Marijuana Law Reform Marching On: Legalization Highly Favored In New Massachusetts Poll

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director December 10, 2011

    58% support in Massachusetts for legalizing marijuana and regulating it as other agricultural commodities

    Georgetown, MA – This evening, attendees at the Second Annual Massachusetts Cannabis Convention hosted by the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition/NORML (MassCann/NORML) at the Crowne Plaza in Natick heard the major results of a live telephone poll conducted in November by DAPA Research Inc. of 600 Massachusetts voters with a margin of error of +/-4%.

    The most significant findings:

    *Fifty-eight percent (58%) support legalizing marijuana and regulating it in the same manner as other agricultural commodities with sales prohibited to underage persons (69% Democrats, 44% Republicans, 54% Other).

    *Sixty-two percent (62%) are more likely to support legalization if the proposed law would regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana to adults and tax it in the same manner as the state currently regulates alcohol (70% Democrats, 56% Republicans, 60% Other).

    *Fifty-four percent (54%) oppose the federal government disregarding state law in states legalizing marijuana, while only 35% support the federal government’s disregarding state law.

    “The data strongly suggests that Massachusetts voters are more ready than voters in any other state to end prohibition and establish reasonable regulation of cannabis cultivation and commerce for all purposes,” said Steven S. Epstein, a founder and currently an officer of MassCann/NORML. “The data also establishes that if the legislature does not enact a law allowing medical use of marijuana this session the voters will overwhelmingly, perhaps 80%+, approve the voter initiative for the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana at the ballot box in November.”

    “Legalization is essential to ending crime created by the prohibition of cannabis,” said Cara Crabb-Burnham, a member of MassCann/NORML’s Board of Directors. “It is important to recognize legal vendors will card customers and keep it out of the hands of children.”

    * * *

    For more information contact:
    Michael Crawford, 978-502-4080
    Attorney Steven Epstein, 978-352-3300

    77 responses to “Marijuana Law Reform Marching On: Legalization Highly Favored In New Massachusetts Poll”

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    2. Alexander Walls says:

      We’re gonna win this war, and I love it!

      “prohibition will never work because a market will get created that will price its products based on the dangers of supply, the more danger, the greater the price, the whole Controlled Substance Act was just an excuse that encouraged only one thing; A greater disrespect for the law.” -A friend who’s no longer with us

    3. Smoke n toke says:

      Well Missouri , where’s our backbone. We even have a bootheel for prohibitional booting in the ass for them. Come on board MO. We need dispensaries here too! we still take care of people here just need better medicine. I’ve smoked cannabis since 1978 at 13yrs and now at 45yrs old i’m still alive. Boy were’nt they wrong about personal use. So why don’t we show them. I’m perminently disabled since 2004 not dead. Just too much mileage.

    4. Silence says:

      Isn’t it crazy! We are gonna win. I just keeping thinking it can’t actually happen, but then another step forward. We are pretty much running at this point, aren’t we?

      Looks good.

    5. Michael B. says:

      This, shold not be good news. Nor, should it be sad.

      The simple fact that up to or more then 42% those polled still want the ability to destroy someone’s LIFE over Cannabis/Marijuana.

      This, is way beyond any Legal problem.

      This, is a Social problem.

      WE have slipped into a battle of absolutism. You are either right or wrong. A good balance, on issue’s with such profound effect, should go to the 2-1 vote, instead of 1-1.

      This would prevent 1-2% of the population being able to destroy the lives of 48%.

      Don’t vote for a name or a brand. Vote for what Should work, and then what Can work.

      If the poor do not bring food to the rich, they only have their money to eat.

      Watch the action’s of an individual, then listen to their word’s.

    6. Galileo Galilei says:

      The shot heard round the world….

    7. Potimism says:

      Potimism seems to be working. We need to keep truckin on until we win this war.

    8. Fed-Up says:

      ethrrience the Play-Boy effect. for perhaps the’ Jimmy Conners” of the 70’s….with or without…..The Penthouse, Experience

      I saw it on the Play-Boy channell!!!

    9. warren says:

      Let the people that like to be told when and how big a pile move to a different world.Let the rest be FREE.