Marijuana Questions Passed Over During Obama Q&A

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director January 31, 2012

    Last night, President Obama took to Google+ and responded to the questions submitted to him from the general public. Despite accounting for a majority of the top questions, the moderator never asked Obama about marijuana legalization and the president certainly didn’t volunteer any comment of his own volition.

    It is immensely disappointing that, yet again, the administration has declined the opportunity to discuss the very serious issue of ending marijuana prohibition in this country. For the ninth time, the White House has solicited the American people for direct input on the issues they cared about, and then, when the resulting answers called overwhelmingly for marijuana law reform, President Obama ignored the will of the American. Over half of the country now supports regulating and taxing marijuana; we can only hope that during the general election the issue is addressed with the respect and urgency it demands. (Alternet)

    You can read more details here.

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    1. Kyle says:

      Ron Paul will have this discussion

    2. Joe says:

      Why? What business actually profits from criminalizing an herb?

    3. fishcreekbob says:

      You got the proof or not. Time to ask(sue) about crimes against humanity and treason. Let the light shine.

    4. Capt Nemo says:

      I have been looking all day for a “News site” to print this and yet, no one has the gall to get involved. Why is this not a “News” topic people? Do we even count, if the majority is ignored about this, what else are they sweeping under the rug?

      [Paul Armentano responds: Obama’s ducking of the marijuana question in yesterday’s interview actually received quite a bit of attention from the mainstream press. Go to googlenews and type in “Obama marijuana question” for a sampling:
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      all 487 news articles »

    5. Jbkorn02 says:

      If someone were to release a nice letter everyone can print out and get everyone to mail in to the white house on the same day is an excellent idea. I know I have 5 people in my house willing to sign a letter to the president. Im sure they would go through all of them and discard what they don’t want to hear but I think its worth a try.

      [Paul Armentano responds: NORML already has made pre-written letters to the White House available here: http://capwiz.com/norml2/issues/.%5D

    6. Frank J Perruccio says:

      Marijuana was victimized by Randolph Hurst, to crush the hemp industry in favor of DuPont’s Nylon. We all know how rich they have gotten.

      Since then, countless United States Citizens, and many others, have had their lives ruined by the pointless illegalization of Marijuana.

      Prisons are overcrowded with people that have committed no real crime. Lawyers, Courts, The Prison System, and others all profit on these unjust laws. Our Government is actually profiting on our misery.

      Criminalizing Marijuana has played a major role in the creation, and enrichment of drug cartels that threaten the highest levels of government in Mexico. There has been enormous amounts of taxpayers’ money wasted, with no effect other than to create havoc.

      No rationalization you can come up with even comes close to defending the continuation of this travesty.

      This country hired you to make things right, and for the most part, I recognize that you have worked very hard to do just that.

      Legalization of Marijuana is one wrong you have chosen not to correct.

      Please stand up for the citizens who continue to be hurt every day by these senseless laws.

      P.S. I would be happy to help you to create a fair and equitable package to provide optimal benefit to the American People.

    7. Chris the Caregiver says:

      I am a legal licensed state of california mm caregiver with all valid paperwork along with my valid $166 a year state issued id card and i must tell people this.

      My 82 year old ww2/korean war vet grandfather which i have his caregiver photo paperwork on my wall proudly vaporizes for glaucoma issues. I actually gave him my old iolite which he loves! The goosebumps that i get when he tells me that he can see! Very powerful stuff!! My mother has type 2 diabetes(not considered genetic) from excessive alcohol consumption and i am a caregiver for her too and proudly have her paperwork displayed too. She eats sugar free cookies only and we make them together. She doesent drink nearly at all anymore!! She just wants to relax. This is true tear jerking stuff i must tell you.

      It’s coming and it’s coming soon people. After 3 years you realize that all it is is pollen extraction from a wonderful fascinating plant that can’t kill you ever. It’s not glamorous anymore. It’s just a very, very unique plant.

    8. bud101 says:

      Obama has been most likely threatened by the .gov mafia to not support marijuana in any way. If he says anything positive, he’s gonna be in the target cross hairs to be assassinated. That’s why he’s a chicken shit to side with it. Got to look at the big picture. there are no puppet strings to pull for him to support. right barrack?

    9. Douglas says:

      OF course he pass over it. And pleas be for every one start putting in place to read facts on wed. save us from the low level in put we see on here all the time. And if u really think he would talk about cannabis. Then u believe in any thing

    10. A Concerned American Citizen says:

      Does this call for a boycott of Google and YouTube?