Presidential Nominee – Federal Agent – and Musician to Campaign for Pot at Democratic Convention

  • by Sabrina Fendrick August 29, 2012

    Charlotte, NC: On Tuesday, September 4th at 5:30 pm, during the Democratic National Convention, North Carolina NORML will be hosting Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, former special agent Jamie Haase, and southern rock artist Greta Gaines as they speak on behalf of the organization to raise awareness and support for ending marijuana prohibition.


    The chapter issued the following statement:

    “The North Carolina chapter of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws is excited to have such an esteemed group of individuals speak on behalf of the marijuana movement at this politically symbolic event, and especially during such a historic time in our fight for legalization.  Marijuana prohibition continues to feed a violent criminal economy and waste precious tax dollars.

    Legalization could generate approximately $10 billion annually in tax revenue and law enforcement savings.  Seventeen states, along with the District of Columbia, have already passed pro-marijuana legislation. With Colorado, Oregon and Washington all voting on legalization initiatives this November, it is more important than ever that we bring as much attention to this issue as possible.”

    Event Information:

    Date: September 4th at 5:30pm.

    Location: Speaker’s Podium (The corner of E. Stonewall Street and S. Caldwell Street in uptown Charlotte) 

    About the Speakers:

    Gary Johnson: The former Governor of New Mexico, Mr. Johnson is the current Libertarian candidate for president in the 2012 election. In the marijuana discussion, Mr. Johnson believes that by making the plant a legal, regulated product, we can restrict availability, curtail underage use, and reduce the legal costs associated with prosecuting marijuana offenders.

    Jamie Haase: As a former ICE Special Agent, Mr. Haase brings a unique perspective to the conversation of marijuana reform. Having worked as a federal agent along the Mexican border, he’s been involved in multiple narcotics investigations. In 2011, he resigned from the United States government to become an advocate for marijuana legalization. He is now a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

    Greta Gaines: Ms.Gaine’s career has crossed the entertainment industry in many forms.  She performed with Sheryl Crowe and Alanis Morissette on the Lilith Fair tour, hosted her own show on the Oxygen network, Free Ride with Greta Gaines, for three years and worked as a correspondent on ESPN2.  She has also produced four albums as a southern rock musician.  In 1992, Gaines became the first winner of the Women’s World Extreme Snowboard Championship. Currently, she serves on the National NORML Board of Directors and is actively involved with the NORML Women’s Alliance.

    43 responses to “Presidential Nominee – Federal Agent – and Musician to Campaign for Pot at Democratic Convention”

    1. Derik D says:

      I am voting Gary Johnson for Prez, now that Ron Paul is out. Real reform, not empty rhetoric.

    2. Chris in WI says:

      It sucks people are willing to throw away their votes. Obama isn’t a sure bet, but he’s the most realistic candidate to legalize in his 2nd term. But what do I know? I only watch the news 100 hours of news a week.

    3. Tim Hurley says:

      I sure hope Mr. Gary Johnson have working on his speech to listen to him.
      If it will be? god I hope it is truth, get tired of being a lier.
      All I want is true.
      Then I,ll vote him if he don,t lied like Obama.

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    5. Cat Cassie says:

      I’ll be watching. I wonder if Obama will be watching too? Thanks for the info Norml.

    6. It is great that these individuals are helping spread the word for decriminalization and legalization in NC! They need to keep putting these kind of speakers in seminars all over the country!

    7. Douglas says:

      Thank u for having Ms Gaines she has class.

    8. kane says:

      Get it legalized this November N.O.R.M.L.

    9. Fireweed says:

      Didn’t Obama say that legalizing mj was a “second term question?” I say smoke the vote and vote for Obama and just keep banging the legalization drum. If not by Obama, then by one state after another we’ll see this wall torn down!