Coming Soon: A New NORML.org

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director October 20, 2011

    NORML is getting a new website makeover! We have been working hard on developing a more modern, user-friendly internet destination that will integrate all of the information presently stored on norml.org, our two popular blogs, and our all-important membership and online donation platforms.

    We will be gradually rolling out this new platform over the next month, starting first with the brand new norml.org informational website and donation system, and then integrating all of our blogs into a unified blogging platform. With the site relaunch visitors will be able to readily find the nearest NORML chapters and legal committee members in your area with geo-targeting, conveniently find any state’s current marijuana laws, browse NORML’s immense research library, and check out the revamped NORMLshop (the brand new documentary film “A NORML Life” will be available to purchase when the page launches).

    If you have any questions about this transition, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Keep your eyes on norml.org in the coming days to see what new things we have in store.

    40 responses to “Coming Soon: A New NORML.org”

    1. somedood says:

      meh, the old website is plenty nice.

    2. Dean says:

      Wow, the new website is really modern! I like the changes! It definitely adds to the legitimacy to the campaign! Go NORML!

    3. claygooding says:

      Love the fist page,,keep it up,,thanks all of you at NORML for what you do.

    4. ron says:

      i like it. very appropriate. more user friendly.

    5. davePrice says:

      make the social parts like huffington post and keep millions on your site with lots of facebook, twitter, etc linking, which really gets the msg out! I do link norml there a bit :+)

    6. JohnInOhio says:

      I just tried to use an action link to email my congressman and it didn’t work. I am sure you’re working on it now, but wanted to make sure you knew.

    7. Looking forward to the new site, thanks for all you do to help keep us NORML in the field!

    8. Patrick says:

      Wisconsin drugged driving laws have changed you just might want to update them. 1st offence is carried for life, 3rd offense is a felony, and fines are also tripled.

    9. Donny in Washington says:

      I really like the layout! The animated banners really make the site look more professional and attractive now. In a way the site is more “fun” , LOL

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