NEW I-502 TV Ads: Former Federal Law Enforcement Officials Support Marijuana Legalization

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director October 10, 2012

    New Approach Washington, the campaign behind Washington State’s marijuana legalization initiative (I-502), has just released two new television ads that began airing today. What makes these advertisements even more notable is that they both prominently feature former federal law enforcement officials. The importance of this is perfectly summed up by former NORML Board Member and writer for Washington’s “The Stranger,” Dominic Holden:

    This is a big deal: The new ads for Initiative 502 that begin airing today, which encourage Washington to become the first state to legalize marijuana, star former federal law enforcement.

    I know—if you watch politics around here, you know they’re on board and their endorsement seems… banal. Don’t be jaded. Former US Attorneys John McKay and Kate Pflaumer, along with the FBI’s Charlie Mandigo, make the most persuasive case for legalization: Pot laws result in using limited law enforcement resources that should instead be focused on violent crime.

    Every time that pot legalization—even decriminalization—has gone to voters in other states, federal law enforcement have delivered the coup de grace, largely by virtue of their credibility. This time, it’s the opposite. These prosecutors and an agent get in the first word for legalization, and with $1 million in the bank and up to $2 million more on the way, the New Approach Washington campaign is going to hit this message hard. This is a coup.


    Together we can end marijuana prohibition, let’s Smoke the Vote in November. Previous polling for I-502 in September had support for the effort at 57%, help us keep up the momentum going into election day by educating everyone you know about the importance of cannabis reform in the 2012 election. You can learn more about these initiatives and the presidential candidates’ statements on marijuana by reading NORML’s voter guide available here.

    YES ON I-502!

    You can visit the campaign’s website for more info here.

    44 responses to “NEW I-502 TV Ads: Former Federal Law Enforcement Officials Support Marijuana Legalization”

    1. Tim says:

      Home Run!

    2. John says:

      Yes on 502!

    3. John K. says:

      Hm, what to say about this. Why former and not current and former federal law enforcement officials?

      Little to *cuss word snipped* late for this, don’t you think, former US Attorneys John McKay and Kate Pflaumer, & FBI’s Charlie Mandigo? When you guys were current, you could have done something about it.

      Guess the cash ain’t flowing in to the “formers” anymore I am guessing?

      And it takes it to be a former to realize the profits go to the cartels and waste of time of law enforcement and courts over the war of marijuana prohibition?

      What a convenient time, someone cut you guys out of the some monies?

      This is not negativity, so please let this comment pass through to be posted.

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    5. james wilson says:

      Its nice to see this 502.It gives hope to people like me from a small town in Kansas..I am a felon from a intent to propagate charge.Becuase of this feloney I cant vote.I cant own a gun,and its impossible for me to get a job..I also have had the privlege in my life to live in Issaquah Wa.I worked at Fred Myers in Redmound Wa and smoked daily.I have a bi-polor disorder.I use cannabis to help with mania.It also helps with my depression.I have tried and tried again pills given by doctors to control my disorder and everytime I get bad results from them.Cannabis isnt for everyone.But for those it helps please leave us alone and stop tellng sociaty that we are criminals or bad people.Stop ruining lives by harsh laws on cannabis.Stop the lies.please Wa vote I-502.

    6. Jason says:

      For 20 years + I have refrained from having 1 single drink, I however enjoy the weeds, lol daily I use it, I own my own buiss and am very successful, I have refused to be part of the med system as it was just another way to lie about who I am, I am a MJ user who benefits from it seriously, I was raised in a horrible alcoholic home and have been on my own since 13, these early events in my life left me NEEDING help to relax, to not be anxious, to help anger, and Oh yea to STAY OFF of the strongest drug out there alcohol. I am shocked that people still do not understand the truth, I HAVE SPENT 4 YRS ON COCAINE 4 YEARS ON METH I HAVE DABBLED WITH OPIATES I DRANK LIKE A FISH FOR OVER 8 YRS, ALL OF THAT NEARLY KILLED ME THESE DRUGS WERE LIFE DESTROYING BUT THE WEEDS THE WEEDS? Give Me a break man! I do EVERYTHING on the weeds, work, drive, extensive math, excel formula creation, I have never ever had a problem doing any of these things on the weed BUT BUT you just try standing up after having a 40oz of OLE English or a bunch of shots of hard A, Oh man the hypocrisy is UNBELIEVABLE! in the year 2012 in the USA I can be arrested! by a cop who then goes home and drinks the hardest drug available! booze! I feel sick talking about it, BOOZE IS THEE STRONGEST DRUG! I KNOW!!!! I never ever ever did 1 crime on coke, on meths, but booze?!?!?! OMG thee first thing I would do was to commit a crime the booze made me feel Like A DIFFERENT PERSON! LIKE I COULD DO ANYTHING LIKE I WAS SUPERMAN! Coke AND METH never EVER EVER DID THIS TO ME Those drugs just make you into a total looser but never ever made me FEEL so totally differently than i normally do other than the Hi, and on the other Hand Booze made me into a MANIAC! I have 2 not 1, but two! violent felony’s! from fights when you guessed it I was DRUNK! People are soo foolish to not know the deal with drugs yey they are allowed to vote on the subject? Ingnoranus almost ALL! weeds have never caused me any problems in life ever! Coke and Meth nearly Killed me BUT BOOZE NEARLY KILLED ME AND A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE THAT i GOT NASTY W WHEN I WAS A DRUNKard. ALL these years later the ignoranus public wants to vote to make it ok far too late , you who have supported the control of the weed laws are thee ones directly responsible for ruining the lives of many many folks who have had to hide thier faces for fear of heavy judgment and that they may be arrested, I hope this law passes but I will never pay 1 penny to anybody for my weed, I can easily grow it and keep everybody else from making a profit on what I freely want to do, just a heads up this new law makes the gov the new cartel LOL they probably just want it here in wa because we just kicked them all out of the highly hypocritical selling of booze, lol go f off state and gov!

    7. Stephen Daniel says:

      It is all about harm reduction! People don’t get it because it is classified with heroin! And of coarse we all have been brain washed since we were born by our senseless government and media whom propagate the lies for political and monetary gain from corporations.

    8. Wayne says:

      C’mon WA!! The world is watching you! I live in NYC. The marijuana arrest capitol of the world! We in NYC can only dream of being able to smoke and possess without fear of arrest. We have no ballot initiative. We don’t even have medical. ALL our patients are thrown under the bus, even without driving.

      Please. For the rest of the planet. We implore you to think not of yourselves, but of everyone else who has it far worse than you. Pass this initiative for us. This is our Berlin Wall. It’s time to dismantle it.

    9. Anonymous says:

      Really solid ads. Good job to whoever put these together.