President Obama: End Your War on Cannabis Patients

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director December 15, 2011

    Over the past several months, the Federal government escalated its war against medical marijuana to previously unseen heights. The Drug War machine kicked into high gear starting in October when the IRS began applying an obscure part of the US tax code, meant to target drug cartels, against medical dispensaries in attempts to shut them down. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms joined in the fight when it issued a heavy handed one page memo to every gun and ammunition dealer nationwide informing them that they must, by law, deny sales to lawful medical cannabis patients. 

    The hammer really fell when the US Attorneys for the four federal districts in California formally announced a crackdown on medical marijuana dispensing operations and began issuing memos threatening operators and landlords of these properties. Threats were even waged against news publications who ran advertisements for medical marijuana businesses. All of this in an environment where over 70% of Americans support medical use of cannabis, the country’s largest physicians group endorsed full legalization, and at least four governors are petitioning the DEA to reclassify marijuana based on overwhelming evidence of its medicinal value. Unfortunately, It doesn’t appear an end is in sight as new threats of intervention are looming in Colorado. 

    That is why today, in cooperation with other reform organizations, NORML is encouraging you to contact President Obama and tell him to end his administrations war on cannabis patients.  Click here to use NORML’s Take Action Center to directly email the below letter to the White House and tell President Obama to stand by his promise to not interfere with state medical marijuana laws.

    Dear President Obama:

    I urge you to end your war on medical marijuana patients. More than 70 percent of Americans are in favor of legal medical marijuana. 16 states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana legislation.

    At least four governors are petitioning the DEA to reclassify marijuana based on overwhelming evidence that it has medicinal value. While this reclassification is pending, your Administration should respect — not attack –state medical marijuana laws that provide patients with safe and reliable access to this medicine.

    Given the fiscal crisis our country finds itself in, it doesn’t make sense to waste federal tax dollars and law enforcement resources interfering with state medical marijuana laws.

    101 responses to “President Obama: End Your War on Cannabis Patients”

    1. The Oracle says:

      Keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized.

      If 2012 rolls around, and the Republicans get the presidency, still keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized.

      It’s about people more than politics. It’s about people more than profit of the drugs cartels.

    2. Nate Freed says:

      Why are all of you even wasting time on this topic with Obama? Really? He openly mocked and laughed at us when he first got into office and had those online questions (Top 9 I think were abt legalizing weed). Where is all the talk about Ron Paul? You know the guy that actually will legalize it and actually has a good shot at winning not only the nomination, but beating Obama. That should be the focus. Vote Ron Paul in the primaries to get him the GOP nominee and we will see him beat Obama and legalize it. Stop wasting your time on Obama. Its just falling on deaf ears.

      RON PAUL 2012

    3. Smoke n toke says:

      ”Can anybody say SCREWGED?”

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    5. Little Gypsy says:

      Sign the petition and a comment.

    6. There will be a protest in Concord New Hampshire at the Capitol building on 4/20 2012.

    7. doug says:

      Let us deside

    8. Alonzo Hope says:

      The US Drug Laws and the people who support and enforce them represent Crimes Against Humanity. The death, suffering, incarceration and waste of resources all represent one of the great Crimes Against Humanity in history. The President, DOJ, House, Senate and Drug Czar should be brought up on charges in a World court and be tried for crimes against humanity.

      Contact your representative today and ask them if they support the deaths, pain and waste of taxpayer dollars caused by the US drug laws. If they do, vote them out.
      Write to leaders of other countries like Mexico who suffer as a result of US prohibition and urge the to bring charges against US leaders for Crimes Against Humanity for not legalizing a plant and ending the suffering caused by the US drug laws.

    9. TrthAnOffnseButNotaSin says:

      For 35 years now our Federal government has provided 4 American citizens every month with tin canisters containing 300 University of Mississippi grown cannabis cigarettes.

      Our federal government also allows the pharmaceutical company Unimed(and others associated with Unimed) to profit millions of dollars from Marinol which is an extremely scientifically processed form of THC used for Aids and cancer patients. Marinol has been patented and profitable for the company since 1992.

      Yet we. The American people. Are subject to prison,persecution,harassment,discrimination, and plain old bullying from the very government that is supposed to protect our sovereign rights to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      When President Nixon put together a commission to see what steps he should take on the question of his stance on cannabis. His commission called The Shafer Commission came back with the study that none of the reasons cannabis was made illegal in the first place stand up to the truth of the plant or the science behind it and that they didn’t feel Americans should be arrested for something citizens want to do in the privacy of our homes.
      Nixon disregarded the helpful insight and set out a full scale war on cannabis which we have been waging ever since.

      With information so blatantly available to all. It is a disgrace to live in a time where our current governmental administration continues to follow the most unhealthy path of unjust laws undermining the entire structure of our freedom. Yet our government will allow the destruction of our society with promotion of alcohol and chemically enhanced cancer sticks(cigarettes) and any pharmaceutical drug approved by the FDA no matter the side affects of DEATH!

      DEATH the only thing you CAN NOT attain from ingesting cannabis no matter which way you like it.

      The question is no longer how long we will have to wait before our government will allow us to have this special and beloved plant cannabis? But when will we the American people take a stand for our deepest well know truths, rights and justices denied us by the 21st century politics of more talk and more laws?

      Now all the government officials in states that have medicinal cannabis are fighting to get the upper hand with fees more fees more fees and territories to profit from the plant they all see as a gold mine for themselves and those with clout in the system.

      America. What are we to do? There seems to be no end to the injustices perpetrated on our citizens by our very own government because of a harmless plant. America. How can we really end this crazy situation we’ve let get so out of hand?

    10. Owen says:

      I am an underemployed American. I constantly search Craigslist for part time work. I’m willing to do cleaning jobs.

      MOST of the jobs I look into require pre employment drug screening.

      For what?

      Are you, Mr. Potential Employer(paid off by the government in the form of a tax break), really and truly concerned that the joint I ADMITTEDLY smoked yesterday or last week is seriously, logically going to have some sort of effect on my potential job performance TODAY????


      Or is it more likely that I have broken an unjust and immoral law and nothing detrimental to the world happened as a result of my breaking this unjust and immoral law AND THAT YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF ME??????

      I am starting a NEW CAMPAIGN TODAY and I hope you will all join me.

      This takes VERY LITTLE TIME & WORK. I do this EVERY DAY!!!!!

      Log into Craigslist. Look for a job that requires pre employment drug testing. Reply to the job posting with your own personalized lecture on why pre employment drug testing is wrong in every way and on every levl.

      Copy, paste, repeat.
      Copy, paste, repeat.
      Copy, paste, repeat.
      Copy, paste, repeat.
      Copy, paste, repeat.
      Copy, paste, repeat.

      Get the message out there that as long as booze is legal, discrimination based on private drug use will not be tolerated.

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