A Pot Pardon Plea: Prisoner Seeks Presidential Pardon For Thirty Year Sentence For First Offense

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 28, 2011

    Below is a request from a NORML member and recently retired prison employee from Illinois seeking a presidential pardon for a man sentenced ten years ago as a teenager to thirty years for a first time marijuana offense.

    One of the reasons the walls of Cannabis Prohibition are coming down faster and faster these days is because of citizens like George from Oakford, who can no longer stand idly by and be witness to the waste and cruelty of incarcerating citizens for so-called marijuana-related ‘crimes’.

    George’s signature is first, mine is second…will you please join us in asking President Obama to pardon Jason Spyres after he has served 10 years for a ‘crime’, that some day soon will no longer be a crime.

    Thanks in advance for caring and sharing,

    -Allen St. Pierre
    Executive Director
    Washington, D.C.

    —— Forwarded Message
    From: George A.
    Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:50:05 -0500
    Subject: Need Help?

    Hi: I am a NORML member and wanted to ask you to circulate a White House Petition that only needs 150 signatures(online) to become searchable (under marijuana or cannabis). It is:


    I would appreciate your response or suggestions. It is in regard to an Illinois inmate who got locked up for 30 years, of which he has served about 10 years, for a first time marijuana offense. He was first locked up as a teenager. I worked as a Correctional Officer around this inmate and know that he does not deserve to be locked up for so long. I retired in 09 and can now help this young man fight for his deserved freedom. Please help if you can.

    George A.
    Oakford, IL

    72 responses to “A Pot Pardon Plea: Prisoner Seeks Presidential Pardon For Thirty Year Sentence For First Offense”

    1. DragonTat2 says:

      200 signatures so far. Yay.

    2. David762 says:

      Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, should be serving any time in prison for marijuana. The level of injustice is staggering. Somehow, I don’t believe that plea for clemency will be heard by President Obama.

      Obama needs to sit down, kick back, and fire up a doobie. He is thus far seriously lacking in essential cannabinoids, readily apparent from the cognitive dissonance he exhibits when ‘marijuana’ or ‘cannabis’ are brought up at political events. Or empathy. Where is that moment of clarity to smack him on the back of his head, with the thought that “there but by the grace of fortune might I be, with a single youthful indiscretion that might have lead to my arrest.”

      Reality sucks dry shite. President Obama has made his ‘political’ bed, and is now bitten by blood-sucking conservative ‘fleas’. If he wins re-election, it will only be by way of a miracle in the form of a largely despicable political opponent — or the magic bit-flipping of easily hacked electronic voting machines.

    3. Jay Ramey says:

      This makes no sense. The President of the United States has no power to pardon someone convicted of a state crime. The governor of Illinois is the proper person to ask to pardon Mr. Spyres.

    4. A 30 year sentence is the most unjust punishment for such a small crime. These laws must change. The time has come for prohibition to stop. this man has served his time and should be set free.

    5. joad says:

      I signed the petition and I hope Jason is set free.

    6. ADHD says:

      W T F man, seriously wtf, ppl that rape and kill kids dont even get anywhere near as much as this….. POST THIS EVERYWHERE, need more sigs…..cmon ppl, spam the beejesus out of this link….

    7. Paul Pot says:

      This is another ‘crime against humanity’.

    8. A.J. says:

      We should be mailing liberals with the pleaof “HUMAN RIGHTS”..

      How can we be throwing people in jail for ingesting a plant they find enjoyable?

      We should be mailing conservatives with the plea of “WASTE OF MONEY!” How can you claim tobe fiscally conservative while spending all of this money on a futle attempt to prohibit a plant?

    9. Fed-Up says:

      But,what about the children?. the little innocent babies…I mean the ones that grow up to feed the Prison-Industrial-Complex by “Design”.All part of the Plan”. Jesus Christ.. Their lives are serving a noble purpose..after all We own shares and stocks that generate Interest off of their futures…What else our they going to do?..haha..most of the jobs have been outsourced to India for Christ Sakes… Their lives have been predetermined for our benifit. let them get 3 meals in a cage.

      WINNING! ( Sarcasm)