This Week in Weed: Oct. 9th – 15th (Government Crackdown Edition)

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director October 14, 2011

    This Week in WeedNow streaming on NORMLtv is the latest edition of “This Week in Weed.” This weekly video series covers the most newsworthy stories shaping the marijuana law reform world.

    This week in weed we have a triple dose of bad news: the Obama Administration cracks down on medical marijuana, RAND pulls their own study on crime and marijuana dispensaries, and the Netherlands attempts to ban high potency cannabis products. Not our best week.

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    53 responses to “This Week in Weed: Oct. 9th – 15th (Government Crackdown Edition)”

    1. claygooding says:

      First they will ignore you,,then they will laugh at you,,then they will fight you and then you will win.

      By having federal prosecutors attacking the constitution it underlines the amount of corporate control of our government,because a government of the people,for the people,by the people does not trample on it’s own constitution.

      It only remains to be seen just how far the bought and paid for government of America can go before “asleep” America wakes up and claims their country back.

    2. Jeedi says:

      “If we’re not legal, nobody’s legal,” Cohen said.

      So here we have it, the feds are shutting down the whole thing. This is a disgrace that the federal government is destroying a legitimate industry, and sending it back underground. CRIME WILL SKYROCKET when this industry is totally underground and FAR MORE difficult to keep track of. These moron feds stealing t-shirts from their recent easy targets will undoubtedly change the landscape to criminal elements with guns and make their jobs far more difficult in the future they are creating. This whole thing is so illogical and makes no sense.

      Here is my theory: Attorney General Eric Holder along with the Obama administration are using this medical marijuana crackdown and the recent Iranian/Mexican drug gang foiled terrorist attack, as cover for their Fast and Furious involvement. Obama, Holder, Clinton, the DEA and the ATF might be exposed as drug dealers and gun runners; and even worse, these people might be directly responsible for arming deadly armies that could attack Americans. So Obama/Holder seriously need to change the landscape by making these agencies credible by actually cleaning up crime, instead of creating it. And they can do this with quick and easy targets — the medical marijuana industry. So they let the California attorney generals loose at this time. The public might buy it. I would bet that if Obama addresses the nation about marijuana after this, he will sound a lot like Ronald Reagan. Obama might even twist this whole thing to change public opinion of marijuana in general. The old drug war might seem like “the good old days.”

      And the medical marijuana people are soft targets with tons of assets. So the feds are stealing this property to deal with the ever growing national debt, instead of waiting for taxes to trickle in. Obama/Holder might even escalate this Iran thing into a seriousness enough of an issue to start a war with Iran to hide their alleged major drug and weapons crimes.

      This might be far worse than any of us realize. These creeps may be starting a major war to hide their crimes and the coming economic collapse of the dollar and the US economy. So it might make sense that these people are doing a pirated slash and grab before martial law is declared; because they know deep down that the economy is toast anyway. Now this would explain their actions, IMO.

    3. JJ says:

      vote for ron paul…

      plain and simple

      Norml, if not ron paul then who? please tell us who we should vote for. Obama? Perry? Hitler…i mean Bachmann….

      [Editor’s note: NORML does not exist to tell people who to vote for. If you’re a single issue voter re cannabis and believe that voting for Ron Paul is the best candidate, then vote for him, even if he happens to have little to no chance to be the GOP nominee and can’t win a general election. Gary Johnson support legalization too, but his prospects currently seem even worse than Paul’s.

      Ultimately, when the GOP nominee emerges against Obama (again, sans Paul or Johnson), the 2012 general elections may well look like the 2008 election where, unfortunately, neither presidential candidate addresses the issue at all of Cannabis Prohibition laws, which will only perpetuate the federal government’s disconnectedness on the matter of needed cannabis law reforms.]

    4. True American says:

      I AGREE…

      I applaude the ” Dutch Review “. Some of the current strains are NOT natural and are manufacture to the degree that they MAY cause harm to the user. Good old weed should be legal period; these new strainS are far to powerful to be on the streets.

      The medical marijuana movement have only themselves to blame; they have shown the same restrant as a child in a candy shop.


    5. Zuke says:

      While these kinds of setbacks are frustrating and obviously ridiculous, what about this whole prohibition thing we have going on isn’t ridiculous? It’s a damn circus…well, it would be if circuses were filled with fear, intolerance, ignorance, greed, and other dark and shameful human emotions, and right now they just have clowns, which while they might be scary certainly aren’t anywhere near as frightening as having dudes with guns come and knock your door down and often violently arrest you, before subsequently having to face our twisted, twisted justice system. Hey, I’m white though, I guess that means that the obvious and commonly reported racism in arresting and sentencing minorities won’t hurt me!

      Either way though, as I always say when it comes to causes like these, truth will always ultimately win out over those relying on ignorance to their lies in order to keep, as some would say, the “status quo”. The truth in those causes almost always end up bubbling up to the surface.

      Finally, I always feel obliged to mention that even with setbacks like these the fact is that we’ve made great strides in overall tolerance and acceptance of different lifestyles and practices as we become more and more exposed to other people outside of our little white suburban towns that consider anything whatsoever out of what they consider “normal” something to be feared and hated. Unfortunately it seems that much of the intolerance left in the world is focused in the much older demographics, and in time they’ll be gone and younger generations will come along and erase these kinds of absurd, backwards thinking laws from the past when having money meant owning people’s thoughts.

      Granted, the kinds of things that those with an extreme excess of money are capable of are embarrassing and shameful these days too, and likely always will be as that’s how greed operates, but with any luck there will be a time when information is free enough that it won’t be possible to ever pull as big a sham as this “war on drugs” has been, and I feel like if that freedom was really truly threatened, and even if people fully realized just how badly those rights can be/are infringed upon by this “war”, then I think people would actually take action.

      It’s unfortunate then that should anyone dare say something like “Did you realize how unconstitutional the war on drugs is?”, they’ll likely get a sigh then subsequently get ignored by anyone who doesn’t realize that that’s the case, so it’s difficult to really make people realize that.

    6. Ll says:

      OMG! The cops forced RAND to remove a study that showed pot dispensaries actually DECREASE crime!!!

      The cops have always argued the opposite was true, but when scientific evidence proved them wrong, instead of contemplating the truth, they suppressed it!

      My head is going to explode!!!

    7. Alex says:

      Ron Paul is the only top candidate who supports your right to medical marijuana or otherwise! Don’t vote for a shill like Obama. Clearly Obama has no respect for states rights. Do some research on Ron Paul if you are interested and don’t know much about him. He is honestly the only top candidate I trust running for office.

      Ron Paul would never raid medical marijuana dispensaries and even supports your right to use recreationally as it does no harm to others. We all know marijuana is safer than alcohol so we should never accept this type of propaganda and bullying from the federal government.

      Best of luck to all of you. Stay safe. Peace.

      [Editor’s note: All well and true…just too bad that Ron Paul has no real chance at all of winning the GOP nomination, is too libertarian even for Republicans (which means he possess an even smaller chance of winning a general election against a sitting president) and too old to seriously be viewed as a viable candidate to ever become president.

      Otherwise, sure, he is a great and a largely dissident voice for real cannabis law reforms.]

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    9. Jim says:

      I like meany others have lost faith that there will be any meaningful change in my life time…

      I think the things will spiral down to the same level as Mexico’s drug war over time. The groups who make money off of continued prohibition of drugs will control the conversation. Those of us that advocate change will be made out to be fringe drug users that only wish to harm the U.S…. Sadly I think this is our true fate…