NEW POLL: High Support for Marijuana Legalization in Colorado, 61% Say Regulate Like Alcohol and Tobacco

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director June 11, 2012

    A just-released statewide poll by Rasmussen Reports provides strong evidence that Colorado may likely become the first state to re-legalize and regulate the personal use of marijuana this November.

    On June 6th, Rasmussen Polling conducted a survey of likely voters in Colorado and found majority support for marijuana legalization. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed supported legalizing marijuana if it were regulated like alcohol and cigarettes. Only 27 percent of respondents are opposed to legalization and 12 percent remain undecided.

    This is great news for Amendment 64, a 2012 statewide ballot initiative to end marijuana prohibition and regulate marijuana like alcohol, which will appear on the Colorado ballot this November. Rasmussen’s recent survey shows support shifting upwards from previous polling. In December 2011, Public Policy Polling reported that 49 percent of Coloradan’s believed that marijuana use should be legal versus 40 percent who believed it should remain illegal.

    Lately, the mainstream media has caught on to the important role that Amendment 64 will play in this fall’s presidential election. This poll is just further proof of that claim’s validity. During the same time period, Rasmussen polled Colorado voters on their presidential preference and respondents were split, 45 percent for Obama and 45 percent support for Romney. Amendment 64 promises to turn out greater numbers of independent minded and youth voters in November, if either candidate embraced rational marijuana policy reforms, this important battleground state could be theirs to win. If neither does, it remains to be seen if they will lose these potential votes to the third party candidate, Libertarian Gary Johnson, who advocates for marijuana legalization as a part of his platform. The marijuana issue is one that the two major parties can continue to ignore, but they are now doing so at their own peril.

    You can learn more about Amendment 64 in Colorado here.

    You can view more data on the Rasmussen poll here.

    63 responses to “NEW POLL: High Support for Marijuana Legalization in Colorado, 61% Say Regulate Like Alcohol and Tobacco”

    1. Doug says:

      Like many people, I, too, am disappointed with Obama and his administration’s policies on drug law reform. I would vote for Gary Johnson in a moment were not for my concern that a Republican might win if the Democratic vote is too badly fractured. (ie. a vote for anybody but Obama is tantamount to a vote for Romney). The thought of how a Romney Administration might deal with the issue of drug reform is terrifying.

    2. Just a guy, guy says:

      @Paul W- Whether or not a candidate embraces a legalization policy it still highly affects whether or not a candidate can take the state. The amendment (as stated above) will likely cause a higher turn out of young voters. This means Colorado could be won or lost based on whether a candidate actively campaigns to the young voters in the state.

    3. Big rob says:

      Thus is realy good but the battle is not done yet. People of colorado I implore you, what must campain around the state. Stoners, lawyers, docters, and pepole afrade to show your true green colors must unite say, “I smoke weed and I am an american I will not hide any more” the battle has started let us not back down.

    4. Joel: the other Joel says:

      If marijuana was really hazardous, difficult to produce, and 61% approved for legalization, there would be no problem of getting it legal. The problem is that marijuana isn’t hazardous and not difficult to produce. The Feds will not have any power over marijuana or you.

    5. Ryan says:

      I honestly feel that the closer it gets to November, the more intensity this story will grow. Tommy Chong recently on tour with Cheech Marin and just announcing he has Prostate Cancer. He was due to talk to CNN about the recent news in New York laws (S&F), but instead announcing he has Prostate Cancer and will be treating it with Rick Simpsons Hemp Oil (Phoenix Tears). Now, we have to hope that he gets good BEFORES and AFTERS and can get the media on this story enough. This way when the miracle that plant is shows itself (CNN offered him back on when he was “cured”(Chong))

      If this can get BACK on air before the presidential elections… then who KNOWS which candidate will say what to get the vote. That is the problem we will still face regardless though. Will we end up with all talk and no follow-thru as we’ve seen with Obama already. Not sure I would trust him on round 2 of this debate.

      A third party candidate really needs to optimize the swing of the nation when it comes to Marijuana reform and find them their own little Super-PAC Billionaire Friends ::wink wink Sir Branson::

    6. Joel: the other Joel says:

      Continued from my last reply:

      Gardening supplies sales will be on the rise including greenhouses.

      Be a licensed seller on marijuana seeds and plant, and have the two certified on its authenticity.

      Make hemp legal with no restrictions.

      That is very close to a perfect world.

    7. Ryan says:

      There is the hope that once a state cracks the recreational boundaries, and the people of that state made it clear that state money(i.e. LEO’s of any kind) are allowed to be used for raids, etc. because it is a violation of state constitution !!!!! … then I think the feds may crack.

      The pressure coming in from Mexico to do something about our failed drug policies will only continue to climb as more and more people are slaughtered by the cartels. Regardless of who makes it into office… this topic is not going to fade away. The momentum now is growing by the minute and not backing down.

      I can’t wait for November!

    8. Bret K says:

      Isn’t it odd that Amsterdam after over 30 years of cannabis tolerance is now cracking down and trying to eliminate the coffeeshops and the cannabis culture there. Here in Colorado we are only months away from legalization that they never realized. It goes to show that it aint over until the fat lady sings. If it happened there it could happen here. Be wise Colorado.

    9. Dave Evans says:

      Doug, I understand where you are coming from. But we only get one vote, and it is a positive vote. By trying to vote against someone, instead of voting for the people with your values you end up working against your own good. The lesser of two evils is still garbage. Is garbage going to do right by your children?

      Don’t you feel it is time to reward success, not failure? Gary Johnson was a success as governor and that is what (his skills) we should focus on.

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