MUST WATCH: Rep. Jared Polis Destroys DEA Administrator During Congressional Hearing

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director June 20, 2012

    Representative Jared Polis (D-CO) made some must watch reform video today when he grilled DEA Administrator, Michele Leonhart, over the relative health impacts of marijuana versus other drugs. Rep. Polis has been an outspoken advocate of marijuana legalization and was given the Rufus King, Sr. Award For Outstanding Public Leadership in the Field of MJ Law Reform at NORML’s 2011 Conference in Denver, at which he was also the keynote speaker.

    Click play below and watch pure drug war idiocy in action. Leonhart’s inability to answer simple questions would be humorous if the consequences of her position weren’t so tragic.

    162 responses to “MUST WATCH: Rep. Jared Polis Destroys DEA Administrator During Congressional Hearing”

    1. Linda says:

      Amazing, I love the way he would not let up, but she continued to refuse to answer, because she knew she was back into a corner.

    2. Tristan Childress says:

      Why won’t she just say yes or no? Does she REALLY not know? I just can’t believe that she doesn’t know. I’m glad this is out in the public, because she obviously doesn’t understand what her job entails

    3. Phil Traver says:

      This is a head administrator for the DEA? how did she get her job? on her knees? she knows nothing and she was elected or appointed this job? does she actually get paid to be such a dumbass?

      [Paul Armentano responds: Michelle Leonhart was appointed by Obama and confirmed unanimously by the Senate to be head of the DEA.


      She was initially promoted to be DEA interim director by under the G.W. Bush administration.]

    4. Yvonne Reyes says:

      is marijuana a worse than Hydrocodone? lol

    5. Dwight says:

      Just Dumbfounded…..Is all I can say.

    6. Eric Eckenberger says:

      I am 24 years old and I am a double amputee. My right leg was amputated 6 inches below my right knee and all of my toes on my left foot were also amputated following an accident in June of 2008. I was dangerously addicted to morphine due to this accident and I suffered for weeks when I stopped taking morphine due to it’s addictive properties. I began to smoke marijuana as an alternative and today I am no longer taking ANY pain pills, I do not even take Ibuprofen. I snowboard, ride BMX, and wakeboard but all of these activities would be extremely difficult to do efficiently if I was tired and under the influence of prescription pain killers. Marijuana brought interest back to my life and allowed me to be happy instead of tired, addicted, and depressed. I also come from a community where a lot of citizens are addicted to heroin, coke, crack, oxy contin, vicodin, meth, and more. I have lost countless number of friends due to death caused by overdoes of these drugs. I know for a fact, from personal experience, that marijuana is not nearly as addicting as any of these drugs. I can go days / weeks without marijuana consumption without throwing up, having cold sweats, or any other ill feeling brought on by addiction. When I get older and have kids, I know they will explore with drinking and possibly other drugs. I much rather have my future children stumble upon a medicine cabinet feel of marijuana instead of a medicine cabinet full of pain killers.

    7. Daniel says:

      God this blows my mind. I feel a mixture of satisfaction at Polis’s humiliation of Leonhart but at the same time it pisses me off that we have this level of ignorance in the top ranks of our government.

    8. Sam says:

      The reasons they don’t want it available is because of their job performance. It makes people think or what they call paranoid of their government and I don’t know why. They know if people of affluence on a larger scale took it to relax and started getting more involved in the political process it would cause them to lose there jobs. I mean a blind man can see our countries never ending spending is going to be our demise, but sometimes a movement caused by an awakening of our citizens to the flaws of our current system of incarcerating the largest percent of per capita our population of any country in the world at an accelerated rate on a maxed out credit card with a 29% interest rate from china isn’t going to bode well for any of our retirements except for the jailers and China. They don’t want a repeat of the 60’s, and they know that is what will happen

    9. JAY says:

      Polly wanta cracker, Polly wanta cracker.

    10. Is this woman a complete idiot, or just a brainwashed figurehead? She has no thoughts of her own? No wonder they picked her to run the DEA.