It’s Time for Obama to Have His “Marijuana Moment”

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director May 26, 2012

    The internet was ablaze yesterday with talk of President Obama’s youthful pot use. Which is odd, considering the only thing atypical about Obama’s high school years is how common and relatable they seem.

    Recent polling has shown support for marijuana legalization growing exponentially. Just this month, 56% of people responded in favor of legalization in a survey from Rasmussen Reports, with only 36% opposed. This is just the latest in a continuing trend of polling data demonstrating majority support for regulating cannabis. In October 2011, a Gallup poll had 50% support amongst those polled. Ending the war on cannabis consumers is no longer a political liability, it is a political possibility. President Obama should use this opening to embrace reforming our country’s marijuana laws and encourage Congress to pass laws to facilitate ending the arrest of 850,000 American citizens a year.

    It is time for Barack to get in touch with his inner “Barry” and advocate for ending this country’s war against responsible adults who choose to consume cannabis. The majority of this country is waiting for your opinion to “evolve” on this issue, this could be your chance.

    We encourage you to make your voice heard as an American voter and let the White House know this is an issue you consider to be of importance in this election. It is time those in Washington realize supporting rational reforms to our country’s marijuana laws can win them support at the ballot box.

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    150 responses to “It’s Time for Obama to Have His “Marijuana Moment””

    1. Avery Ray says:

      Legalizing marijuana is a no brainer. you have tobacco that kills over 400,000 people annually. how is marijuana illegal when 0 deaths have been reported?? Its a plant. not a pill

    2. Please follow the will of the People of this Country….We have Spoken.. Have you Listened?

    3. Tony Thran says:

      Legalize It NOW ! I am really sick and sure could use some pain relief ! I know it would help me ! It’s illegal in Iowa & I don’t want to get thrown in PRISON for 5 YEARS ! REALLY ! -Tony Thran

    4. Garrett says:

      Don’t re-elect Obama.. He’s not going to influence changes to be made to the Marijuana Prohibition. Vote for Ron Paul, cause he’s more likely to influence real and good change to this nation. He’s consistent with his beliefs and values and the knowledge of the constitution.

    5. Anonymous says:

      i had the cops raid my house and take me to jail for a bowl on a trey! now im a felon! fuck this country!

    6. jevus says:

      the war on weed is stupid! i became a felon cus i had less then a fucking dime bag! fuck this country! fuck the goverment and fuck anyone who disagrees with me

    7. Allie says:

      My Mom doesn’t deserve jail time. She deserves treatment!

    8. Dennis Allen says:

      Yes it is time for the politics put aside and get common sense issues done. Yes I Really support Obama on same sex marriages!! Now it’s time to clear the air n Cannabis for real folks. Many of Americans support this as I Hope you will as well. This has to happen,so Mny want this and We Are The People. 56% of Americans Say “YES” ! I hope you will as well. Thank You.

    9. TheOracle says:

      Well, Barry should nudge things along a little closer to the legalization end of the cannabis continuum. We’d be farther away from total prohibition and closer to legalization if the federal law enforcement agencies–including the IRS and other offices–are de-funded via this restriction and thus prevented from enforcing prohibition of MMJ in the MMJ states. Then inactive programs will go active. Other states will jump on board for the rescue. Everyone is hurting and needs the money and the jobs. TV spots entitled along the lines of “Add One More Job” featuring job openings and someone who got the job on local network affiliates just isn’t cutting it for all the people out of work who want jobs or who want to go from part-time or 2 part-time to a full-time. We need this rescue of the economy as little as it may be. Every little bit helps. Get Madison Avenue ad agencies and others doing television commercials with the weed or or the morphem/part of the word such as the wee in wheat. A wee lad, etc., with some sort of pro-cannabis subtext or background imagery or music. Get the semiotics working.

      Other states will enact MMJ laws.

      States will want control from the feds for cannabis for more than just medical but also for adult recreational and industrial.

      Politicians who know the drug war is a miserable failure are afraid it’s a third rail to advocate legalization–hard to believe as it is with the approval percentages from the polls.

      Well Barry, if you just see to it that the de-funding takes place in the automatic cuts, then no one has to take credit for it and no one has to be blamed for it. Oops, it just happened automatically, and then point out the polling in favor of outright legalization, and be, hey, we didn’t even go nearly that far, just showing some respect for patients and the states.

    10. Sharon Day says:

      It is a crime the way this Gov. has divided this country on such a vital issue. So many ppl are unable to come to decisions on their own. They depend on Gov. to be honest and lead them. The problem is our Gov. is not honest! And if ppl could think for them selves they would begin to peel the greedy layers of lies away and see the bright glowing TRUTH! And let me say this I have smoked cannabis for 40 years and have used it for my pain relief. But I NEVER even began to understand the health benefits from cannabis. It is like a pencil I could see and use the tip of the pencil but I NEVER knew there was a wealth of lead inside! That is the same with cannabis because the Gov. has known that cannabis is a 2 way health cure. The smoking part would heal only pain.. So as long as they could stop every one in the world from growing it personally they could stop anyone from ingesting it which is the REAL health benefit and no one would know! When my husband’s Veteran Doctor put on this road of medical marijuana I still thought it was just a way for ppl with pain to feel better even tho my husband was a diabetic which was why his doctor wanted him to give it a try before going on more med. he was taking 7 pills 3 for diabetics and testing 180 to 250 70 to 140 being normal. we both got mmj cards. I am a cancer survivor of 14 years and I had many other health issues. I did not want him to smoke it he is 70 and smokes cigs so I began making butter and making edibles which we eat a gram or less every night 2 hours before bed. 7 months later he is on no meds his glucose comes in between 65 and 120 he takes no high blood pressure or high cholesterol meds either NONE! Me I had a bowel disorder for 29 years no control since I delivered my son. Now my bowels are normal! Do you Mr Obama know what that feel like after going like a baby to become an adult again!! I had restless leg syndrome, leads to heart attacks and strokes, it is gone! I have had insomnia for 14 years since a hysterectomy no more we sleep like babies through the night and nether of us snore anymore either! I have lost 60 Lbs. I was 180 when we started using the butter I am 122 now just what I weighted in my teens, my 20’s, and my 30’s until they cut me! After that was when I gained more and more with each passing year. My husband has lost 45 Lbs! You can not eat mounds and mounds of food when you add cannabis to your diet! We feel 20+ years younger and we look it too. when ppl see us that have not seen us for awhile they can not believe it! and want to know what we are going! Our bodies are like being taken in reverse back to where we should be. It heals things you do not even know you have. I have a family member that has lowered her blood pressure by 40 points in 3 weeks! My mother lost her husband last year to their cancer. We should have known about cannabis oil! We should have been given the choice of cemo or cannabis oil that should have been our choice AND our doctors choice! Not the GOV and our doctors!! Now my mom could not even hold conversation she could not remember for longer than 10 min. Like every 15 min.she would ask are you hungry? she could not drive , or eat. well 8 weeks ago I moved her here to AZ got her a MMJ card put her on edibles she drives, lives alone, converses, loves to eat and can remember anything you ask her! She is now off her 5 prescriptions! Her doctor is checking her every 30 days but so far he agrees she does not need any meds! SO YES IT IS TIME FOR THE GOV. AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO COME TOGETHER ON THIS ISSUE. BECAUSE FROM WHAT I HAVE SEEN WITH MY OWN BODY AND EYES YOU CAN NOT SPELL HEALTH CARE WITHOUT THC!! IT IS TIME FOR THE GOV. TO BE HONEST WITH THE AMERICAN PPL. AND GIVE US THE CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO OWN HEALTH AND THE DIRECTION WE WANT OUR HEALTH TREATMENT TO GO! I BELIEVE OUR LIFE IS A GIFT FROM GOD AND IT IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR LIFE HOWEVER WE SO CHOOSE. IF I AM NOT HURTING YOU OR MYSELF FOR THAT MATTER THAN MY HEALTH CARE IS BETWEEN ME, MY DOCTOR AND MY GOD!!!!