Butte, CA Snatches Children from Marijuana Patients

  • by Sabrina Fendrick March 16, 2012


    At 8am on the morning of September 29, 2011, the Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force (BINTF) forced entry into the home of Daisy Bram and her husband Jayme Walsh. Law enforcement officers arrested the couple and working jointly with Child Protective Services, seized their children — including their 3-week-old suckling newborn, Zeus, who was violently ripped from his mother’s arms.   He and his 15-month-old brother, Thor, were snatched and placed in a stranger’s home. Neither of these nursing babies had ever been away from their parents.
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    Three weeks prior, on September 7, 2011, after a summer of watching sheriff’s helicopters fly over the area, two Butte County Sheriff’s deputies trespassed onto a clearly marked private road, maneuvered around a locked/gated driveway, and onto the property of Daisy and Jayme’s remote home on a mountain in Concow, California. They were there for a “compliance check”.

    [A “compliance check” is a convenient excuse created by local county law enforcement used solely for the purpose of unlawfully obtaining access to private homes to investigate legal medicinal cannabis gardens for potential arrest and prosecution.]

    During this “compliance check” police assured Daisy’s husband that “…everything looks okay… good luck with the baby.” The necessary and appropriate valid medical paperwork was and is in order.

    The couple has since been charged with eight class A felonies, six relating to cannabis and two charges of child abuse). After a preliminary hearing, at which Jayme Walsh represented himself and Bram, they had the good fortune of retaining attorneys Michael Levinsohn and Jen Reeder.   The child related charges, and one cannabis related charge were dismissed, leaving five remaining criminal cannabis charges. One of the most disturbing factors in this nightmare is that there has never been any attempt by prosecutors to verify the validity of their status as qualified patients in the state of California.  Both Walsh and Bram have legal state-recognized recommendations for medical marijuana.

    UPDATE [3/13/12] – Butte County Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Greeson, re-filed felony child abuse and misdemeanor child endangerment charges, against Daisy Bram (www.freemybabies.org). Daisy and her husband Jayme Walsh are medical cannabis patients in Butte County.  Their 3 week old and 15 month-old children were taken and held by Butte County CPS for more than four months, following the parents arrest for cannabis.

    Tamara Lujan, NORML Women’s Alliance Community Leader for Butte County issued the following statement:

    “Considering the felony and misdemeanor charges were dropped, and are now being re-filed after public outcry and the filing for a Grand Jury Investigation, we can come to no other conclusion except this is a retaliatory measure, from the Butte County DA’s office.”

    The outrage over this incident has driven several local residents to come forward with similar complaints regarding the misconduct of the BINTF and Child Services Division of Butte County (which leads all of California’s large counties in the percentage rate of permanent removal of children from parents).  As a result, the NORML Women’s Alliance has filed an official request for an investigation by the Grand Jury in Butte County (including a financial audit).  On Friday March 9th, the NWA, along with Butte County residents, put forward a complaint to the Grand Jury of Butte requesting an investigation into the County Children Services Division for the agency’s perceived and widespread misconduct.  The findings in the people’s request include numerous testimonials from directly affected persons, submitted herein via the GRAND JURY COMPLAINT FORMS, which specify various and detailed claims of CSD misdeeds.

    To see the full press click here.

    “We thank the Grand Jury for its time, consideration and diligence in pursing our request. Only when government agencies have proper oversight can we as a community rest assured that corruption, abuse and other misdeeds are kept in check and deterred. Together We the People of Butte County and the Grand Jury can make these necessary strides of investigation and oversight to ensure all Butte families are truly served well, and are safe and secure at home.” – Tamara Lujan (NWA Butte County Community Leader)

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    1. steven g says:

      This kind of shit makes me sick. These ass hole’s love destroying peoples lives. For a drug that makes people kind, and helpful to the world. wile I bet these same ass holes get drunk every night and drive their car all over town. Well it want be long. keep pushen people. The tables will turn. Dont know how these as holes can sleep at night?

    2. Benjamin J. Bolton says:

      This is outrageous, when government officials act in such a disgusting manner how can the public have any trust in the service that they provide for their constituents? Best wishes to the Walsh-Bram family!

    3. Jacob says:

      Just sick, just fucking sick. That police would go into a privately marked home and rip weeks old babies from their mothers for smoking a fucking joint. America’s morals are fucking wrong, and blatantly sickening. Fucking cops, get your dirty hands off our children and our fucking money you fucking dirty ass pieces of shit.

      How do I send hatemail to congress?

      (P.S. Pardon my French.)

    4. chelsea says:

      this is terrible. F*CK PIGS!!!

    5. Moss Davis says:

      We are on some kind of weird Stalin era U.S.S.R. trajectory. The populating of the Alaskan gulags can only be 6 or 8 months away. The legal system has lost all sense of perspective and judgment when this kind of idiocy is willfully perpetrated on U.S. citizens. Are we going to have to have an Arab Spring in this country? Maybe so.

    6. Tony says:

      Why do we continue to allow things like this to happen? It’s been forty years since the War on Drugs was declared, when are we going to give them the war they want so badly? If every opponent of the War on Drugs took to the streets, armed, angry, and ready to fight for their civil liberties, how long do you think it would take for the governments on all levels of this country to realize that they cannot stand against an American public that wants reform, and we’ll fight to get it?

    7. Anonymous says:

      This is total sickness . Only the Devil could be the true prohibitionists who take away children & torture you over marijuana . Look at this sickness & backwardness regarding this video .Think it’s from, Georgia . I can’t hardly believe such ignorance exsists . I was shocked to read the NORML article above & just as shocked seeing this video & it’s just over a couple of joints . This would never happen in California .http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5b6_1331917173 JH. Simi Valley, Ca.

    8. HootzMcToke says:

      AMERICA FUCK YEA… good luck to them i hope they get their kids back… F*$& the police

    9. John says:

      I think your facts may be off on the trespassing. From what I am being told, Law Enforcement doing “Compliance Checks” are not trespassing if the person is a medical marijuana patient. How else would the regulation be able to go on? I will say that the police in this instance did not handle the arrests the best. But, those police officers were not trespassing by doing compliance checks that you agree to when you become a Medical Marijuana patient in the state of California.