The annual scaremongering about marijuana-laced Halloween treats begins now

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator October 28, 2011

    This weekend is Halloween, which means it is time for law enforcement to start scaring the hell out of parents about the wicked evil potheads lurking in their neighborhoods, waiting to dose their kids with pot candies!

    Somehow, THC makes people want to drug strangers' kids on Halloween.

    (KABC-TV) Halloween time is not all fun and games. Authorities are warning parents about marijuana-laced candy that could end up in their trick-or-treaters’ bags.

    Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and narcotics officials displayed a variety of candy, soda, chocolate and other snack foods Friday containing concentrated amounts of marijuana that were recently seized from local marijuana dispensaries.

    L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Glen Walsh said parents should definitely inspect the candy their children bring home after trick-or-treating.

    Walsh said a pungent smell or an odd taste can serve as indicators on whether the food contains marijuana. As for the potency of the marijuana-laced prodcuts, Walsh said the level of THC, the chemical found in marijuana, can vary from zero to over 90 percent.

    OK, so watch closely, parents.  You don’t want your kid getting a candy with 0% THC in it.  But if you find any of that 90% THC stuff, you can send it my way for proper disposal.

    For some reason, pot-leaf shaped gummis are wrong for kids, but beer bottle cap candies are not.

    How stupid is this?  First off, if there is a person out there who would intentionally hand THC-laden treats to children, they are a criminal.  They’d be just as likely to poison Halloween treats or put pins or razor blades in them.. which is an urban legend with no truth to it whatsoever.

    Second, if you are a person who uses THC-laden treats for medical or recreational purposes, why are you handing out a $20 “Buddafinger” when you could pass out a 20-cent “Butterfinger”?  You want to be so sure some kid you don’t know and won’t see gets high that you’ll spend 100 times more on Halloween candy?

    Sure, there's no psilocybin in these gummi mushrooms. There's something far more dangerous to your kids' health: high-fructose corn syrup.

    Third, the stuff the cops displayed was seized from dispensaries where you have to show ID and recommendation and kids can’t get in.  They didn’t display stuff that was seized from the Halloween bags of trick-or-treaters last year, did they?

    This weekend kids will be gorging on massive amounts of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.  Some of it is even shaped in the form of “Bottle Caps” and “Puckerooms” that resemble alcohol packaging and psilocybin mushrooms, respectively*.  (Interestingly, both made by Wonka… pure imagination, indeed!)  Parents need to worry about that much more than imaginary potheads who live for the thrill of overspending on Halloween so they can get kids high.

    *Yeah, sure, there are normal edible mushrooms and soft drinks in bottles with caps.  But c’mon, how many kids crave mushrooms and how long has it been since they’ve bought a soft drink in a non-plastic bottle?

    30 responses to “The annual scaremongering about marijuana-laced Halloween treats begins now”

    1. Cat Cassie says:

      Halloween is such a magical time for kids and adults alike. Why does law enforcement have to try and ruin it for them? They must be the most miserable people on earth.

    2. Yoni says:

      “Sure, there’s no psilocybin in these gummi mushrooms. There’s something far more dangerous to your kids’ health: high-fructose corn syrup”

      Oh C’mon Norml!

      How can you try to advocate a rational and unbiased argument for marijuana legalization when you say ridiculous stuff like this?

      In your effort to lower the apparent threat of drugs to the public, are you really gonna start pointing the finger to things as benign as sugar candy and start saying that candy is worse for our kids than psychedelic mushrooms?

      You’re committing the same crime as politicians who spew reefer madness.

      [Russ responds: American children are more overweight than ever. A diet high in calories, especially sugars, whether they come from corn syrup or cane sugar, leads to obesity. The main point I was making is that if you’re going to play the “What About the Children?!?” card, gorging on the regular candy in their Halloween bag is a more realistic threat than somebody slipping them a medible.]

    3. Brandon says:

      Plus, no child would die from the candy. No toxic overdose with THC. I would be MORE inclined to have my child accidentally receive edible cannabis rather than something with, say, antrax!

