Oaksterdam’s Richard Lee speaks out on federal raids of his university and home

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator April 5, 2012

    Oaksterdam founder Richard lee

    On today’s episode of NORML SHOW LIVE we spoke live with Richard Lee, founder of Oaksterdam University.  Click this link to hear the interview.

    Richard told me he’s doing as well as can be expected when federal agents violate your home and business.  He tells us the nature of the federal warrants that were served Monday in early morning raids.

    Richard was “treated well” by the authorities – “they didn’t even break anything,” he told us – and he was not arrested, though that possibility still exists.

    Most remarkably, Richard expressed an optimistic view that these actions will galvanize the public opinion even more in our favor for ending this tragic medical marijuana crackdown.

    Richard reminded us that juries cannot be punished for their verdicts and urged everyone to work hard to get on jury duty so we can begin to dismantle the prosecution of prohibition.

    In closing, he lamented the IRS tax charges being used against him and others in the cannabis industry.  “They can’t have it both ways,” he complained about the government’s claim he owes taxes on something that is illegal.  “No taxation without legalization!”

    Join with Richard Lee and NORML in demanding an end to federal raids.  Make President Obama keep his campaign pledge to not devote federal resources to prosecuting medical marijuana providers that are in compliance with state law.

    68 responses to “Oaksterdam’s Richard Lee speaks out on federal raids of his university and home”

    1. I just did a report about this incident. I am glad to see he was not arrested and was treated well. I read on another website he was arrested and that got me worried. Glad they didn’t have there facts straight.

      Keep fighting brother. I will be fighting right along with you, even though I am not there in person.

      You provide a great service to many people suffering from various illnesses. It sad that the government would want to keep you from doing that. I wish they could see all the good that comes out of what you do.

      Keep your head high. You have millions of people backing you!

    2. greenthumb says:




      these 2 scientific articles prove that Cannabis is not AS safe as we thought. THIS CAN EASILY BE USED TO KEEP CANNABIS PROHIBITED. It is a sad truth, smoke is bad for your lungs, period, including Cannabis. I think we should really discuss what we can do to prevent Cannabis smokers from damaging their lungs by showing these facts, and discussing options Cannabis smokers have when it comes to the dangers of “smoking Cannabis” compared to other methods, (vaporizers, edibles, etc.), unlike the Tobacco companies. This is a SERIOUS matter and I think we should make the best of it.




    3. aaron says:

      work hard* at spelling properly

      [Russ responds: Thank you so much for catching that. As you can see below, we already have a self-appointed human spell check, and you are treading on his turf.]

    4. Schuyler says:

      SO this is it. one jury on one case will pretty much determine marijuana laws on a state level? finally it will be set in stone whether you can move somewhere and completely legally smoke/grow marijuana?

    5. Gweedo says:

      “and urged everyone to wrok hard to get on jury duty”


      NORML, please hire an editor. This is the second time I’ve had to point out a typo in a blog post.

      On another note, I agree with Richard. This should hopefully create more awareness and public outrage at these types of raids on sick people.

      [Russ responds: Damn. After working 12 hours and writing 6,000 words today, I typoed one of them and didn’t catch it. I apologize for forcing you to point out a mistake – I never should have put you in such a position.]

    6. Joe says:

      These raids are really early Federal tours of medical marijuana dispensaries for finding a standard dispensary when medical cannabis is legalized.

    7. TheRabbitFarm says:

      Gweeeedo. Are you a suck ass? Suck my ass. It’s out in the back 40. You may need a bucket.

    8. Adam Ross says:

      Do you think the DEA cynically exploited public focus on Oakland shootings as distraction for raids?

      [Russ responds: No. You don’t just up and execute a raid at Oaksterdam when you hear “there’s a school shooting” on the police scanner. They’ve been planning this for a while.]

    9. If you live in Connecticut and want to end marijuana prohibition in our state, please take a minute to visit http://www.ctprimaryproject.com.

      Please pass this on to anyone you know in Connecticut!

    10. Pat says:

      Vote for Obama in 2012