We Can Legalize Marijuana This November in Colorado, But We Need Your Help!

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director October 15, 2012

    Through much of the year, Colorado’s Amendment 64 has enjoyed a comfortable lead in the polls. As election day nears, as was to be expected, we are seeing the race tighten. Polling data just released by the Denver Post has Amendment 64 holding onto a small lead, with 48% in support, 43% opposed, and 9% still undecided.

    We can close the gap needed for victory and win over undecided voters, but with only a few weeks left until Election Day on November 6th, we are going to need your help. The key to making sure our supporters get out to vote and to persuading those not sure on the measure, is an increased effort on the part of grassroots outreach. To further this mission, NORML is joining with SSDP and the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol to sponsor an online phone banking program.

    Using this intuitive website, you can sign up and begin calling voters in support of Amendment 64 today! Everything you need is provided. You will be presented with the name and phone number of a registered Colorado voter and given a step by step script to follow. If every person reading this blog post made just ten phone calls a day from now until the election, our victory could all but be insured.

    Even if you are not a resident of Colorado, this is the perfect and most effective way you can help us pass Amendment 64 and make Colorado the first state to legalize marijuana. To sign up for SSDP and NORML’s phone banking program, targeting voters under 35, please visit www.legalizecolorado.org and register today. You can begin making calls immediately. Remember: the best times to call are weeknights from 7pm – 8:30pm MT and weekends from 10am – 8:30pm MT (the phone bank will operate from 10am – 8:30p MT daily). Always speak slowly and clearly, and just be yourself. Get comfortable with the script by reading it over a couple times before you begin calling, and be very careful to accurately record voters’ responses.

    REGISTER TO USE OUR ONLINE PHONE BANK: www.legalizecolorado.org

    Consider hosting a phone banking party to multiply your efforts. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join you to call Colorado voters in support of Amendment 64. You can host a potluck, order pizza, or just provide space for people to make calls. Click here for the steps you can take to make your house party a success.

    Our allies at FireDogLake have also established a phone banking program targeting Colorado voters over the age of 35, you can sign up for that program here.

    The campaign is coming down to the wire. It’s time to really ramp up our outreach to Colorado voters, and now there is a way you can do that from anywhere in the country. Together we will end the war on cannabis consumers. Together we will legalize marijuana and we can do it this fall.

    34 responses to “We Can Legalize Marijuana This November in Colorado, But We Need Your Help!”

    1. Ben says:

      First off, there is the logic that wasting resources on a crime that DOES NOT meet logical classification of the definition crime
      (crime noun
      an action or an instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals or to the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited.)
      – from Dictionary.com

      2nd there is this:

      Come on! IT IS TIME!

    2. Ben says:


      There is a lot of gain to be had by regional governments and economies.


    3. Sam says:

      with 4 million raised why hasn’t this been outsourced to a call center…. that’s just too much spent on billboards

    4. phrtao says:

      The nice thing about Amendment 64 is that it defines a legal consumer as over 21. I live in the UK and Alcohol is available to buy at age 18 (and it is legal to buy it on behalf of someone who is 16). So when young people start college their social life is very heavily focused around drinking which sets up bad behaviour patterns for life. Making the legal age 21 (for alcohol or marijuana) gives a young person a few more years to get established in life before developing drug habits. Young people do think just that little bit more at 21 rather than 18.

      I really hope it passes and I know you guys are ready for the fight with the Feds. I think they are sure that there is a legal challenge but if they try it then (US) national public opinion will be against them. On this issue America is really starting to remember what once made it great – the pioneering spirit of the west.

      Colorado looks like a beautiful place and I am sure many people will come and visit you if ( NO W-H-E-N !!) this law passes.

    5. fishcreekbob says:

      It will be nice to hear Marijuana was just a smoke screen to hide the hemp fields.

    6. Gweedo says:

      I worry that posting this on NORML’s blog and social media will not attract enough volunteers to make a difference. We need to spend some funds recruiting volunteers, or even hiring some employees (like with a call center) to make these calls.

    7. Mrs. RatsRectum says:

      I’m crazy busy, been so for last couple of months. I gave $ to MPP and renewed. If you make an easy link to donate to the campaign in Colorado, I will. I know I saw some links for it somewhere, but I either didn’t have the time or didn’t have the money. It’s still not too late. Gotta run.

    8. Anonymous says:

      genious idea

    9. Lets Evolve Together says:

      and if your a real die hard and you get a chance to support what you truly stand for signing up and doing a little extra work for a change in human ignorance should be worth every minute of those few calls. so forget the paying for people to do this in a call center, we have real people with real tangible feelings that can do real good to let the rest of the money be spent in other productive ways for the general public.

    10. Lets Evolve Together says: