all those arrested for marijuana only related offenses isn’t getting the attention it deserves. While I’ve seen a dramatic flux of people rushing to sign the Regulate and Tax in a Manner similar to Alcohol petition (and am very happy to see the number rise greatly every time I look in on it), I’d like to see more people standing up for the folks who have put there lives and liberty on the line for the cause. After all, SOMEONE HAD TO GROW THAT BEAUTIFUL HERB YOU’RE ENJOYING AND NOW THEY NEED US. To those of you who have taken the time to add your name, I’m very grateful. Thank you for understanding you have a civic duty and doing that duty in true patriotic fashion. For those of you still sitting on your hands I’d like to remind you that NEVER in the history of our nation has it been so SIMPLE and EASY to make your voice heard. So stand up and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

      Please take a moment to follow this link and sign the petition which requests that all those arrested for marijuana only related offenses to be granted a full pardon. In addition to releasing those currently incarcerated, this would also reinstate the rights lost by those with previous convictions, such as the right to vote. Here’s the link: http://wh.gov/gRZ. Thanks for your support.

      In addition, there is also a petition on the WhiteHouse.gov site which calls to Allow Industrial Hemp to AGAIN be grown in the U.S. This, too, is a very important issue within the legalization movement and approaches the subject from a perspective entirely separate from the medical/recreational aspect. Please also take a moment to add your name to show your support.

      Again, thank you for standing up and doing your part. After all, a government of the people, for the people, and by the people only works if the people work it. Signing a petition is a dramatic far cry from the long marches and bloody battles our ancestors had to endure to gain the freedoms we (used to) enjoy. If you’re too lazy to exert such little effort for liberty then you don’t deserve it!

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    8. NagaSadhu says:


      Some in your itemized lists sound like something the Christian Reconstructionists/Dominionist would agree to.

      Or, like former President Nixon (initiator of DEA) said about starting the ‘war on drugs’, “we got to scare them”.

      We are out gunned, out armied, out everything in this round about 1984.