World’s Largest Drug Policy Reform Conference One Month Away

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director October 3, 2011

    The Reform Conference is just a month away – have you secured your spot yet?

    Click here to register to attend.

    If you haven’t, you should soon. Booking your travel a month out will save you money. And you won’t want to miss what former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and current California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom have to say at the Opening Plenary!

    The rest of the conference program is packed full with trainings, roundtable discussions addressing controversies within the movement, and panels exploring and sharing innovative approaches to reform challenges. Thursday evening you can stand up for justice at the No More Drug War rally at nearby MacArthur Park, hosted by dozens of local California organizations and emceed by KPFK radio personality Lalo Alcaraz.

    And the activities and highlights don’t stop there…

    Very soon we’ll be announcing three special Mobile Workshops – learning sessions that will take a select group of conference-goers out of the hotel and into the local community.

    You’re also invited to host informal Community Meetings of your own during the conference. These meetings are meant to be your opportunity to organize reformers around action plans. They take place in open session rooms in the mornings, evenings and at lunch.

    What do these Mobile Workshops and Community Meetings have in common? They’re only available to registered conference attendees – and they’ll be limited by space availability!

    So register now…and I’ll see you in Los Angeles!

    Stefanie Jones
    Event Manager
    Drug Policy Alliance

    27 responses to “World’s Largest Drug Policy Reform Conference One Month Away”

    1. TheOracle says:

      I’ll bet those bitches from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime will absolutely NOT be there!

      To look at their web site, you’d think that everything was under control in Mexico.

      Buncha fuckin’ bureaucrats sittin’ around thinkin’ everybody’s gonna just do what they want, and they can ignore all the evidence in favor of cannabis, too.

      Meanwhile, people are dying left and right in Mexico, unofficial count now over 60,000 is what Deutsche Welle recently reported.

      Buncha dumb fucks who think they’re smart getting fat on life, enjoying the Viennese coffee houses (not coffeeshops) pastries, Sachertorte, and the good life. And the sale of viable cannabis seeds is allowed in Austria!

      They are so loathesome and slothful, won’t lift a finger to get rid of cannabis prohibition.

      Prove me wrong!

    2. what we say or do………our word is not heard by the corrupted politicians whose main goal is money & are puppets paid to run this Country by the Corporations .
      Romney & Perry would be even worse than, Obama . I predict if they are elected & are both firmly against Cannabis that we would see the medical cannabis States roll back into reverse . These will be two of the biggest dictators that this Country will have ever known .Romney said on video he’s against 100% of the word ” medical ” when it come to Cabnnabis & look at, Texas . Some of the worse laws against Cannabis in the World . These liars are run by the Corporations .
      In, California………you will NOT win if your against the madical use of Cannabis or probally even the NON medical use of Cannabis .

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    4. Potimism says:

      Heres my video about medical marijuana titled, Marijuana Heals & Cures. It explains how marijuana helps with different dieseases and medical conditions.


      We can get Weed legal. If or when we fall, we need to get back up and fight harder for this.

    5. txpeloton says:

      There should be a session at the conference where they discuss the various petitions at whitehouse.gov which are about returning cannabis to the people, such as this:


    6. This is not my America says:

      Just found out another of my family memebers has cancer.




    7. Smoke n toke says:

      This prohibition is against healing because healing from any channel, Its source is GOD. As for racism , GOD likes variety after all he created it. So WE THE PEOPLE don’t be fooled for it’s a tool to divide and conquer the American people. Marijuana is a healing blessing from GOD not man. The fact that man can’t compete is their problem. Good ideas for prohibiton – there are none except its death.

    8. Corrupt? Anyone? says:

      While I wholly agree with you Oracle, the sentiment you are expressing is put very simply by an old proverb:
      “Those who are not Effected, will not be Affected”.

      This sentiment is one that has caused suffering and oppression throughout history and is the underlying reason why our politicians are so deaf to the needs and desires of their constituents.
      If wealth wasnt so prevalent in and affluence not a (unwritten) requirement of holding public office, our govt would still be a good example of what a democracy should be.

      However, their greed and selfish nature knows no limits, and pot just happens to seem more profitable to them illegal than not.

      Our govt hasnt been about the people for over 100 years now, its been all about the money and the beauracracy.

      We can take solace in that there are more people (professionals) in the fight with us now than ever before, and momentum is growing. Eventually the weight of it all will force their hand no matter their illogical reasoning.

    9. Cliff says:

      We need a public conference in every town, county and state. Be it secret or not, let it ring in tone with freedom. make our founding fathers proud. liberty has but one voice, that of real individual prosperity. when you lose that right, you make a difference or you fade away. Doing it until it is done.