    4. David762 says:

      There is absolutely no event or venue at which ‘our’ government will fail to propagandize their agenda, including and especially harmless and non-addictive natural products like cannabis or psilocybin they have made illegal.

      Forcing our children to be vaccinated, often at a very early age, or quelling any disruption of the warehousing (sometimes called education) by loading them down with amphetamines like Ritalin is A-Okay, just so long as it is done by the State. But there is zero tolerance for children bringing aspirin or breath mints to school.

      And how many generations of children have been programmed to report on their parents to school authorities, whether the ‘transgression’ is adult alcohol use, prescription drug use, tobacco use, medical marijuana use, political affiliation, or whether there are firearms in the home?

      And yet, GMO foods are 100% safe and unnecessary to differentiate on the ingredients label, food additives like high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oils, BhT-laced milk products, meats loaded with growth hormones and antibiotics, and a slew of other products are perfectly ‘safe’ for human consumption.

      No extensive independent peer-reviewed scientific studies are necessary — ‘our’ government has gotten all the necessary assurances from the multinational corporations themselves as to product safety, including and especially Big Pharma’s line of prescription drugs.

      Would someone please remind me again about how ‘our’ government is looking after the health & safety of We the People, instead of the fiscal (fat profits) bottom line of crony corporations, and instilling a draconian Police State?

    5. Buggsy13420666 says:

      When it comes to MARIJUANA PROHIBITION, fear mongering is fear mongering. Sgt. Walsh says that a pungent smell or odd taste indicates that the products contain marijuana. How would he know about the taste of the products? Did he go from eating donuts to eating pot brownies? Must have done some ingestion of pot laced products by experimentation on his time or on the clock. The only fear I have is BIG BROTHER and the 21ST CENTURY INQUISITORS trying to enforce assanine laws on marijuana. So on Halloween night, watch out for cops trying to steal bags of candy from the children trick or treating, they may be high on marijuana infused food products they seized and looking for free munchies. HAVE A HAPPY 420 HALLOWEEN!

    6. Goofstr says:

      There are Definetly Bad People out there! Yes,there is no doubt, that this partical method of dealing with a real problem was abused for subversive disinformation. Consider the source, and shame on them for doing this to chilren.
      I remember when you could no lomger take homemade food from people you didn’t know. Then everyone stopped making anything.
      Then,the local police would scan your treats with metal detectors. Pins and razor blades were found in fruits.
      This particular holiday, unfortunetly, is a feeding ground for the very worst among us. Even if you have no children of your own. As a good citizen it is your duty to also be extra aware for these animals.
      It is also a shame that some people also take advantage of children’s minds at this time. To plant misinformation and inappropriate fear mongering for a different subject, that is also a very contraversal subject in todays society,is completely inappropiate.
      Keep your kids close and make this a safe and happy holiday. As a healthy society this should be a fun evening for kids and their familys and friends.
      I hope everybody has a chance to have a good holiday.

      Let us Never forget…May4.org

    7. Smoke n toke says:

      How about this:how about we use low potency marijuana for recreation and higher potency cannabis for medical reasons. This way our children are safe and everyone’s hopefully happy. This idea can be modified. = REVENUE!!!

    8. Douglas says:

      O boy here we go.Lets ask the cops to prove this. O that right they dont have to prove any thing. when will we fight back.

    9. Don says:

      My comment is about the cannabis related petitions on the White House website. Gil Kerlikowske has provided the response, collectively, to all of these petitions. It is very predictable… and very disappointing… They have no intention of changing any policies related to it apparently.

    10. Fed-Up says:

      In 1983 over 50 corperations had control of the Media in the USA,now i’ts down to just (((5)))and God forbid there will be even more consolidations and mergers in the future. With now more than 50% percent of the population approving of Marijuana legislation…Expect that these classic propoganda fear tactics- will only increase in their severity. it’s obvious what the demographic is that they are trying to appeal to here.