Pelosi: I Support Congressional Efforts to Recognize the Medical Benefits of Marijuana

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director July 11, 2012

    US Representative and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) today reiterated her support for the legalization of medical cannabis and called for congressional efforts to recognize the plant’s therapeutic efficacy.

    Speaking to Raw Story, Rep. Pelosi said, “I have long supported efforts in Congress to advocate federal policies that recognize the scientific research and clinical research demonstrating the medical benefits of medicinal marijuana, that respects the wishes of the states in providing relief to ill individuals, and that prevents the federal government from acting to harm the safe access to medicinal marijuana provided under state law.”

    “I’ve been very clear on the subject of medical marijuana over time,” she said, “in committee and on the floor as leader.”

    Pelosi told Raw Story and other bloggers in attendance at the round table that she believed congress should take action on the issue. Speaking to this point she stated, “I think that it would be really important to do that [address medical marijuana in congress]. It would be hard for anyone to agree with the fact that someone who has HIV/AIDS or has cancer and they find relief from pain in medicinal marijuana that should be something that should be a priority to raid on the part of the Justice Department. Going along with that, we need to address some of the penalties for any non-violent crime that are out there.”

    With prominent Democrats such as Representative Pelosi, Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, New York Governor Cuomo, and the Democratic Parties in a growing number of states getting behind marijuana law reform, you have to wonder how long until President Obama realizes his drug policy has fallen out of touch with not just the electorate, but his own party.

    You can read more in-depth coverage of the blogger roundtable, along with comments from other legislators on the marijuana issue, by clicking here.

    56 responses to “Pelosi: I Support Congressional Efforts to Recognize the Medical Benefits of Marijuana”

    1. mark b. says:

      Yea RIGHT!!! BS. If I want to smoke to calm down or for any reason I should be able. Even for just pure relaxation. I don’t like booze. Or beer. Or wine.

    2. claygooding says:

      It does not matter if Pelosi supports congressional action on mmj,,the Republican’ts are too busy trying to make sure Obama isn’t re-elected and the Demowon’ts are too busy kissing unions and corporate asses.

    3. claygooding says:

      PS: Johnson/Gray support in the polls will force both parties to defend their “drug war” on national television,,for the first time ever.

    4. Mark says:

      Remember folks, it’s an election year…

    5. southernman says:

      I am a republican and support total legalization, so please don’t generalize general….

    6. Warren says:

      I have legitimate reasons for using MMJ and I have also been smoking it recreationally for 25 years. I don’t see how it is anyone’s business that I have been using something for 25 years that has caused me no harm. How many 25 year drinkers and smokers are now in the cemetary? You won’t find any who are there for pot.

    7. Cameron says:

      This can only hurt the image of cannabis. This woman is a pathetic disgrace.

    8. Ryan Cal says:

      It’s great that the Dem leadership is starting to warm up to sensible marijuana law reform, rather than embracing prohibition wholesale. They realize that sensible drug policy is a winning issue with their base. Particularly young people that have liberal attitudes about cannabis, and minorities that are disproportionately arrested for possession.

    9. Ll says:

      When Pelosi had the power to act on this issue, she passed. When Pelosi had the chance to co-sponsor HR-1983, she passed.

      It’s only when she is approaching another election that Pelosi suddenly wishes she could vote to ease Prohibition. Don’t believe her. When the 2012 vote is in her rear view mirror, she’s going to forget this issue again.