HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Raided in Amsterdam

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator November 23, 2011

    Early this morning, Dutch authorities raided the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.  UPDATE from HIGH TIMES Magazine:

    According to representatives for HIGH TIMES magazine, sponsors of the 24th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, the event will continue tonight with a scheduled concert at the Melkweg concert hall (Lijnbaansgracht 234), followed by a full day of the expo (including voting) at the Borchland (Borchlandweg) on Thursday, the final day of the competition. An additional voting station will be set up starting at 2PM on Thursday at the Melkweg, which will remain open until the beginning of the official Cannabis Cup awards ceremony at 8PM. (read more)

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    According to the East Bay Express:

    …police in Amsterdam are in the process of raiding the 24th annual High Times Cannabis Cup Expo. Possession of marijuana has been decriminalized in the Netherlands. But according to tweets on the scene, “everyone will have their buds confiscated, but no one will be charged or fined. This is the first time this has happened in 24 years.”

    We broke the news on NORML SHOW LIVE this morning and spoke with Tim Martin of John Doe Radio, who has been in contact with numerous attendees in Amsterdam, including Scott from Rare Dankness Seeds, who called in live to the show (listen here).  According to Scott, much of the Dutch concern is over the concentrates – butane hash oil, for instance – that is considered a “hard drug” in Holland.

    “They herded everybody toward one exit, like you’re getting on a ski lift at Vail… then one by one they had about 40 cops there for a little talk and search… People were dropping grams and grams of hash on the ground… baggies littering the floor… people were smoking it if you had it because you weren’t rolling out with it!”

    According to Scott there has been one arrest of a vendor who was caught with a lot of “shake” (leaves and stems) which, according to Dutch law, are to be immediately disposed of.  Other reports indicate that there were checks of individuals to ensure they weren’t violating the 5-gram personal possession limit and checks of vendors for compliance with the 500-gram vendor possession limit.

    It should be noted that none of this is precipitated by any change in Dutch law.  These limits on personal and vendor possession, disposal of trimmings, and prohibitions on cannabis concentrates have existed throughout the 24-year history of the Cannabis Cup.

    What has changed is a new, more conservative government in the Netherlands that seeks to “send a message” about cannabis use.  They began with the closing of border coffee shops to all but Dutch, Belgian, and German passport holders, claiming that “foreign drug tourism” was leading to a host of social ills.

    72 responses to “HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Raided in Amsterdam”

    1. Richard says:

      The global elitist hypocrites are at it again, using any excuse, made up “law” , Orwellian tactics, all to crush freedoms. This is why we Occupy Occupy Occupy Occupy.

    2. Chris in WI says:

      It may not seem like it, but this proves we are winning.

      The governments see the change coming and they are spoiled little children pitching one last ranting raving out of control fit.

      We are a boxer; seeing the faint hint of a crack in our opponents defenses. We press on and beat them into submission. We do not rest, we do not relent. The end is near I promise!

      Even the republican candidates are starting to come on board with us. We can do this! Make sure every candidate from every party knows the people want our rights to our own bodies back!

      I’ve been arrested for this BS before, maybe it’s your turn. Don’t be a pussy, stand up for what you believe in. If we all take a chance and take a stand we can make this world the way we want it.

      Or you can get stoned and stay home on election day and bitch about the status quo.~

    3. Kmarie says:

      TRAGIC to be sure. They have an excellent argument, however, to reduce the amount of “drug tourism”, for several reasons, global politics being one. This sounds much like an example of habitual human behavior: A few people have screwed things up for everyone. Especially those who live and pay taxes in Amsterdam! Of course, the other side of the argument is that the income from this tourism is very profitable, and other such claims as NORML members already know. The Neth.should’ve been upfront and warned the event promoters of hash/concentrate laws and possible actions including raids. They should’ve left the “decriminalized” products.

    4. Smoke n toke says:

      Does anyone remember what happens when they try to push drugs out of a country? it’s the same here, the more they push the more you lose. And when the Dutch push back, they will be overwhelmed and out of control. Keep pushing toward legalization as we all are all over the world. Peace and patients allways prevail.

    5. Brandon says:

      Hurry up and regulate the legal consumption of cannabis America!

    6. Toby says:

      The police acted like tyrants.

    7. Salty says:

      Sad to see this..but It does seems like global citizen views on cananbis are changing in a positive way. So keep your heads up people! Be proud of what you do and support..don’t let other put you down for what you do. Just remember its NORML!

    8. Salty says:

      whoops Cannabis*

    9. Mark says:

      I agree with Chris, this is just a bunch of inept children trying to win a war they lost years ago. We are progressing, more and more people hear the truth every day. but we need to keep screaming that truth. We are right. these “governments” are wrong. we just need to keep rallying that and make our voices stronger. We need to have a movement like the Occupy one- just not a movement about anti-capitalism and how you want all the money you spent on ipods back.

    10. Ryan says:

      Keep signing petitions and let them know we wont stand for this BS http://www.change.org/petitions/legalize-marijuana-4