NAACP Endorses Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 64

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director August 23, 2012

    This morning, the Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana conference of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) endorsed Amendment 64, a Colorado ballot initiative that aims to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. This adds to the growing list of organizations getting behind the ballot measure, which already includes groups such as the Democratic and Libertarian Parties of Colorado, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, and the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition.

    Speaking in support of the endorsement, conference president Rosemary Harris Lytle stated, “In ending the prohibition against adult use of marijuana we might affect mass incarceration and its disproportionate impact on African-Americans and other people of color.”

    The latest polls show growing support for Amendment 64 among Colorado citizens, particularly driven by an influx of support from independent voters. When first polled in early June, a Public Policy Polling survey had support for the initiative at 46% to 42% opposed. In early August, PPP conducted their first survey of “likely” Colorado voters, and the spread had increased to 49% support and only 40% opposed. During that time, independent voters moved from 49% support and 40% opposed in June to 58% support and 28% opposed in August.

    Learn more about Amendment 64 by visiting the campaign’s website here. You can also learn about all the other ways marijuana law reform comes into play during the 2012 election by reading NORML’s online voter guide “Smoke the Vote.”

    21 responses to “NAACP Endorses Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 64”

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    2. St. Nick says:

      Keep on tokin’! Pink Floyd Peace Love Happiness. 420

    3. Blazed Husband says:

      LOL can’t wait. Should of been like this in the 1st place. Alchohal is killing people they should really switch the 2 around don’t ya think… plus its nassssstttyyyy i don’t care what anybody says.. your tasted buds are fucked!

    4. […] amount of needed signatures to place the issue on upcoming the November ballot. The Colorado state surge for marijuana legalization and reform grabbed an endorsement from the reputable NAACP the other day once the local branch of the group […]

    5. St. Nick says:

      yeah, you need to make jello shots to get around the taste. Alcohol IS the WORST DRUG: It damages your body liver. You can overdose off it (die), it’s addicting, it “numbs” you from life, maybe it’s worst characteristic, you can get hangovers, vomit, start fights, and drive drunk.

      Pot has mostly ALL GOOD qualities except you cough more and could get phloem from smoking it… Vaporize or eat it. Yes, first timers CAN have a bad trip/time. If it was legal there goes a lot of paranoia and we could smoke with psychiatrists and psychologists or spiritual advisers or any comfy place you want that would lessen the bad times BIG TIME. Plus, how many good medical uses does it have? 420?

      People can see what hypocritical laws we have. You reap what you sow… In our case it’s good times and lots of Pot. 🙂

    6. Dave says:

      Blazed, alcohol does taste like crap, which is why people should stick with low percentage drinks that actually have flavor. Like well created beers. It seems like we turn everything into some low grade, unhealthy verison thereof. American Cheese, one of the most unhealthly cheeses to eat, you know the one we give our kids all the time. Grow your pot like crap, that’s what you’ll get. Brewed for just the alcohol without favor or nutrient: Coors, Busch, Olde English 800, St. Ides. These brands make terrible beer and this “stuff” shouldn’t even qualify as beer. Think about, some of these beers come with a system to let you if it is cold enough for you to be able no to taste it; ’cause that would be bad.

      The only reasons to drink these wretched brews: you’re at a party and you don’t want to be rude or you’re an addict.

    7. Michael Miller says:

      Mankind, through it’s use of propaganda and ignorance by word of mouth, has given marijuana an undeserved unfavorable image considering it is perhaps the most useful plant on this earth.

    8. Mark Stewart says:

      Excellent! Keep walking with the spirit Freedom Fighters.

    9. darrell says:

      pot was put here by god for the good of it so i say lets make it happen

    10. Michael says:

      Good idea! Since 10% of people who use pot become addicted to it, and 16% of people in rehab are their for marijuana addiction, we’ll have more African Americans addicted to a drug. Good thinking.

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