Feds To Legal Medical Marijuana Patients: You Don’t Have Second Amendment Rights. Period.

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 28, 2011

    The federal government, notably under the current administration, continues to paint itself into a corner politically speaking regarding Mr. Obama’s pre-election promises to ‘fix the problem with medical marijuana’.

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) issued a memorandum on September 21 to all gun dealers in the United States for the expressed purpose of informing them that they MUST discriminate against lawful medical cannabis patients and DENY them their Second Amendment right to buy and possess a firearm for hunting and/or personal protection.

    The feds newest ‘clarifying’ memo regarding medical cannabis (proceeding the 2009 Ogden and 2011 Cole memos) is notable because members of NORML’s Legal Committee recently have been successfully challenging local and state law enforcement officials who’ve chosen to discriminate against lawful medical cannabis patients by denying them permits for a concealed weapon.

    Why is it OK and does it make any sense at all for lawful medical patients who are prescribed powerful painkillers and sedatives to be able to enjoy their Second Amendment rights and responsibilities, but medical cannabis patients who want to hunt or have self-protection in their homes are overtly discriminated against by our own federal government?

    This new ATF memo will provide an interesting test to see if the National Rifle Association really does support citizens’ rights to bear arms.

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    1. Joel Shumaker says:

      Whatever country this is, it is no longer the United States of America that I know.

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    4. George says:

      Well, Mr. St. Pierre….what do we do now? What is with this madness? Can this be challenged?

    5. Lionel Rodriguz says:

      ludicris, I have legal Morphine in amounts that would kill most people , so I can function. Never mind I can get stinking drunk if I was so inclined and own a gun.
      But mis a safe natural plant in the mix that makes me mellow and I cant. I think they need to smoke come bud and find out what they are so afraid of.

    6. Corrupt? Anyone? says:

      2nd Amendment rights? ATF must have read it as “Double Standard” or “Second Class Citizen” rights.

      Corruption and Conspiracy go hand in hand. With the overwhelming population of americans accepting and supporting legalization, especially in light of the Proven economic and agricultural benefits (Among many others), its blatantly obvious that there are hidden and sinister motives that run much deeper than simply “””Protecting the American People from an EEEvil Natural Substance”””(Triple quoties for max sarc and mock effect).

      Anyone paying attention to the “Fast and Furious” scandal can easily conclude that our govt is fueling its own “”War on Drugs”” (Not that we need any correlative cases to see that our govt is as corrupt and rotten as a 5-day dead skunk in a blender).

      Its profitable for them and the true amount of money they confiscate (Steal) is next to impossible to track or account for for anyone outside the loop.

      Prohibition will only end once enforcing such ridiculous laws becomes a loss to the ridiculous agencies enforcing them.

      “As long as Law Enforcement is a Profitable Business, Injustice Will Prevail”

    7. Josh Heintzelman says:

      Marijuana should not be illegal in the first place. I have to wonder has anybody in the feeral government to even know how marijuana effects a person. Marijuana don’t make you hallucinate. You wouldn’t shoot somebody because you thought that person was a bear,deer, or wolf. For them to assume that it is not safe for somebody smoking marijuana to own a gun is just absurbed. I would love for somebody from the feds to sit down in front of me and smoke a joint and then really tell me what they really think about marijuana. I need someone to tell me really what is wrong with marijuana except for you go to jail or prison for possessing it. It is time to to stop this nonsense and legalize and regulate marijuana already.

    8. maryjanesuncle says:

      Raise your hand if you voted for Obama..then go set in a corner with a pointed hat.

    9. M says:

      get the word out via twitter. Spam out that phone number… we have forced congressmen to take their phones off the hook, we can push back on this with sheer numbers too.

    10. Joe Nickelsack says:

      Would somebody please slap me to wake me up! I’ve been having a terrible nightmare for decades now. It must be a bad dream, there’s no way this is reality,I dreamed our government can kick my door down for even thinking they smell something,I dreamed they said I can’t work anymore, I dreamed they could take my house,property,kids,car,and freedom. I even dreamed they can take my firearms away so I can’t even hunt or defend myself or family.Somebody please slap me so I can wake up from this terrible nightmare…

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