Michigan: Supreme Court Says Detroit Voters Can Decide On Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director June 12, 2012

    The Supreme Court for the state of Michigan has ruled that city election officials cannot prevent Detroit voters from deciding on a municipal ballot measure that seeks to remove marijuana possession penalties for those age 21 or older.

    The Court refused to review an appeal brought by the Detroit City Clerk’s office and the Detroit Election Commission that sought to strike down the proposed ballot question, sponsored by the group Coalition for a Safer Detroit.

    In 2010, the Coalition collected over 6,000 signatures from registered voters to place the measure on that year’s electoral ballot. The vote failed to take place, however, because election officials at the time alleged that the proposal conflicted with state anti-drug laws.

    This past February, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that Detroit election officials acted illegally in 2010 when they denied voters the opportunity to decide on the issue. “[Plaintiff[s] had a clear legal right to the placement of the initiative on the ballot,” the court ruled.

    The Supreme Court’s ruling upholds the Appellate court’s decision. Detroit voters will now decide on the measure this November.

    More information about this campaign is available here.

    27 responses to “Michigan: Supreme Court Says Detroit Voters Can Decide On Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure”

    1. aoneone says:

      So this year to legalize so far is Michigan and Colorado this November? What happened to California? Sheesh..

    2. kurt voynovich says:


    3. just da facts says:

      The drug laws serve the narco terrorists and no one else. Not the cops, not the citizens, not the community. Only one reaping huge benefits are narco terrorists right here in Detroit and all over America. DE-fund drug gangs legalize.

    4. F.G. says:

      Coalition for a Safer Detroit……and whose that ? The pharmaceutical & liquor industry, that’s who . Just like ” Drug free America ” their using deception wording to convince you that using Marijuana will create safety issues but it is just the opposite . It is their drugs that create the safety problems .

      [Paul Armentano responds: Hardly. The Coalition is headed by the former Executive Director of Michigan NORML.]

    5. Fireweed says:

      If Detroit were to be allowed to regulate and distribute mj for adults it would pull Detroit out of its financial hellhole and into a staggering surplus. Traffic accidents would decrease, crime would decrease, the tax base would increase. Look for me to be visiting Detroit a lot if that gets passed.

    6. […] Detroit citizens will be voting on a municipal marijuana legalization initiative in November after being delayed in 2010 by the city comptroller. Michigan: Supreme Court Says Detroit Voters Can Decide On Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure | NO… […]

    7. Ryan says:

      The legalization measure is excellent legislation. The voters will approve of it verwhelmingly. And this will play a key role in Detroit’s revival. Liberalized pot laws are appealling to the young and creative types that have been quietly returning to the city.

    8. Jayne Knous says:

      This is great news, some common sense shinning through. The drug war has got to end, it is killing a lot of people on a global level including this country. And all it has accomplished is to create a bigger & more dangerous criminal element than we had before the prohibition. It has also lead to the creation of designer drugs that have proved to be quite lethal. The drug war failed at it’s inception. It’s killing the economy on a global level also.

    9. Douglas says:

      (To Anonymous) It sure does sound like a law suit and a lot more

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