North Carolina Democratic Party Passes Resolutions in Support of Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director June 19, 2012

    Hot on the heels of the Texas Democratic Party’s endorsement of marijuana decriminalization, the North Carolina Democratic Party endorsed two resolutions in support of marijuana law reform of their own. On Saturday, June 16th, the party held their state convention in Raleigh, NC. During this meeting they passed two reform minded resolutions, one calling for the legalization of medical marijuana and one for the industrial cultivation of hemp. The official text of the resolutions are as follows:


    WHEREAS, “Medical Marijuana” has been demonstrated to be an effective drug for treatment of certain human ailments; and
    WHEREAS, Current North Carolina law denies doctors the right to treat patients by prescribing
    Medical Marijuana; and
    WHEREAS, Many states currently allow doctors to prescribe Medical Marijuana, a policy resulting in relief from pain and suffering for their patients; and
    WHEREAS, Many other treatments legally prescribed by doctors are known to be extremely dangerous when misused.
    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the State of North Carolina grant doctors the right to prescribe Medical Marijuana in the same way they prescribe other drugs; and
    BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, That the State of North Carolina legalize the use of Medical Marijuana.


    WHEREAS, in 2006, the N.C. State Legislature passed a Bill (House 1723/Senate 1572) to create an independent commission to study the beneficial uses of industrial hemp, among other studies, but there has never been any report or follow through to the study, and
    WHEREAS, American companies are forced to import millions of dollar’s worth of hemp seed and fiber products annually from Canada, Europe, and China, thereby effectively denying American farmers an opportunity to compete and share in the profits; and
    WHEREAS, nutritious hemp foods can be found in grocery stores nationwide and strong durable hemp fibers can be found in the interior parts of millions of American cars; and
    WHEREAS, buildings are being constructed using hemp and lime mixture, thereby sequestering carbon; and
    WHEREAS, retail sales of hemp products in this country are estimated to be over $400 million annually; and
    WHEREAS, industrial hemp is a high-value low input crop that is not genetically modified, requires little or no pesticides, can be dry land farmed, and uses less fertilizer than wheat and corn; and
    WHEREAS, the reluctance of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to permit industrial hemp farming is denying agricultural producers in this country the ability to benefit from a high value, low-input crop, which can provide significant economic benefits to producers and manufacturers; and
    WHEREAS, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has the authority under the Controlled Substances Act to allow this state to regulate industrial hemp farming under existing laws and without requiring individual federal applications and licenses.
    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That N.C. Democratic Party urge legislators to recognize industrial hemp as a valuable agricultural commodity; to define industrial hemp in Federal law as non-psychoactive and genetically identifiable species of the genus Cannabis; to acknowledge that allowing and encouraging farmers to produce industrial hemp will improve the balance of trade by promoting domestic sources of industrial hemp; and to assist United States producers by removing barriers to State regulation of the commercial production of industrial hemp; and
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we urge the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to allow the State to regulate industrial hemp farming under existing state laws and regulations, or those to be passed, without requiring federal applications, licenses, or fees; and
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Secretary of State shall forward copies of this resolution to the President of the United States, the Attorney General of the United States, the Administrator of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the United States Secretary of Agriculture, and to each member of the state’s Congressional Delegation.

    Source: North Carolina Democratic Party 2012 Resolutions

    When politicians long considered opposed to marijuana law reform, such as those in Texas and North Carolina, openly endorse rational marijuana policy measures, you have to ask yourself: Just how many more dominos need to fall before our federal politicians finally wake up and end our country’s war on cannabis consumers? At lest one thing is certain, however, and that is all the momentum is behind reform and these recent victories for sensible marijuana laws are only just the beginning.

    49 responses to “North Carolina Democratic Party Passes Resolutions in Support of Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp”

    1. Dayadog says:

      Perhaps these are trial balloons for Mr O. Rahm is his best friend, Rahm likely talked to MR O before this move. This looks like a coordinated rollout before Mr O makes his move or statement.

    2. teddybear66foru@yahoo.com says:

      I have wondered for many months now how long it would take for Democrats to begin this. I am glad it wasnt false election lies just to get a vote.
      WE WIN.

    3. Ziggy says:

      Anyone know when Doctors will be able to put this into effect?

      [Paul Armentano responds: To clarify, these measures are resolutions only. This is not the equivalent of enacting legislation. This is simply a symbolic statement of where this particular party stands on these issues.

      Medicinal cannabis legislation has been introduced in North Carolina but has yet to be heard by lawmakers. See:


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    5. A Keeper says:

      Amazing, yet expected outcomes.

      I’m so glad I’m moving to NC in a few weeks!!!!!

    6. Human says:

      O great, natural fibers and paper from trees that don’t require chemicals to break down cellulose and end up in the rivers then the drinking water. O HELL NO not a plant that scrubs 5X more carbon per acre then the forest and grows almost over night. Dupont, Sierra Pacific, Dow Chemical, big Pharma, the private for profit prison industry, Exxxon, mobile fossil fuels and Monsanto will have the last say in this. We are not a democracy or a country, Their vote is much more important then ours.

      Did any one tell you Hemp is smelly and “Hemp fumes” can turn any one into a raving mad person?

      Its not billion like cannabis this debate is over ~TRILLIONS~ of dollars. God forbid we build affordable homes and infrastructure, we need our people as much of a slave mentality as possible.

    7. Brandon Boucher says:

      if anyone read my comment in the texas article yesterday, you will see now that my head has exploded and am officially blown away…

    8. Brandon Boucher says:

      just one more thing.

      it will be a bright and sunshiny day when all of these terrible tobacco plants around here are replaced with beautiful acres of hemp!

    9. Bradson says:

      Love those whereases.