University of Colorado Officials Attempt To Sway Students Away From Campus’ Annual Pro-Marijuana Protest With Free Wyclef Jean Concert

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director April 4, 2012

    Update: Even the Denver Post’s editorial board is critical of the University of Colorado’s decisions surrounding their efforts to retard the annual student protest against Cannabis Prohibition laws, notably trying to coerce students through the University’s Office of Student Conduct.

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    A number of CU students and employees have forwarded NORML the below email circulated on the campus regarding the state’s flagship university’s massive annual 4/20 protest, and the attempts this year by school officials to both 1) intimidate students from participating in the very popular political rally and 2) to try to tempt them from participating by instead attending a free concert by popular recording artist Wyclef Jean.*

    Hard to know what would make for the richer irony here: No one attending Wyclef’s free concert or huge numbers of students attending the university’s alternative 4/20 activity and protesting with their cannabis use?

    *Is Wyclef and his fellow musicians actually playing for free, or, should CU students and the local media be asking questions of the CU administration on how much student tuition money is being used to thwart their first amendment activities with a supposedly ‘free’ concert?

    Dear CU student:

    As you know, your student government and the university administration would
    like the disruptive, unnecessary and unsanctioned 4/20 gathering on the
    CU-Boulder campus to end. With this in mind, please join us in taking key
    steps this year to end 4/20.

    We invite students who do not have Friday afternoon classes to attend the
    free Wyclef Jean concert at the Coors Events Center, sponsored by CU Student
    Government (CUSG) in partnership with Program Council.

    The concert is for CU-Boulder students only. Doors open at 2 p.m. and will
    close at 4 p.m. The concert is expected to end at 6 p.m. More information
    on the concert will be e-mailed to students in coming weeks, so watch your
    e-mail for upcoming announcements.

    We also want to communicate some key changes and conditions that may impact
    you or your peers on 4/20:

    — Tickets will be issued for smoking marijuana on the Norlin Quad, or
    anywhere on campus, prior to, during and after the gathering. Such tickets can
    result in a $100 fine.

    — Possession of a medical marijuana card does not entitle its holder to
    smoke marijuana on campus, and in fact can result in revocation of the card.

    — Alcohol policies will be strictly enforced throughout the campus.

    — Students who receive tickets will be subject to a review process with the
    Office of Student Conduct and if a student is found responsible, sanctions
    will be issued. Additional sanctions will be levied by the Boulder County
    and Boulder City courts.

    — The federal Clery Act requires that the university maintain a publicly
    accessible crime log. Those ticketed or arrested for violating CU rules
    and state or local laws will have their names posted on the CU-Boulder
    police website’s daily crime log, which could affect their employment futures.

    — All classes and academic activities will go on as scheduled.

    — Please do not invite friends or visitors to campus that day. Those not
    affiliated with CU-Boulder are advised to avoid the campus entirely on 4/20.

    — Plan ahead since extremely heavy traffic and long traffic jams are expected
    on Broadway due to construction and along 28th Street due to overflow traffic.
    University and City of Boulder guest parking will be virtually non-existent on
    the CU-Boulder campus and in adjacent CU neighborhoods.

    Please join the CU Student Government and the University in taking key steps
    this year to end this disruptive, unsanctioned gathering on the CU-Boulder
    campus. Your degree has value and your safety and your future matter to all
    of us who are proud of the University of Colorado Boulder.


    Deb Coffin, vice chancellor for student affairs

    Karen Raforth, interim dean of students

    Carly Robinson, CUSG internal vice president

    46 responses to “University of Colorado Officials Attempt To Sway Students Away From Campus’ Annual Pro-Marijuana Protest With Free Wyclef Jean Concert”

    1. Jeff says:

      Even more ironic….I once smoked up with Wyclef before a concert at our college, he’s a huge pothead!!


    2. NagaSadhu says:

      Alcohol policies will be strickly inforced at the Coors Beer Events Center?

    3. Galileo Galilei says:

      My generation really dropped the ball for the your generation, students. Marijuana is only the least of the offenses.

      The worst are buying the notion that deficits don’t matter and waging two unfunded wars. No other generation in history ever stooped this low.

      If your student government really is involved in this, you need to elect a new one. Don’t tolerate it anymore, but NO violence. Anyone who preaches violence is NOT on your side. Think about it.

    4. Galileo Galilei says:

      I like when they tell you pro-marjuana protest is unnecessary. I don’t think anything has been more necessary in my lifetime.

    5. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4de_1263424128

      See why here
      & find out a lot more on why marijuna is illegal by going to, Obama & pharmaceutical at ;
      LiveLeak ( no, we are not spokes persons for liveleak and have nothing to do with them )

    6. PUFFER says:

      Yes, even money is more deadly than marijuana!

    7. scott says:

      thats just unamerican….what will stop the murder machine..its insane,save a life legalize….stay safe.

    8. Jbkorn02 says:

      I hope that concert is completely empty and more people come out to this protest than ever before. Anyone in drivong distance should be there. And we should be there in force!

    9. Patricia says:

      “Those ticketed or arrested for violating CU rules
      and state or local laws will have their names posted on the CU-Boulder
      police website’s daily crime log, which could affect their employment futures.”

      These thugs makes threats like that — we’ll ruin your entire economic future over one joint — and then they expect the students they’re threatening like this to look up to them and respect them?

      What world do they think they’re living in?

    10. Mrs. Ratsrectum says:

      It could just be student activity fee money. That’s separate from tuition. They wouldn’t be lying if they said no then. Do you even know which section of the article I’m referring to? It ought to mention that students didn’t intend that the activity fee be used to fuck up their activist protest day and use of the police to fuck up their day even more. Their only function is to make sure the protest time is not violent, and it’s smoke it if you’ve got it, cops just look on and do nothing about it.

      Just try that with the same number of people partaking in booze. Yeah, bitches! You know that ain’t gonna be a piece a cake like the cannabis smoke-up activist protests. It’s a fuckin’ protest thing. They can’t very well peacefully protest behind four walls, can they?

      Just keep ’em safe. Don’t arrest them and let them have their day. My babies, my babies, just keep my babies safe!