Help Needed: Feds Seek To Silence Silver Tour’s Robert Platshorn

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director August 1, 2012

    Here is yet another example of a federal government that will twist and turn in the most constitutionally offensive manner to continue to justify Cannabis Prohibition. In a country with a sacredly held First Amendment and a self-evidently failed public policy like seventy-five years of Cannabis Prohibition, trying to silence a citizen—who spent nearly thirty years of his life behind the government’s prison walls for Cannabis Prohibition-created ‘crimes’—from both criticizing the now unpopular government policies surrounding cannabis and prohibiting him from educating willing senior citizens (and even American Bar Association members!) about cannabis as a safe, affordable and efficient (and in 17 states and the District of Columbia legal) alternative medical option to conventional pharmaceuticals (which are often dangerous and expensive as compared to naturally occurring cannabis).

    This is just patently wrong.

    Thankfully, led by NORML Legal Committee members Michael Minardi and board member Norm Kent, Robert has very aggressive and competent legal assistance to regain his freedom of speech. But, Robert indicates a need for us all to contact the U.S. Parole Commission and ask that they respect Robert Platshorn’s ability to speak and travel freely in America without fear of federal government reprisals.

    This man has done his time, he is not breaking any laws, he believes that Cannabis Prohibition policy is bad public policy, people want to hear him speak based on his life’s experience with the policy. In America, no citizen should fear talking publicly to other citizens about public policy, most especially failed and unpopular ones.


    Please get the word out as wide as possible about the federal government trying to stop me from exercising my First Amendment rights to talk publicly about the public policy of Cannabis Prohibition. I was to speak before the national convention of the American Bar Association on Aug. 4th. It would have been a milestone for ending cannabis prohibition. And then the call came, “You are not to travel to promote legalization of marijuana without the express permission of the U.S. Parole Commission in Wash. DC.” This is not a legal condition of parole. It’s a First Amendment violation. If you value your right to free speech, read, act and share. Make a phone call for freedom.

    Robert’s federal parole officer, Scott Kirsche, phoned and rescinded his ability to travel to speak to a premiere gathering of American lawyers, prosecutors and judges; a prime public audience, a group of citizens integrally involved in the machinery of Cannabis Prohibition law enforcement extend an invitation to be educated by a citizen ill-effected by an unpopular public policy, and the federal government moves to stop this transfer of human-to-human information.

    This is so wrong for so many reason.

    Talk about the ‘genie being out of the bottle’, as Robert Platshorn’s crusading educational campaign to south Florida seniors about the need to reform cannabis laws has already been prominently featured in major news outlets over the last three months including the Wall Street Journal, NBC affiliate in Miami and soon to air Comedy Central Daily Show feature that is going to rightly ridicule the federal government for trying to silence Robert Platshorn.

    Think the feds are feeling heat on ending Cannabis Prohibition? You bet when they try to stop people from simply talking about the failed public policy.

    Kirsche to Hirshorn:

    “I am ordered by my superiors [Reginald Michael and Frank Smith] to inform you that your permission to travel to Chicago is rescinded and you cannot travel to promote the legalization of marijuana without the permission of the U.S. Parole Commission in Washington D.C. You must request their permission directly.”

    Correspondence to the U.S. Parole Commission may be sent to:

    U.S. Parole Commission
    Isaac Fulwood, Jr., Commissioner
    90 K Street, N.E., Third Floor
    Washington, D.C. 20530
    (202) 346-7000 (p)
    Media Contact: USPC.media@usdoj.gov

    46 responses to “Help Needed: Feds Seek To Silence Silver Tour’s Robert Platshorn”

    1. Retired Navy says:

      He should skype his presentations.

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    3. Brad says:

      What’s the chances we can video conference him into the conference so he can still be heard? I think we could raise enough money in a day or two to fund that… just need a TV, PC and internet connection.

    4. Joel: the other Joel says:

      Let Robert Platshorn speak!

      He’s the real expert on the affects of public policies caused by the Cannabis Prohibition.

    5. Douglas says:

      This should be sent to all right wing radio talk show . Since they are all ways crying about how we are losing our first amendment lets see what they will do. Ant way this just show yall what I have been preaching about soon marshal law will happen on us.

    6. sam says:

      I need a puff

    7. Patrick says:

      Called, Semi rude lady answered.

    8. Sam says:

      Can’t we get him on a projector and a webcam so he can still speak remotely?

    9. Sam says:

      I think the silver tour continuing from home, on a projector and a 2 way webcam would raise more attention to not only the violation of first amendment rights, but also make the major news and could be chalked up for a win for legalization. I mean that would really piss off alot of Americans, about our overbearing big brother. Would turn alot of votes for us

    10. Sheila Janca says:

      Without even stating my personal feelings on cannabis legalization, regulation, and taxation (oh, I think I just did)… this is about our FREE SPEECH in OUR Constitution! Does this matter to you anymore…or are you throwing it out JUST to further your own prejudiced agenda?! This law-abiding AMERICAN, proud wife of a retired military veteran of 26 years…. is SICK and TIRED of our citizens being treated like CRIMINALS when we have REAL dangers out there… VIOLENCE and HARMFUL DRUGS, not plants…. Stop abusing YOUR POWER, our Constitution, our Citizens, our FREE SPEECH, our ability to make RESPONSIBLE decisions without MOMMY and DADDY’s permission. YOU are the ones that FORCE us to use your FDA man-made chemicals that are constantly being recalled after being approved as SAFE!!! This has never, NEVER been an issue with cannabis. What is the problem… is the tobacco industry STILL that deep in your pockets?
      People like you should not be in a place of authority, especially on this issue. Are you a chemist, a politician….ABUSE OF POWER. If he is not LEGALLY violating his parole (not “legally” as in making something up), leave him alone! He has served his “time”, and you have harmed our economy long enough with your wasting of our tax money throwing “innocent” or “LOW risk” citizens in PRISON! People such as Robert Platshorn, I’d vote for him as President…. doesn’t seem like our current one can keep his word on leaving LEGAL, CARD-CARRYING medical marijuana patients alone (yet, he lives in a district where no one messes with them…odd…). If they legally have a card… hear that word? LEGALLY! Leave them alone!!! I’m sick of the double standards, and for keeping my mouth shut as I see our freedoms RAPIDLY falling away. STOP IT! Please.