POLL: MA Voters Overwhelmingly Support Ballot Question 3 to Allow Use of Medical Marijuana

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director August 23, 2012

    Survey data just released by Public Policy Polling shows Massachusetts’ medical marijuana initiative, Question 3, with an overwhelming lead amongst likely voters.

    From August 16th to the 19th, PPP surveyed 1,115 likely Massachusetts voters. The question wording and results are as follows:

    Question 3 would eliminate state criminal and civil penalties for the medical use of marijuana by qualifying patients. If the election was today, would you vote yes or no on Question 3?

    Yes 58%
    No 27%
    Undecided 15%

    Read more from PPP here.

    This is an upward trend from previous polling, taken in late March, that had support for the initiative at 53% and opposition at 35%. If these numbers hold up, it is all but assured that Massachusetts will join the list of 17 other states that provide legal protections for patients using cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

    Stay up to date on marijuana in the 2012 election by visiting NORML’s online voter guide “Smoke the Vote” here.

    26 responses to “POLL: MA Voters Overwhelmingly Support Ballot Question 3 to Allow Use of Medical Marijuana”

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    3. St. Nick says:

      They didn’t poll everyone either. Most of the stoner population is in their homes, getting high, enjoying living.

    4. Chris P. says:

      Massachusetts is a done deal decriminalization passed 2-1. Would be interested in seeing a poll in Arkansas if were winning there then thats a great a sign.

    5. claygooding says:

      Onward,,,thru the fog!!!!!

    6. adam says:

      Massachusetts is not a “done deal”, and decriminalization is a misnomer, as selling, growing, and possession of any amount over an extremely low and arbitrary limit are still crimes.

      Anyways, hope they pass it, but it probably won’t mean much. 17 states have medical marijuana laws, but several of those have meaningless laws. Hawaii, for example, has a law so strict and convoluted that it provides almost no protection for most people with medical needs.

    7. MetroWest says:

      Been waiting for this!!

    8. The more people are being informed and finally putting two and two together finally realizing that legalizing marijuana is only going to bring positives!

    9. The Dude says:

      Yes! I vote in Mass. Woohoo! That’s exciting news. Job job, everyone.

    10. The Dude says:

      Oops..Good job, everyone!