Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan On Medical Marijuana: “I Support States’ Rights”

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 7, 2012

    In a clear departure from his more socially conservative top-of-the-ticket running mate Mitt Romney, vice presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan, in an interview this afternoon on KRDO in Colorado Springs, when confronted with a question about whether or not he supported patients in Colorado having legal access to cannabis for medical purposes, Ryan said that although he personally opposes medical cannabis use he would defer to the judgment of each state to make up its own mind on the issue.

    Watch KRDO video here.

    Of course, Representative Ryan’s public policy position, as articulated here, is not much different in scope or tone from what George W. Bush and President Barack Obama claimed too when running for president, only to commit significant Department of Justice resources in closing down hundreds of otherwise lawful, state-compliant medical cannabis dispensaries.

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has historically opposed any legal access to medical cannabis and rejects states’ efforts to create policies different then the federal government’s. At the 2:35 mark in the video capture below from an interview Governor Romney gave to a Denver TV station during the primaries, he not only affirmed his opposition to even medical access to cannabis (which approximately 75% of the American population supports), but is equally dismissive of states’ efforts to come up with alternative public policies to that of the fed’s abject failure.

    Looks like Romney and Ryan are not exactly two cannabis seeds in a pod…

    72 responses to “Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan On Medical Marijuana: “I Support States’ Rights””

    1. Mike Daneson says:

      How naive can you be? Can’t you recognize a trial balloon when you see one? If Romney/Ryan did choose to play the states’ rights card, then they do what Obama should have done, without alienating the socially conservative far right.

      I know you’d like to think that Obama has to be more reasonable one on this issue, but Obama/Holder need to deflect from the administration’s monumental screw-up on Fast and Furious by getting tough on weed. As ridiculous as that may be.

      Geez, you’d think that the president of a national marijuana reform group would be at least somewhat politically savvy.

    2. Joel: the other Joel says:

      Paul Ryan was just trying to get extra votes for Mitt Romney by making those States rights speeches that everyone likes to hear.

      It’s going to get ugly when November 6th gets here.

    3. Joel: the other Joel says:

      Audit the Feds!

    4. Anonymous says:

      Mitt Romney, a man with the charm of Newt Gingrich and the intellect of Sarah Palin.

    5. somedood says:

      What a pussy answer.

    6. skunkyfingers says:

      Well written Allen. All the facts given. It’s unfortunate Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith would NEVER allow marijuana for ANY reason. Mormons believe marijuana is Evil and against God, and ANY one who uses marijuana for ANY reason are against God. Search—– did JESUS use marijuana, and links will show you the versus where JESUS did in FACT use Cannabis Oils made from ONLY the biggest TOPS of large Cannabis Flowers as anointment oils and for spiritual rituals for the highest ranks and those closest to JESUS within his circle. They didn’t smoke marijuana, they rubbed the raw super strong oils on their skin as anointing oils so they could be close to God. They were tripping balls man!!! God says that JESUS is as he himself is, which makes him God also, therefore,it is written that God also being JESUS used marijuana. It’s funny how some people can stand against marijuana when God himself proclaimed it as GOOD.

    7. Blake says:

      It’s part votes, part belief. Ryan supports the constitution and freedom; Although it might not be within his own beliefs, he respects the right for others to have different beliefs.

      Generally, those to focus on the constitution and not specific personal opinions will support medical marijuana.

    8. From the 21st Century says:

      OMG, Paul Ryan is a stronger supporter of medical marijuana than is Obama? What a disappointment he is after being so open during his last campaign about his own youthful experience with smoking it and then shutting facilities down as president! He could be an amazing president but he has been so horrible on this policy that this article is just sad for those of us who thought Obama was on our side!

    9. Anthony A says:

      You know, I don’t like Mitt. But at the end of the video “I’m not running on marriage and marijuana. Those are state issues shouldn’t they be?”

      Why not just come out and say you will allow the states those rights? I guarantee it will get you some votes(especially from us on this site) over Obama’s crackdown policies.

    10. Yeah I agree he just threw that in there to make it look like they give a shit about legalization!