WA: New Poll Shows 47% of Likely Voters Support I-502, 15% Undecided

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director February 25, 2012

    A new survey of likely Washington state voters by Public Policy Polling shows 47% percent support I-502, an initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult use. Only 39% of respondents were opposed and 15% remained undecided.

    New Approach Washington, the group backing the initiative, turned in about 278,000 valid signatures at the end of January, a little over 20,000 more than required to qualify for the ballot. Since the legislature has declined action on the initiative, it will almost certainly go before voters in Washington this November.

    For more information and updates on I-502, visit New Approach Washington’s website here.

    You can view the full poll from PPP by clicking here.

    53 responses to “WA: New Poll Shows 47% of Likely Voters Support I-502, 15% Undecided”

    1. Sam says:

      I bet atleast 10% who voted no are people who grow/sell

    2. Justin Kover says:

      This is bad news for I-502, but good news for patient protection. This bill is too flawed to pass now and fix later because it is a step backwards for patient protection.

      [Editor’s note: I-502 is not a bill, it is a binding voter initiative. In your view as a patient the initiative maybe too flawed, but, as indicated by a majority of polled voters in WA, as well as for the vast majority of cannabis consumers who don’t claim a medical need, support ending arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations–at taxpayer expense and with great and long-lasting harm to those arrested.

      Let’s hope political myopia is not a side effect ‘medical’ cannabis use…]

    3. Henry Elsner says:

      When norml posted this of facebook they commented 37 opposed, 47 supported and 15 undecided which equals 99%

      on this page its saying 39 opposed, 47 supported and 15 undecided which equals 101%

      Maybe i just don’t understand?

    4. Marvin says:

      Yes on I-502!

    5. Bobbie Tucker says:

      I have lived here in Wa. state for 15 years…when I first moved here I thought it was strange for the state to be in the liquor business….now that the liquor business is going to be privatized, why not have state run marijuana stores…

    6. Mark mason says:

      Lets get this passed tired of locking up people that aren’t hurting others what they do in there homes is not my busines
      Plus I am all for taxing it big time.

    7. Wanttocomeout says:

      Patients will only be protected when it is legal for all.

    8. Robert Stermer-Cox says:

      There is also another initiative on the ballot 1202 that has provisions for medical cannabis. With both on the ballot, I fear there will be confusion and neither will pass. Hope I’m wrong.

    9. Miguel says:

      Fact is, I haven’t met a dispensary owner in favor of this bill yet. Legal marijuana is ideal but we can’t be mad at each other unless profit intentions being intended. If 503 or another legislature passes and than growers, the people that love gardening, that speak to plants are intruded on than the bill will be a bad bill (just like what is going on now – nothing is perfect). Right now, Washington has nothing but quality bid, a million dollar spiritual industry, do we really want to mess with what is kind of working right now? Why not make that better? Anyways, nothing but respect to NORML, thank you for your best interest and mine.

    10. Calcula7ed says:

      “Researchers today are working toward elucidating the mechanism of action of the cannabinoids. Recent work provides compelling evidence that its pharmacologic effects are caused by interaction with a specific receptor rather than by influencing membrane fluidity.”(23)

      “It is clear from the available data that cannabinoid receptors do exist and that they are present in mammalian tissues in high concentrations. Particularly important factors in the discovery of these receptors, have been the detection of large amounts of specific, high-affinity cannabinoid binding sites, appropriately distributed in the brain, and the cloning of a functional cannabinoid receptor. These findings are backed up by evidence that cannabinoids show a remarkable degree of chemical selectivity and stereoselectivity, that many of them are highly potent agents, that cannabinoids can interact with certain classical second messenger systems, and that the structural and geometric features of cannabinoid molecules governing their ability to interact with cannabinoid binding sites or second messenger systems closely resemble those thought to account for their characteristic pharmacological properties. That the cannabinoid receptor is a new class of receptor is indicated primarily by the finding that its amino acid sequence differs significantly from that of any other known type of receptor and by evidence that its recognition site shows a high degree of selectivity for cannabimimetic agents.”(25)

      “In view of the strength of the evidence for the existence of cannabinoid receptors, the once held idea that the psychotropic activity of cannabinoids stems primarily from their known ability to interact with membrane lipids is no longer tenable.”(26)

      Both science and religion are in support of this and for some odd, mysterious, unexplainable reason(s) its still illegal and frowned upon. Bookocky. Own up to it.