US Representatives Debate Defunding DEA’s Ability to Raid Medical Marijuana States

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator May 9, 2012

    UPDATE: Full C-SPAN video of the entire debate below –“R”R

    [Update: Like previous vote totals for spending amendments to stop the federal government from spending tax dollars harassing state-sanctioned cannabisbusinesses and patients, unfortunately this vote too lost by virtually the same margins, 262-163, with 135 Democrats and 28 Republicans supporting the amendment.]

    One of my favorite things about hosting NORML SHOW LIVE is the ability to break in with live coverage of events that are important to the cannabis community. Thanks to a timely tweet from SSDP, our associate producer Kaliko Castille tracked down the live C-SPAN coverage of a debate in the US House over an amendment that would defund the DEA from being able to prosecute raids in medical marijuana states. We interrupted our replay of a video interview with Dr. Donald Tashkin to cover the news.

    I wish we would have broken in earlier to hear the remarks from Rep. Nadler and the other representatives who spoke on the issue. Full coverage of the debate should be up on C-SPAN’s website soon. For now, enjoy the remarks of Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), and Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO). Then recoil back to reality with Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) comparing medical marijuana to sex trafficking and a voice vote dominated by bellowing Republicans to kill the amendment.

    132 responses to “US Representatives Debate Defunding DEA’s Ability to Raid Medical Marijuana States”

    1. ZenShadow says:

      I don’t suppose the “Gentlemen” from Virginia is in any way influenced by the Tobacco Lobby which considers Marijuana a competitive product?

    2. Adam says:

      House Republicans, once again, standing in the way of logical and reasonable legislation intended to help the American people. The politically motivated DEA should be disbanded entirely.

    3. Ricky says:

      Fire these a-holes out of office! Fire everyone in the DEA that hates the name “Chong”.

    4. Exposure says:

      Mr. Wolf,
      How many people have overdosed from marijuana?

    5. Jon Kilburn says:

      “Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) comparing medical marijuana to sex trafficking” ???
      He not only was not logical in his ‘comparison’, but I don’t believe that he even completed one single sentence, which makes me wonder what medication he might have ingested.

    6. david c says:

      Here’s the vote.

      Hate to say it, but I’m ashamed to be Virginian.

    7. Luis says:

      help me out guys….what was Scott Brown’s (MA)vote?

    8. kmkirb says:

      Frank Wolf goes completely against the Constitution when it comes to state laws vs. federal law. There’s no evidence that smoked marijuana is harmful to anyone, so that was a flat out lie from Wolf as well as the FDA. No one has ever died from marijuana use. People do not fight nor kill from smoking MJ, they do not get addicted, nor does it cause traffic accidents. It comes nowhere near close to oxycontin that is man made and full of chemicals. MJ doesn’t compare to cocaine, crack, and heroine. There are no withdrawal symptoms. Wolf does nothing but continue to lie and keep pushing the same brainwashing rhetoric that a majority of people have always known was a lie that ever tried MJ. And to compare MJ use to sex trafficking is so abhorrent. We’re talking about humanity here with pain and suffering. If anything, he should help to stop sex trafficking, as well as to humanely help those who are in pain and are suffering. We wouldn’t have a war on drugs if MJ was legalized. There is complete scientific evidence that marijuana is useful in so many ways, but Wolf will continue to deny the people their rights. Our country used to grow hemp as a major crop for all sorts of products. But thanks to people like Wolf, they’re the ones who caused us to lose so much over the decades from big oil, out sourcing jobs, manufacturing, and so much more. He’s just another right wing-nut that needs to go. There’s so much more I could state, but my time is short.

    9. jbkorn02 says:

      When do they vote?

      [Paul Armentano responds: They voted last night. It’s on the video.
      The House defeated the amendment 163-262
      135 Democrats and 28 Republicans voted ‘yes.’ 50 Democrats and 212 Republicans voted no.


    10. smokinplenty says:

      Frank Wolf is a pathetic loser. Comparing cannabis use to sex trafficking shows that he is psychologically unfit for office. I ask Mr. Wolf, where is the victim in responsible cannabis use? NO VICTIM NO CRIME!! Cure the nations ills and DEMAND TERM LIMITS!